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Seinfeld Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun Facts & Interesting Information
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1. Where was the first script for "Seinfeld" written by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld?

Answer: Diner

Interesting Information:
The first script for "Seinfeld" was written at Westway Diner on 44th and 9th avenue in New York. NBC wanted to do something with Jerry Seinfeld so they sat down together and instead of a one hour/two hour comedy special they wrote the first script of a sitcom. Basically, the sitcom would be four people going about their day-to-day lives.

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld would fire the majority of the writers at the end of every season and hire new ones for the next season so they could have fresh ideas. The sitcom's shooting schedule would also begin on a Wednesday and film on a Tuesday so Larry and Jerry could do any rewrites over the weekend.

The female lead would be a waitress at the restaurant called Pete's where Jerry and George would eat and talk about their day. Lee Garlington won the part of the waitress. After the pilot for "Seinfeld" was seen as weak, Lee Garlington's waitress character was let go from "Seinfeld". Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld"--Behind The Scenes
Some incorrect choices:
Jerry's apartment, Men's bathroom stall, Restaurant

2. Susan Ross died from licking toxic envelopes, but why was she engaged in such a task?

Answer: For her wedding

Interesting Information:
Ending off a massive arc following George Costanza's dating, engagement, and wedding preparations through season 7, the episode entitled "The Invitations" saw Susan licking poorly-made envelopes (purchased by George) and passing out due to their toxic glue. She subsequently died in the hospital at the end of the episode, freeing George from a marriage he wasn't all-too-excited about in the first place. Susan never returned in later episodes, but her parents did. Difficulty: Very Easy.

From Quiz: Mixed 'Seinfeld' Stuff
Some incorrect choices:
For work, For George's birthday, For a charity drive

3. What brand of golf ball does George pull out of the whale's blow hole?

Answer: Titleist

Interesting Information:
In this episode Kramer was hitting golf balls into the ocean. Later George is on the beach with his date and someone calls out for a marine biologist as there is a whale struggling in the shallows. George had lied to his date, saying that he is a marine biologist. He has no choice but to go into the water and try to save the whale. He eventually pulls out a golf ball from the whale's blow hole - a Titleist which is the brand of gold balls Kramer had been hitting in the ocean. The ensuing story that is told to the group from George is a classic "Seinfeld" moment which Jerry himself has said is his favourite scene from the whole series. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: Yada Yada Yada
Some incorrect choices:
Srixon, Nike, Callaway

4. "Seinfeld" (1989-1998) was purported to be a TV show about nothing but that was not the case. In 2014, Jerry Seinfeld in a web interview put the matter to rest by definitively stating what the show was really about, which was?

Answer: How a comedian obtains his material

Interesting Information:
In 2014 on a web blog, fans were discussing what "Seinfeld" was actually about, Jerry Seinfeld joined in the conversation and said "I will give you an answer" and stated "The pitch for the show, the real pitch, when Larry and I went to NBC in 1988, was we want to show how a comedian gets his material. The show about nothing was just a joke in an episode many years later, and Larry and I to this day are surprised that it caught on as a way that people describe the show, because to us it's the opposite of that".

The show is based on the real life experiences of Mr Seinfeld and Larry David (the character George Costanza is based on Larry David). For the first seven seasons the 23 minute show is book-ended by Jerry Seinfeld doing his own stand up routine where the content is pertinent to the same episode.

The reference to a particular episode in the quote is where Jerry and George pitch a show based on their own lives at NBC (the TV network which actually picked up "Seinfeld"). They describe it as a "show about nothing" (Seinfeld was very self-referential. It had a lead playing a character of the same name pitching a sit-com to TV executives in the same way "Seinfeld was pitched towards NBC).

So while the meta-fiction "Jerry" was a show about nothing, the 'real' show Seinfeld was about the wry observations made by a comedian on everyday life. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: Much Ado About Nothing
Some incorrect choices:
New York City and its neuroses, Making feasible the improbable, Egotism and narcissism

5. In one episode Jerry agreed to wear a particular article of clothing for an interview by Bryant Gumbel on "The Today Show". What was it?

Answer: A "puffy shirt"

Interesting Information:
"The Puffy Shirt" was the second episode of season five of "Seinfeld". It was written by Larry David. Because of a misunderstanding Jerry inadvertently agrees to wear a puffy shirt, designed by Kramer's current girlfriend Leslie, for an interview on "The Today Show". The interview is a disaster because Bryant Gumbel can't stop laughing at the shirt. In typical "Seinfeld" fashion there are several storylines going on involving the characters but all are affected by the puffy shirt. Difficulty: Very Easy.

From Quiz: Oh No! Not Another "Seinfeld" Quiz!
Some incorrect choices:
A New York Yankees baseball cap, A sweater vest, Suspenders

6. What are the names of George's horses at his fictitious home in the Hamptons?

Answer: Snoopy and Prickly Pete

Interesting Information:
He pretends to own a house in the Hamptons to impress the recently deceased Susan's parents. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: Random "Seinfeld" Trivia
Some incorrect choices:
Frank and Estelle, Woodstock and Chip, Hayward and Slippery Pete

7. In "The Pony Remark", according to Jerry, what are ponies not used for?

Answer: Crowd control

Interesting Information:
"Who leaves a country packed with ponies... to come a non-pony country?" During the stand-up portion of the episode, while you were out making a sandwich, Jerry pointed out that ponies would never be used for crowd control. One cannot intimidate while riding a pony. Don't get mad at me. It was in the episode.
Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" All Seasons, Part 2
Some incorrect choices:
Pulling wagons, Pony rides, Making glue

8. Other than Jerry, who uttered the words "Hello Newman"?

Answer: Helen Seinfeld

Interesting Information:
Newman paid a visit to Mrs. Seinfeld to squeal on Jerry for making out during a movie. That's when Mrs. Seinfeld said, "Hello Newman". Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" All Seasons
Some incorrect choices:
Kramer, Tim Watley, Frank Costanza

9. Jerry always found a reason to break up with his girlfriend. Gillian was no different. What problem did Jerry have with her?

Answer: She had man hands

Interesting Information:
Poor Gillian had big hands which Jerry called 'man hands'. They looked like they were twice the size of Jerry's hands. You couldn't really tell by looking at her until she touched Jerry's face or when she was breaking the lobster open. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: Maybe The Dingo Ate Your Baby
Some incorrect choices:
She was a low talker, She was a re-gifter, Her brother was a mimbo

10. What was the name of the chewy candy that single-handedly broke up Elaine and her boyfriend, Jake Jarmel?

Answer: Jujifruits

Interesting Information:
In "The Opposite", Jake found out that Elaine had bought Jujifruits before seeing him in the hospital because he had gotten into an accident. He broke up with Elaine, believing her to think candy was more important than seeing him first. In the same episode, Pendant Publishing went bankrupt because of Elaine's habit with Jujifruits. Difficulty: Very Easy.

From Quiz: The Candies of "Seinfeld"
Some incorrect choices:
Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Circus Peanuts

11. Which television star never played one of Jerry's romantic interests?

Answer: Ellen Pompeo

Interesting Information:
Courtney Cox played Meryl, who pretended to be Jerry's wife for a dry cleaning discount. Debra Messing played Beth; Beth was married and Jerry and Elaine wanted the marriage to break up so that they could date the married people. Teri Hatcher played Sidra, the woman Jerry suspected had fake breasts. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: A Mix of "Seinfeld" Questions
Some incorrect choices:
Courtney Cox, Debra Messing, Teri Hatcher

12. In the first couple of seasons, we find out who Elaine's ex-boyfriend was. Who was he?

Answer: Jerry Seinfeld

Interesting Information:
The audience finds out that Elaine was going out with Jerry for a while. Throughout the seasons, both of them never cease to put down one another.

Elaine: "You know what your problem is? Your standards are too high."
Jerry: "I went out with you."
Elaine: "That's because my standards are too low." Difficulty: Very Easy.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" - The Boyfriends of Ms. Benes
Some incorrect choices:
Newman, Cosmo Kramer, David Puddy

13. What is the name of the horse that Kramer fed a can of Beeferino?

Answer: Rusty

Interesting Information:
Shortly after Kramer feeds the horse the Beeferino, the horse gets a bad case of gas while taking Susan's parents for a ride on their anniversary. This ends up foiling George and Jerry's plot to put back the marble rye that George's father had taken back. Difficulty: Very Easy.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" Mania
Some incorrect choices:
Kerby, Jack, Harry

14. In the episode "The Fix-Up", Kramer gives George a defective condom that he got for free from his friend who just got a job in a condom factory. Which of Kramer's friends works in a condom factory?

Answer: Bob Sacamano

Interesting Information:
The defective condom created a scare for Cynthia (the woman George had sex with) after she was late for her period. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" Part 3
Some incorrect choices:
Lomez, FDR (Franklin Delano Romanowski), Joe Mayo

15. What is Kramer's first name?

Answer: Cosmo

Interesting Information:
When we first see Kramer's mother, Babs in the bathroom at a restaurant she says to Kramer, "Cosmo!" George then says, "Cosmo?" Difficulty: Very Easy.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" Trivia
Some incorrect choices:
Jerry, George, Newman

16. In the pilot episode of the show ("The Seinfeld Chronicles"), Jerry is having a woman he recently met stay with him for a couple days. In what city did he meet her?

Answer: Lansing

Interesting Information:
Jerry and George discuss Jerry's meeting Laura while eating at Pete's Luncheonette. Of course, their hangout would be changed to Monk's in the subsequent episodes. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: A "Seinfeld" Quiz
Some incorrect choices:
Saginaw, Ann Arbor, Detroit

17. Who died in a car accident?

Answer: Gary Fogel

Interesting Information:
According to Jerry, he wrecked his car while adjusting his toupee. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: The 6th and 6th "Seinfeld" Quiz
Some incorrect choices:
Marty Benson, Kramer's father, Susie

18. Remember when Elaine assists George in slipping his boss a "mickey"? What was the name of that episode?

Answer: "The Revenge"

Interesting Information:
In this episode Jerry lost money in his laundry bag and was accusing the laundromat owner of stealing it, so Kramer decided to pour cement into one of the washing machines. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: Which Episode Was That?
Some incorrect choices:
"The Note", "The Truth", "The Library"

19. There are two street thugs that appeared in several episodes. They beat up Kramer at the aids walk, they stole Elaine's armoire, and did more things besides that. What are their names?

Answer: Cedric and Bob

Interesting Information:
"Who? Who doesn't want to wear the ribbon?" "Are you talking to him or are you talking to me? We are the only ones here so you must have been talking to one of us!" These two thugs are very funny. For some reason, the one guy's name was Ray and another time, it was Cedric. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" Part 2

20. What hand does Jerry write with?

Answer: left

Interesting Information:
We see him write with his left hand many times. Some of which include when he fills out the checks he gets from "The Super Terrific Happy Hour" and when he writes the "Jerry" script with George. Difficulty: Average.

From Quiz: The 3rd and 3rd "Seinfeld" Quiz

21. When George constructs a diorama of the Susan Ross Foundation's board room, Jerry suggests that George should have really made which characters represent himself?

Answer: the M&M

Interesting Information:
He made the diorama to help him figure out what the noise that he recorded really was. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: The 2nd and 2nd "Seinfeld" Quiz
Some incorrect choices:
the Santa Clause, Henry VIII, the mini-globe

22. When there are no egg white omelets at Reggie's, what does Jerry opt for?

Answer: western omelet

Interesting Information:
It actually says on Reggie's menu, "No egg white omelets." Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: The 1st and 1st "Seinfeld" Quiz
Some incorrect choices:
Spanish omelet, French omelet, coffee

23. When George plays the bubble boy in Trivial Pursuit, what did the card say was the answer to the question that caused the argument?

Answer: Moops

Interesting Information:
The bubble boy insisted that the answer is "Moors", and "Moops" is a misprint. But knowing George, he said, "Sorry, but the card says Moops." Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" Part 1
Some incorrect choices:
Moors, mop, maestro

24. The Maestro wanted to keep Jerry out of ____.

Answer: Tuscany

Interesting Information:
Jerry and Kramer wound up there anyhow. Difficulty: Very Easy.

From Quiz: Kramerica Industries
Some incorrect choices:
Paris, Madrid, Venice

25. Who owned a doll that looked exactly like George's mother, Estelle?

Answer: Susan

Interesting Information:
Susan loved to sleep with her dolls but when she brings the replica of George's mother into bed, George is a little freaked out. Frank, on the search for an estranged relative, later tears the doll's head off after seeing the doll. Difficulty: Very Easy.

From Quiz: A Really Tough "Seinfeld" Quiz! Part Two
Some incorrect choices:
Elaine, Kramer, Jerry

26. What is the name of Kramer's intern from NYU, for his company Kramerica?

Answer: Darrin

Interesting Information:
Darrin is a tenacious little monkey. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: Jerry Seinfeld is a Funny Guy
Some incorrect choices:
Dave, Shiela, Bob

27. How does Gary Fogel die?

Answer: car accident

Interesting Information:
Gary Fogel pretended to have cancer, but he actually was killed when he lost control of his car while adjusting his toupee. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: Trivia For Serious "Seinfeld" Fans
Some incorrect choices:
cancer, lupus, suicide

28. What country is Babu from?

Answer: Pakistan

Interesting Information:
He owns the original "The Dream Cafe". Difficulty: Average.

From Quiz: Total "Seinfeld"

29. What kitchen device do Jerry and his girlfriend (Courtney Cox) fight over because Jerry can't find it in the drawer and she insists that it's there?

Answer: can opener

Interesting Information:
Jerry and his girlfriend fought for no reason at all because Kramer had it the whole time! That Kramer, you gotta love him! Difficulty: Average.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" Quiz Of The Year!
Some incorrect choices:
spatula, ladle, mixer

30. Who was the first person to go out of "The Contest"?

Answer: Kramer

Interesting Information:
This was quite possibly the most famous episode of all time and if not, it was definitely in the top 2 or 3. A classic episode which I never get tired of watching. Of course, the gang bet to see who can be the longest to be master of their domain. Kramer doesn't last long! Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: Famous "Seinfeld" Episodes
Some incorrect choices:
Elaine, George, Jerry

31. What is the name of the company that George works for where he pretends to be handicapped?

Answer: Play Now, Inc.

Interesting Information:
The company even installed a chair lift for him, only to find out he was just faking it. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: More "Seinfeld" Mania
Some incorrect choices:
Yankees, J. Peterman's, Pendant Publishing

32. Why did Jerry buy his friend Gary a hair piece?

Answer: Gary told him he has cancer

Interesting Information:
Jerry bought it for him to be nice because Gary was worried about losing his hair in chemotherapy. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: More "Seinfeld"
Some incorrect choices:
It would give him more confidence, Gary told him he doesn't have enough money, Gary told him he would pay Jerry back

33. What is the name of the restaurant owned by Babu Bhatt?

Answer: The Dream Cafe

Interesting Information:
Jerry thought he was helping Babu by recommending he change the restaurant to all Pakistani food. It did not go over well. Difficulty: Average.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" Excruciating Minutia Quiz
Some incorrect choices:
Monk's, Mendy's, Bamboo Palace

34. What superhero appears in every episode whether mentioned or displayed?

Answer: Superman

Interesting Information:
He's mentioned in every episode and when he's not, there's a little figure of Superman, somewhere in Jerry's apartment, usually on his bookcase. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: "Seinfeld" Mania
Some incorrect choices:
Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern

35. What was the name of the horse that pulled Kramer's hansom cab?

Answer: Rusty

Interesting Information:
What a can of Beefarino can do to horses. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: "Sein(feld)" Language
Some incorrect choices:
Trigger, Prancer, Nibbles

36. How much money did George persuade Jerry into investing in the stock market?

Answer: $2,500

Interesting Information:
George cleans up, while Jerry pulls out and loses. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: How Well Do You Know "Seinfeld?"
Some incorrect choices:
$1,000, $1,500, $2,000

37. What is Kramer's FIRST name?

Answer: Cosmo

Interesting Information:
His name is Cosmo Kramer. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: Easy "Seinfeld" Quiz

38. Each member of the gang has had unique breakup experiences, including relationships that have ended because of peas, exclamation points and a Pez dispenser. Which snack item led to the demise of Elaine's romance with writer Jake Jarmel?

Answer: Jujyfruits

Interesting Information:
Upon hearing that her boyfriend had been in an accident, Elaine stopped off for some Jujyfruits before heading to the hospital, where a hurt and angry Jarmel broke up with her because of her snack break. Difficulty: Easy.

From Quiz: 'Seinfeld' Trivia Challenge
Some incorrect choices:
Snapple, Drake's Coffee Cakes, Oh Henry! candy bars

39. What is Kramer's apartment number?

Answer: 5B

Interesting Information:
Of course, we all know that he lives across from Jerry. Difficulty: Hard.

From Quiz: 'Seinfeld' Rules Again
Some incorrect choices:
5A, 5C, 5E

40. What was the name of the Holistic Healer George visits to cure his tonsilitis?

Answer: Tor Eckman

From Quiz: Super Terrific 'Seinfeld' Quiz
Some incorrect choices:
David Johansen, Ronald Dawson, Sven Svensen
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