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Pride and Prejudice Trivia Questions

Pride and Prejudice There are 65 questions on this topic. Last updated Jul 20 2024.
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26 'He should have sprained his ankle in the first dance!'
Answer: Mr. Bennet

When Mr. Bennet is getting annoyed with Mrs. Bennet's prattling about Mr. Bingley's partners.
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Lydia goes to stay with the officers, where?

27 'I wish never to be parted from you from this day onward.' Who says it?
Answer: Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy says this during the second proposal to Elizabeth. He also says 'You must know, I did it all for you', when Elizabeth mentions what he did for Lydia. For all we know, Mr Darcy has got his wish, for he and Elizabeth were happily married!
28 "They have been my constant companions these last 20 years!" Who says this?
Answer: Mr. Bennet

This is said by Mr. Bennet in relation to Mrs. Bennet's nerves. Mrs. Bennet is repeatedly grumbling about Mr. Bennet not helping her with her 'poor' nerves. So he answers her this, teasing her.
29 When the Netherfield party enters the Meryton ball, how does the crowd react?
Answer: Everyone turns, stops dancing and watches them silently.

The crowd is too preoccupied with dancing to notice when the party first enters and just keep on dancing. Soon after they enter, the crowd turns around, whilst dancing, and sees the party. The crowd stops dancing and the music stops playing, everything is silent. The crowd watches and waits for something, though nobody knows quite what. Nobody knows what to do, as they have never had such guests as these. Finally, Sir William Lucas steps forward to greet them, and the party walks to the other side of the hall. The music then restarts and everyone starts dancing again.
30 When Lizzy visits Charlotte and Mr Collins, they are invited to dine at Rosings Park. How many people are at the table that night?
Answer: 7

Mr and Mrs Collins, Lizzy, Lady Catherine and Anne de Bourgh, Mr Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam. In the book, they are accompanied by Charlotte's younger sister, Maria. Lady Catherine organises the seating arrangements to prevent Mr and Mrs Collins sitting by each other, and so allows Darcy to sit beside Lizzy.
31 'Pardon me, Mamma, but Mr. Collins can have nothing to say that anyone would want to hear.'
Answer: Elizabeth

Just before Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth.
32 ' were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry!' Who says this?
Answer: Elizabeth Bennet

When offered Mr Darcy's hand in marriage the first time, Elizabeth goes on a rant about him separating Mr Bingley and Jane, and about how he supposedly treated Wickham. She ends with this rather harsh statement.
33 "A Mrs. Bennet, A Miss Bennet, A Miss Bennet and A... Miss Bennet." Who says this?
Answer: Netherfield Butler

This is said after Mrs. Bennet, Mary, Kitty and Lydia come to Netherfield to visit Jane, who is staying there, as she is ill. She caught a cold as Mrs. Bennet only let Jane take her horse to Netherfield after Jane received a letter from Caroline Bingley inviting her for dinner. Caroline was not impressed at the amount of Bennets there now were in the house.
34 Who says "We are all fools in love"?
Answer: Charlotte Lucas

Charlotte says this when speaking to Lizzy about Bingley's regard for Jane at the Netherfield ball. She advises that Jane should move fast and "snap him up" in order to secure herself an engagement. Her reason being that Bingley does not know her shy, modest character as well as Lizzy does and he may perceive her shyness as indifference. Charlotte reasons that if that is the case, then his love will surely be driven away.

Lizzy: "If he cannot perceive her regard he is a fool."
Charlotte: "We are all fools in love."
35 What is the name of Mr. Darcy's estate?
Answer: Pemberley

Pemberley is a beautiful home where Mr. Darcy and Georgiana Darcy live. The income is ten thousand pounds a year, which was considerable at the time. Lizzie herself visits the home when she is out traveling with her aunt and uncle.
36 How does Lizzy receive Darcy's letter of explanation?
Answer: He gives it to her at the Parsonage.

Lizzy seems to be unaware of Mr Darcy when he comes into the room, because her head is so full of all the things he's said to her earlier. The letter is crucial in helping her to overcome her prejudices and see him in a new light.
37 "A sudden headache."
Answer: Elizabeth

She says this to end her walk sooner rather than later.
38 'Mamma has been asking for you every five minutes since daybreak!'
Answer: Jane

When Elizabeth returns from Derbyshire with her aunt and uncle.
39 'My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.' Who says it?
Answer: Mr Darcy

After Caroline Bingley jokingly asks Elizabeth 'What shall we do to punish him?' (regarding Mr Darcy) Elizabeth asks him about his faults, to which he replies this, amongst other things. I think he upholds this statement rather well throughout the story.
40 "I sometimes amuse myself by arranging such delicate little compliments." Who says this?
Answer: Mr. Collins

Mr. Collins says this after he finishes one of his (many) speeches during dinner about Lady Catherine De Bourgh. Her daughter Anne is sick, and Mr. Collins says to Lady Catherine, "London had been deprived of its brightest ornament." He states this proudly to the Bennets.
41 Who tells Lizzy of Mr. Darcy's part in the separation of Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet?
Answer: Colonel Fitzwilliam

Colonel Fitzwilliam tells Lizzy this, trying to prove to her that Mr. Darcy is a most loyal companion. Unbeknownst to him, he is pushing him further downward in her opinion. He does not know that she is personally affected in the matter.
42 Which two Bennet sisters do not get married by the end of the film?
Answer: Kitty and Mary

Mr. Bennet actually says that if any men come for Kitty and Mary that they should let them in, for he is at his leisure. In the end, Jane marries Mr. Bingley, Elizabeth marries Mr. Darcy, and Lydia marries Mr. Wickham.
43 Which Derbyshire stately home portrayed Pemberley in the film?
Answer: Chatsworth

Chatsworth House is in Derbyshire and is the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. It is a truly stunning house with beautiful grounds. One of the most interesting features is a beautifully painted trompe l'oeil violin, apparently hanging on the back of a door which deceives everyone the first time they see it.
44 "I do believe he...."
Answer: Jane

She says this to Elizabeth to explain her feelings for Mr. Bingley.
45 'Shelves in the closet. Happy thought indeed.'
Answer: Elizabeth

When Elizabeth is shown the room that will be hers while she is visiting Charlotte and Mr. Collins.
46 'We are all fools in love...' Who said this?
Answer: Charlotte Lucas

During a Netherfield Ball, Charlotte Lucas and Elizabeth discuss Jane and Mr Bingley's relationship. Charlotte Lucas comments, 'We are all fools in love.'
47 "Mr. Wickham is blessed with such happy manners, he is sure of making friends wherever he goes. Whether he is good at retaining them is less certain." Who says this?
Answer: Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy says this to Elizabeth at a ball whilst they are dancing. Lizzy is still under the impression that Mr. Darcy is awful and proud and Mr. Wickham is a good person. She begins talking about him at a ball, to see Mr. Darcy's reaction.
48 What is Mr. Wickham's reason for wishing to elope with Georgiana Darcy?
Answer: for money

Mr. Wickham wishes to elope with Georgiana to receive some financial security. There is no real regard for her, of course, and when he is told that he will not receive a penny of the thirty-thousand pounds she is to inherit, he disappears. Georgiana is devastated. Of course, this is told to Elizabeth through Mr. Darcy's letter, and the actual event is not seen in the movie, it is only heard of. What a dreadful affair!
49 Lizzy's youngest sister, Lydia, is played by a young American actress. Which one?
Answer: Jena Malone

Lydia is only fifteen years old - Jena was 20 when she played the role. However, the film did capture a lot of the silliness of teenage girls much better than previous adaptations. Though it's still hard to see what Wickham ever saw in her.
50 "Oh, my smelling salts!"
Answer: Mrs. Bennet

She is yet again going to faint!