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1 What happened to Barf Bag?
Answer: He stepped on a rattlesnake

The scene where Barf Bag stepped on the rattlesnake was the first scene in the movie. Stanley was told by Mr. Sir, just after he arrived at Camp Green Lake that rattlesnakes wouldn't bother him if he left them alone. Usually. And rattlesnakes wouldn't kill him. Usually.
In the book, however, we were only told of this episode, we didn't witness it, like we did in the movie.

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What does Zero want to learn?

2 What does Stanley's canteen originally say?
Answer: Barfbag

Stanley was given Barfbag's canteen, since he tooks Barfbag's place in Camp Green Lake.
Question Reference: Quiz: "Holes" 3.
3 What is X-ray's first line?
Answer: Hey Mom, who's the neanderthal?

X-ray likes to call Stanley a 'neanderthal' a lot!
4 What was Stanley drinking when his Grandfather told the story of his no good dirty rotten pig stealing great great grandfather?
Answer: lemonade

When Stanley is digging he has flashbacks of when his Grandfather was telling him stories of his relatives.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
5 How many rings does Mr. Sir wear on his fingers in the first scene?
Answer: three

When he's saying, "Our own little oasis. . ." you can see them.
6 Who steps on a rattlesnake at the start of the movie?
Answer: Barf Bag

Barf Bag took of his sock before standing on the snake.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
7 Who played the character Stanley Yelnats the IV?
Answer: Shia LaBeouf

In the book, Stanley's character was overweight. They left that out in the movie because they didn't want to overwork Shia. Stanley's nickname is Caveman.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
8 Who gets bitten by a rattlesnake in the opening scene?
Answer: Barf Bag

Barf Bag purposefully lets the snake bite him so he can get away from Camp Green Lake.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
9 What is the name (NOT nickname) of the main boy in the movie?
Answer: Stanley Yelnats

Stanley is the fourth generation Stanley Yelnats. Every first-born son is named that because their first name is their last name spelled backwards.
10 At one point Stanley found a little gold object that used to belong to Kate Barlow. Which of these statements is correct about this scene in the movie?
Answer: Stanley showed the engraved letters to X-Ray

In the book, Stanley tried to hide the letters from X-Ray because he doubted that X-Ray could see them and then maybe he wouldn't find it interesting enough to show to Mr. Sir or Mr. Pendanski. Whereas in the movie, Stanley actually did the exact opposite and showed X-Ray the letters.
Zigzag thought the letters KB were short for Keith Baron, who was a kid in his math class.
11 What kind of Jell-o do they have at Camp Green Lake?
Answer: Banana

At Camp Green Lake, all they have are beans and Banana jell-o!
Question Reference: Quiz: "Holes" 3.
12 Why did X-ray take Stanley's bread in one of the first scenes?
Answer: Stanley didn't dig that day, so he wouldn't mind giving it up

X-ray often puts Stanley down in everything Stanley does.
13 In the beginning of the movie when Stanley had to dig the holes five feet deep and five feet wide, what did Mr. Sir say was his tool to measure the holes?
Answer: his shovel

Mr. Sir is telling him what he is required to do at Camp Green Lake.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
14 Fill in the blank: "She used to always say, 'I love you more than___'"
Answer: air

Zero was telling Stanley is mother used to say this to him.
15 At the end of the movie, who asked if Stanley would call his mom and say he was sorry?
Answer: Armpit

Stanley agreed to do that, and Armpit gave him his mom's number.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
16 Who played Hector Zeroni?
Answer: Khleo Thomas

Hector's nickname is Zero. Hector doesn't know how to read, so Stanley teaches him how to read. Zero doesn't talk much at camp because he doesn't like answering stupid questions.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
17 What is Camp Green Lake?
Answer: a juvenile detention camp

There's no lake there, and nothing much that's green, either.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
18 Who said this: "Once upon a time there was a magical place, where it never rained. The end."
Answer: Mr. Sir

At this point, all of the kids at Camp Green Lake are hoping that a thunderstorm might reach them and relieve them of some of the heat.
19 When Stanley Yelnats is telling the story of Elya Yelnats, he mentions that Madame Zeroni taught Elya the song "If only, if only", which of these lines from it is incorrect in the movie?
Answer: The bark on the tree was just a little bit softer

The movie-version went as follows:

"If only, if only," the woodpecker sighs,
The bark on the tree was a soft as the skies.
While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely,
He cries to the moo-oo-oon,
If only, if only."

The one from the book went as written below:

"If only, if only," the woodpecker sighs,
The bark on the tree was just a little bit softer.
While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely,
He cries to the moo-oo-oon,
If only, if only."
20 Finish the qoute: "The early ____, digs the deepest hole!"
Answer: mole

Dr. Pendanski says this on when all the boys wake up on Stanley's first day at Camp Green Lake.
Question Reference: Quiz: "Holes" 3.
21 Magnet claims X-ray's shovel is the shortest one. What else makes it different?
Answer: it has an orange band around it.

X-ray is getting it easy, because he has a shorter shovel.
22 How many spots do the yellow spotted lizards have?
Answer: 11

Zigzag tells Stanley that yellow spotted lizards have exactly eleven spots.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
23 During the end credits, what did the license plate say on the water truck?
Answer: Mr. Sir

The license plate is on the back of the water truck.
24 Why didn't the Yellow Spotted Lizards bite the boys when they found the box?
Answer: they had onion in their blood

The lizards were covering Stanley and Zero. Yellow Spotted Lizards have red skin around their eyes, a white tongue and black teeth.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.
25 What is X-Ray's real name?
Answer: Rex

X-Ray is played by Brenden Jefferson. X-Ray wears glasses, because he can't see very well. X-Ray is Pig Latin for Rex.
Question Reference: Quiz: Holes.