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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Kentucky

100 Kentucky Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Kentucky? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Kentucky (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 The first state park created in Kentucky is located in the southeastern area of Kentucky, 13 miles from the Cumberland Gap. What is the park's name?
Answer: Pine Mountain State Resort Park

It was created in 1924. A tourist attraction is the Chained Rock, located at the end of one of the many hiking trails. An enormous chain is bolted into 2 boulders. The chain weighs 3000 pounds and is 101 feet long with each link weighing 7 pounds each. The idea that the boulders were chained to prevent them from falling on the city of Pineville was actually a myth started in 1933 by the Kiwanis Club as a publicity stunt to draw traffic to the State Park. The chain was discovered in a coal mine somewhere in Bell County, and donated to the Kiwanis Club. The chain was dragged up the mountain by a team of mules.
You can hike to the Chained Rock, and sit on the boulders. Many tourists have had their picture taken holding on to the chain, with the city of Pineville in the background, safe from the boulders!

Cumberland State Park and Middlesboro State Park do not exist. Cumberland Gap National Park is located in 3 states- Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. At the Cumberland Gap Overlook, a person can stand in all three states!
  From Quiz: All About Kentucky
2 What year did the Kentucky Derby Festival begin?
Answer: 1956

It has grown to 70 special events and entertains 1.5 million people.
  From Quiz: Kentucky Derby Festival
3 Franklin County?
Answer: Frankfort

Frankfort, the State Capital, was originally formed near a ford in the Kentucky River and was called Leestown.
    Your options: [ Franklin ] [ Georgetown ] [ Benjamin ] [ Frankfort ]
  From Quiz: Kentucky County Seats
4 What major fast food chain has its corporate office in Louisville?
Answer: Kentucky Fried Chicken

The "White House" is located off interstate 264 and also holds the secret recipe for the original recipe chicken in a vault.
  From Quiz: Louisville, Ky
5 The longest cave system in the world is located in south central Kentucky. What is it called?
Answer: Mammoth Cave

Over 360 miles of this cave system have been explored and mapped.
  From Quiz: The State of Kentucky
6 What is Kentucky's state bird?
Answer: Cardinal

More specifically, the Kentucky Cardinal.
  From Quiz: Kentucky--The Bluegrass State
7 Who officially founded Louisville, Kentucky on May 27, 1778?
Answer: George Rogers Clark

Although John Connolly owned most of the land that would become the heart of downtown Louisville, Clark and his settlers actually established the Louisville settlement on Corn Island, which was in the Ohio River. Corn Island was still visible in the river until the completion of the Falls Dam in the late 1920s, when it became completely sumerged.
  From Quiz: History of Louisville, Kentucky
8 There is a replica of the first cabin built in Kentucky located just outside of Barbourville in Knox County. What is the name of this state historic site?
Answer: Dr. Thomas Walker State Historical Site

Dr. Thomas Walker, who was a physician and surveyor, led the first expedition through Cumberland Gap in 1750. Dr. Walker was surveying for the railroad and settled near the river (which he named the Cumberland) and built the first cabin in Kentucky. The replica sits on the same site as the original. The site is in Dr. Thomas Walker State Park, just outside of Barbourville in the southeastern area of the state.

There may be historical sites by the other names, but not what I was looking for!
  From Quiz: All About Kentucky
9 Kentucky Derby Festival starts two Saturdays before Derby, what event blasts off to the start?
Answer: Thunder Over Louisville

The first Thunder was held at Cardinal Stadium in 1990. Thunder is the nation's largest firework display.
  From Quiz: Kentucky Derby Festival
10 How about Shelby County?
Answer: Shelbyville

Despite having neighboring towns of Simpsonville and Shelbyville, not to mention being near Springfield -- Homer, Bart, Marge and Lisa don't live here.
  From Quiz: Kentucky County Seats
11 What major river flows by downtown Louisville?
Answer: Ohio River

Most of the Ohio River is in Kentucky.
  From Quiz: Louisville, Ky
12 Miss America 2000, Heather French, is from Kentucky. What city did she grow up in?
Answer: Maysville

Heather Renee French went on to marry the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky at the time, Steve Henry.
  From Quiz: The State of Kentucky
13 What is the state flower?
Answer: Goldenrod

Goldenrod is often unjustly blamed for allergies, but goldenrod pollen is too heavy to blow in the wind. It is carried by insects from one goblet like flowerhead to another.
  From Quiz: Kentucky--The Bluegrass State
14 Louisville is named for a French monarch, Louis. What 'number' was this Louis in the ruling line?
Answer: Louis XVI

The King's assent to the French alliance with the American revolutionists was acknowledged by the finest gesture Louisville's town builders could come up with... a namesake.
  From Quiz: History of Louisville, Kentucky
15 The capital of Kentucky is?
Answer: Frankfort

While many people think Louisville, Kentucky's largest city, is the capital, Frankfort is the correct answer.
  From Quiz: Kentucky
16 This lady was born in Butcher Hollow in Johnson County, Kentucky, got married at 13, and became one of the Queens of Country Music. Who is she?
Answer: Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn's autobiography "Coal Miner's Daughter" became an Academy Award winning film starring Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones. Ms. Lynn had over 70 country hits, with 16 making it to #1 in the 1960s and 1970s.

Patty Loveless, a country singer, is a distant cousin of Ms. Lynn, and Patsy Cline was a popular country singer and Loretta's best friend. Barbara Mandrell is also a country singer.
  From Quiz: All About Kentucky
17 What was the first event of the Kentucky Derby Festival in 1956?
Answer: The Pegasus Parade

The Pegasus Parade was the first event of the Kentucky Derby Festival in 1956. Rock Hudson made his last public appearance as Grand Marshall in 1984.
  From Quiz: Kentucky Derby Festival
18 Heading west -- Hopkins County?
Answer: Madisonville

Madisonville was named for the fourth president of the United States, James Madison.
  From Quiz: Kentucky County Seats
19 Who was the coach of the University of Kentucky basketball team in 2003?
Answer: Tubby Smith

The University of Kentucky basketball team has won a total of seven national championships.
  From Quiz: The State of Kentucky
20 What is Kentucky's state tree?
Answer: Tulip poplar

The tulip poplar has been the state tree since 1994. It was previously the coffee tree.
  From Quiz: Kentucky--The Bluegrass State
21 During the United States Civil War, Louisville wanted to remain neutral. However, geography made that nearly impossible. Which side of the war did the city end up serving... The Union or The Confederacy?
Answer: The Union

Louisville served as a temporary holding point for thousands of Confederate prisoners.
  From Quiz: History of Louisville, Kentucky
22 The tallest mountain in Kentucky is located in Harlan County, near the Virginia border. The town of Lynch is nearby. What is the name of this 4,145 foot summit?
Answer: Black Mountain

Black Mountain is one of the highest peaks of the Appalachian Mountain chain, outside of the Blue Ridge Mountains. White Mountain is located in Bell County and is only a hill compared to Black Mountain!
  From Quiz: All About Kentucky
23 This event is held on Wednesday of Derby Festival Week?
Answer: Great Steamboat Race

The Great Steamboat Race started in 1963. They compete for the "Gilded Antlers".
  From Quiz: Kentucky Derby Festival
24 OK then, how about Madison County?
Answer: Richmond

Richmond is the home of Eastern Kentucky University.
  From Quiz: Kentucky County Seats
25 What is another name of the most famous two minutes in horse racing?
Answer: Kentucky Derby

The Oaks is a race that is run on the day before the Kentucky Derby.
  From Quiz: Louisville, Ky
26 One of the most prominent mountain ranges of North America runs through eastern Kentucky. What are these mountains called?
Answer: Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachians stretch from Quebec in the north to Georgia in the south.
  From Quiz: The State of Kentucky
27 What is the state wild animal?
Answer: Gray squirrel

Gray squirrels breed twice a year, a event which is often accompanied by fights, chases, and other noise. Squirrel litters are born in tree hollows or leafy nests along the branches of a tree.
  From Quiz: Kentucky--The Bluegrass State
28 Louisville became a center of horse racing attention on May 17, 1875, when Churchill Downs opened its doors for the first time. The first Kentucky Derby was run that day. What horse won?
Answer: Aristides

Aristides won the first Kentucky Derby. Vagrant won the second Derby in 1876. Secretariat won in 1973, and Man of War never won the Kentucky Derby.
  From Quiz: History of Louisville, Kentucky
29 Louisville, Kentucky, the state's largest city, was once given which ominous nickname?
Answer: Graveyard to the West

Back in the days when the land west of Kentucky was still 'frontier,' Louisville was very swampy, and there were a great many insect-borne diseases. Many of the settlers heading west died in Louisville before they could head farther west, hence the nickname Graveyard to the West.
    Your options: [ Graveyard to the West ] [ Town of Despair ] [ Mud Hole on the River ] [ Death's Haven ]
  From Quiz: Kentucky
30 This was the largest Civil War battle of Kentucky and was deemed one of the bloodiest. What was the name of this battle fought on October 8, 1862?
Answer: The Battle of Perryville

Fought in Boyle County, the casualties were over 4,000 for the Union Army and over 3,000 for the Confederate Army. Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg's Army of Mississippi withdrew to Tennessee, and Kentucky became a Union stronghold for the rest of the war. Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Buell's Union Army of the Ohio was the Union leader.

The other Civil War Battles listed were not fought in Kentucky.
  From Quiz: All About Kentucky
31 The 1956 Kentucky Derby Festival Queen later became Kentucky's first female governor, who was she?
Answer: Martha Layne Collins

Martha Layne Collins was governor of Kentucky from 1983-1987.
  From Quiz: Kentucky Derby Festival
32 It's important to be honest for this one: Larue County?
Answer: Hodgenville

Abraham Lincoln was born in what is now Larue County, Kentucky.
  From Quiz: Kentucky County Seats
33 What is the symbol for the city of Louisville?
Answer: Fleur-de-lis

The fleur-de-lis is a graceful symbol for a beautiful city.
  From Quiz: Louisville, Ky
34 On August 19, 1782, one of the last major battles of the Revolutionary War was fought in central Kentucky. What was it called?
Answer: Battle of Blue Licks

This battle was fought nearly ten months after Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.
  From Quiz: The State of Kentucky
35 What is the state fish?
Answer: Kentucky bass

Many different kinds of fish can be found in Kentucky's lakes and rivers.
  From Quiz: Kentucky--The Bluegrass State
36 In 1873, Louisville druggist John Colgan invented something that you can find in any just about every grocery store in the world. What was it?
Answer: Chewing Gum

That first Chewing Gum called was 'Taffy Tolu.'
  From Quiz: History of Louisville, Kentucky
37 This US Army installation is located between Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and Clarksville, Tennessee, and is home to the 101st Airborne Division. It is named for the last Whig Governor of Tennessee. What is its name?
Answer: Fort Campbell

Fort Campbell is named for BG William Boren Campbell.

Fort Sumpter is in South Carolina. Fort Ticonderoga is located at the junction of Lake Champlain and Lake George, in New York. Fort Knox is located 35 miles from Louisville, Kentucky.
  From Quiz: All About Kentucky
38 Where was the first Balloon Race held?
Answer: Top of Iroquois Park

The first race was in 1973 with just seven balloons competing.
  From Quiz: Kentucky Derby Festival
39 Here's a great place to take a hike: Powell County?
Answer: Stanton

The wild and beautiful Red River Gorge Recreation Area and the Natural Bridge State Resort Park are located in Powell County. Miles of spectacular natural beauty.
  From Quiz: Kentucky County Seats
40 What major interstates run through Louisville?
Answer: 65, 64, and 71

These intersect in downtown Louisville.
  From Quiz: Louisville, Ky
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