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Pride and Prejudice Trivia Questions & Answers

Pride and Prejudice There are 65 questions on this topic. Last updated Jul 20 2024.
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51 'Life holds few distinctions Mrs. Bennet, but I think we may safely boast that here sit two of the silliest girls in the country.' (this is an easy one!)
Answer: Mr. Bennet

This is just one of the three or so times Mr. Bennet makes this observation about his daughters.
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When Lizzy visits Charlotte and Mr Collins, they are invited to dine at Rosings Park. How many people are at the table that night?

52 'My affections and my wishes have not changed.' Who says this?
Answer: Mr Darcy

During his second (and final) proposal to Lizzy, Mr Darcy says 'If your feelings are what they are last April, tell me so at once.' Elizabeth replies, 'My feelings are... I am ashamed to remember what I said then.'
53 "Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted?" Who says this?
Answer: Lady Catherine De Bourgh

Lady Catherine says this when she visits Lizzy, demanding to know her side of the story about her and Mr. Darcy. She has heard a rumour that Mr. Darcy had proposed to Lizzy. She is shocked as Mr. Darcy is supposed to be marrying Miss Anne De Bourgh, her daughter, informing Elizabeth that their marriage had been planned since their infancy.
54 What colour horse does Mr. Darcy ride?
Answer: black

We see Mr. Darcy on his black horse twice in the film, when he meets the girls and Mr. Whickam in Meryton, and after leaving Elizabeth the letter explaining his actions toward Jane, Bingley and Whickam.

We hear Mr. Bingley talking to Jane about his horse, at the Netherfield ball; "I have a beautiful gray."

Most of the regiment's horses are chestnuts, with exceptions of course.
55 Lydia goes to stay with the officers, where?
Answer: Brighton

Lydia befriends one of the officers' wives when they are staying in Meryton, so when they are to leave for Brighton, she is invited. Kitty is devastated and thinks that she should be invited rather than her sister, being that she is older by two years.
56 Two great British actresses played Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mrs Bennet. Who were these legends?
Answer: Judi Dench and Brenda Blethyn

Brenda Blethyn gives a more sympathetic portrayal of the irritating Mrs Bennet than some. We don't see a lot of Judi Dench since Lady Catherine's role is somewhat diminished in the film, although she does appear in one of the most bizarre scenes when she visits Elizabeth, apparently in the middle of the night. She still comments on the garden, even though she actually sees Lizzy in the parlour. Anyone know why?
57 "Maria these are your clothes. You may arrange them any way you wish!"
Answer: Elizabeth

She tells her this when she sees her rearranging her trunks.
58 '...But I am determined to be civil. Though no more than civil, for I must say I hate the sight of him.'
Answer: Mrs. Bennet

She is refering to Mr. Darcy when he and Mr. Bingley come to call on the Bennets.
59 'I'm already a burden to my parents, and I'm frightened.' Who says this?
Answer: Charlotte Lucas

While talking to Lizzy about her engagement to Mr Collins, Charlotte gives her reasons to combat Elizabeth's objections. She talks about this, and also the fact that she has a good a chance of happiness with Mr Collins as with anyone.
60 "For I am quite at my leisure!" Who says it?
Answer: Mr. Bennet

This is the last line in the film, after he has given his consent for Lizzy to marry Mr. Darcy. He is feeling pleased with himself as Jane and now Elizabeth have found suitable husbands. He also says before this line, "If any young men come calling for Mary or Kitty, send them in," and then, "For I am quite at my leisure!"
61 Who was the first Bennet sister to be married, and to whom?
Answer: Lydia- to Mr. Wickham

Lydia elopes with Mr. Wickham, and after a long, hard search, they are found by Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy forces Wickham to marry Lydia at once. He pays for the wedding, Wickham's commission, his debts, just about everything. Later in the movie Mr. Darcy confesses that he did it all for Elizabeth. How sweet!

Charlotte is the first person to be married in the film, however she is not a Bennet. Mary is never married, or even made an offer; poor Mary.
62 Mr. Darcy is supposed to marry whom?
Answer: Anne De Bourgh

Anne De Bourgh and Fitzwilliam Darcy's engagement was planned at their infancy. So, when Lady Catherine hears rumor that Lizzie is engaged to him, she goes perfectly mad.
63 'If any young gentlemen should come for Mary or Kitty, send them in. I am quite at leisure.' Who says this, the last line in the British version of the film?
Answer: Mr Bennet

Poor Mr Bennet, left with his two dullest daughters and his irritating wife. Still, things could be worse. One of them could have married Mr Collins.
64 "My feelings are quite the opposite."
Answer: Elizabeth

She tells Darcy this to hint to him that she wishes to marry him now. Oh we all knew they had to end up together in the end.
65 'Walk three miles in all that dirt? You won't be fit to be seen!'
Answer: Mrs. Bennet

When Elizabeth wants to walk to see Jane while she is sick.