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119 Gone In 60 Seconds Trivia Questions & Answers

Gone In 60 Seconds .
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1 What is the FULL NAME of the guy who Memphis has to steal the cars for?
Answer: Raymond Vincent Calitri

Calitri had hired Kip for a job but it went sour. He needed the cars to sell to an overseas contact.
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How many pounds of pressure, according to Raymond, does it take to crush a car?

2 What is the main character doing when we first see him?
Answer: Coaching go-kart racers

Nicolas Cage has been in many movies but this is his first as a car booster.
Question Reference: Quiz: 60 Seconds.
3 Calitri says that after Memphis left, "auto theft in the South Bay area went down" what percent?
Answer: 47

He says this after Memphis confronts him about the whereabouts of his brother, Kip.
4 Memphis' brother steals a Porsche at the start of the movie. What number is the Porsche's keys?
Answer: 42850

You clearly hear the number called out.
5 What is Kip's 'tool' used to enter the building to steal the Porsche?
Answer: A brick

Mirror man tells him 'If we're gonna use a brick, we might as well call prison and make reservations.'
6 What is the make of the first car you see getting stolen by Kip, Freb and Mirror Man?
Answer: Porsche

This was the part where Kip uses his tool to break the window to steal the car.
7 When Atley Jackson comes to get Memphis, he asks what he pays his pit crews with. What did he use as an example?
Answer: Oreos and gummy bears

Atley: 'What do you pay your pit crews with -- Oreos and gummy bears?'
8 What is the key number to the Porsche that Kip steals?
Answer: 42850

9 What is Memphis' real name?
Answer: Randall

Memphis, who had gone straight, had to return to auto theft and steal the 50 cars for Calitri to save his brother Kip's life.
10 What is the name of the song the "old gang" listens to in order to prepare for the boost?
Answer: "Low Rider"

Memphis wants to hear "Low Rider", and they all relax and then Memphis says "Let's ride."
Question Reference: Quiz: 60 Seconds.
11 What is the last piece of furniture Calitri mentions when he tells Memphis what he's proud of?
Answer: black walnut wine table

Calitri mentions all of these, except the mahogany table from the Renaissance.
12 What is Tumbler's new move called?
Answer: The Stranger

Tumbler tells of his new move early in the movie.
13 What is the name of the officer who informs Det. Castlebeck that Memphis is back in town?
Answer: AXTON

Det. Castlebeck tells Randall that he gets a call from a 'uniform named Axton. Real nice man. Remembers everything.'
14 What was the number on the go cart the little boy was driving that Memphis helped get unstuck?
Answer: 3

Memphis helped the little boy get unstuck just before he saw Atley.
15 Near the beginning of the movie, Tumbler says to check out his new move. What is the name of his move?
Answer: The Stranger

16 What sport was the 1st place trophy from (when Kip is cooking for Memphis)?
Answer: Baseball

When Kip was cooking a meal for Memphis, he picks it up and says, 'First place. I remember this' and he puts it on the shelf. You can see a man standing in a stance with a baseball bat on the top of the trophy.
17 How many people are in Memphis' crew (including himself)?
Answer: 11

Memphis' crew includes: his brother Kip, Mirror Man, Sara (a.k.a. Sway), Toby, Tumbler, Freb, Atley Jackson, Donny, Otto and The Sphinx.
18 When Kip steals the Porsche in the beginning and races, what direction does the cop say he is heading?
Answer: West

The cop has a person pulled over and he radios in the information, including "they are heading west."
Question Reference: Quiz: 60 Seconds.
19 When is The Cult's "Painted on My Heart" first played in the film?
Answer: when Memphis first sees Sway at the body shop she works at

You can hear the piano part of the song in the background.
20 What is the day and time that we first see Memphis?
Answer: Monday 2:15pm

Monday 2:15pm comes up on the screen during the movie.
21 What does the flashing light say outside of the bar where Sway works?
Answer: BAR

The flashing light says 'BAR' with an anchor beside it.
22 How many pounds of pressure, according to Raymond, does it take to crush a car?
Answer: 80,000

Raymond tells Memphis this when he is fixing to crush the car that he had Kip in.
23 At the beginning, they steal the Porsche. What is the estimated speed when they drive by the cop?
Answer: 80 mph

This is the reason they get caught.
24 When the detectives pay a visit to 'Fuzzy', there was a boat we see in the harbor, what was it's name?
Answer: Maria T.

If you look closely, you can see it pulling out.
25 How many minutes late is Memphis with the last car?
Answer: 12

Memphis arrives 12 minutes late with "Eleanor" (which was heavily damaged after being chased by the police) and now beg's for Kip's life.

Memphis (to Calitri): "I just stole fifty cars in one night! I'm a little tired, little *wired*, and I think I deserve a little appreciation!"