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620 Scrubs Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Scrubs? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Scrubs (Television). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Who is the actor that plays Chris Turk?
Answer: Donald Faison

Zach Braff plays J.D. while John C. McGinley plays Dr. Cox and Neil Flynn plays the Janitor.
  From Quiz: 'Scrubs' General Knowledge
2 J.D. makes a shirt to welcome Dr. Cox back after he kills three patients. What does it say?
Answer: Welcome back Coxer

Later in that episode, Dr. Cox admits that he actually liked the shirt.
  From Quiz: Obscure "Scrubs" Quiz
3 What is Sam's, JD's son, full name?
Answer: Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian

JD wanted to name him Sam after his dad. JD told Kim, "Perry, because I like the ring of it; and Gilligan, because I lost that bet to Turk." Kim said that it was better than Chewbacca.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" Trivia: Seasons 6-8
4 In "My Comedy Show," Jimmy the overly touchy orderly does impressions of Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Brad Pitt. Who else did he do an impression of?
Answer: Dane Cook

JD said that he and Turk could put Jimmy in any sketch that wasn't funny like the Dr. Winn sketch. Jimmy overdid it, though.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" Season 8 Quiz
5 Song: "Welcome to Sacred Heart" Line: "You caught an STD from some tasty little ________ ."
Answer: tart

This song begins the musical quality of the episode. A patient named Ms. Miller faints and suddenly hears everyone singing in show tunes. "Welcome to Sacred Heart" is a big musical fanfare that the entire cast performs (perfectly choreographed no less!) to welcome Ms. Miller to the hospital. During the course of the song, many people are sung about, including one unlucky fellow referenced to by this line.
    Your options: [ tramp ] [ wench ] [ tart ] [ treat ]
  From Quiz: "My Musical" Fill-In
6 Where did JD grow up?
Answer: Troutwood, Ohio

In season 4, episode 2, JD makes friends with a furniture moving company worker and the worker has a very strange knowledge of JD's early years including his hometown.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs": Season 4
7 Who sings the main theme from 'Scrubs?'
Answer: Lazlo Bane

The Blanks is the name of Sam Lloyd's (who plays Ted) band.
  From Quiz: Scrubbing Up Your 'Scrubs' Music
8 In season six, Elliot's sorority sister Melanie comes to town and mentions "grill face." What was his name before becoming "grill face?"
Answer: Steve

It's just one random character out of hundreds, but true fans would remember Melanie saying: "Before that happened, grill face's name was just Steve."
  From Quiz: My "Scrubs"
9 Who played J.D.'s bother?
Answer: Tom Cavanaugh

Michael J Fox has made guest appearances on "Scrubs". He played the role of Dr. Kevin Casey.
  From Quiz: Exclusively "Scrubs"
10 John Ritter, star of "Three's Company", appeared on "Scrubs" as a relative of J.D. How was he related?
Answer: Father

This was one of John Ritter's last appearances before his passing. His appearance reminded J.D. that great things can come from humble beginnings, as J.D. himself became a doctor thanks to his father's hard work as a salesman.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" Guest Stars
11 Which college did JD and Turk attend together?
Answer: William and Mary

JD and Turk attended college and medical school together and were eventually accepted to the same hospital as well.
    Your options: [ Brown ] [ Florida ] [ UCLA ] [ William and Mary ]
  From Quiz: Assorted "Scrubs" Trivia
12 Dr. John "J.D." Dorian has an older brother. What's his name?
Answer: Dan

Dan Dorian is played by Tom Cavanagh.
  From Quiz: Do You Know Your "Scrubs?"
13 "Listen, if you're having trouble finding a vein for an IV, please don't page me. If you're desperate, we're lucky: this is a city hospital, there are plenty of heroin addicts who are quite adept at this."
Answer: JD

JD gives this speech to his new interns in "My Intern's Eyes" which is narrated by Keith. He says it because he wants to tell his interns what to expect.
    Your options: [ JD ] [ Dr. Kelso ] [ Dr. Cox ] [ Turk ]
  From Quiz: Who Said That?- "Scrubs" Quotes Part II
14 As is almost always the case, this episode begins with a mini-tragedy befalling JD, what happened this time?
Answer: His scooter, Sasha, is gunned down by police

In THIS episode, cops gun down Sasha while trying to apprehend a crook, poor JD's insurance hadn't kicked in yet.. the other tragedies occurred in different episodes.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" "My Big Bird"
15 "You seem unhappy. I like that."
Answer: The Janitor

This quote was said by the Janitor to JD in the episode "My Best Friend's Mistake". The quote was said because JD was screaming in pain after Dr. Cox flicked him in the earlobe, and the Janitor saw and laughed at JD's pain.
    Your options: [ The Janitor ] [ Elliot ] [ JD ] [ Danni ]
  From Quiz: Who Said That ? - "Scrubs" Quotes Part I
16 Who is the main character on 'Scrubs'?
Answer: Dr John Dorian

Indeed, it is the imaginative dreamer JD, played by Zach Braff.
  From Quiz: General 'Scrubs' Trivia
17 What is Turk's first name?
Answer: Chris

Christopher Duncan Turk is a surgeon, and a main character in the show.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" Basics
18 In which season did Carla lose Rowdy and replace him with a shorter stuffed yellow lab?
Answer: Fourth

Not long after Carla and Turk got married, she took issue with Rowdy and wanted Turk to get rid of him. After a fight with Turk she decided to do something nice for him and got Rowdy all cleaned up, but left him on the top of her car and he fell off. She and Janitor searched for a new Rowdy and found one who was slightly smaller than old Rowdy. Also, new Rowdy's real name is Steven.
    Your options: [ Fourth ] [ Fifth ] [ Third ] [ Sixth ]
  From Quiz: Which Season of "Scrubs"?
19 "If I find a penny in there, I'm taking you down."
Answer: Janitor

This quote was from the pilot episode titled "My First Day". This particular quote happens while J.D. is waiting outside the door while the Janitor is trying to fix it. J.D. attempts to make small talk, but fails and thus the rivalry begins.
    Your options: [ J.D. ] [ Dr. Kelso ] [ Turk ] [ Janitor ]
  From Quiz: Which Scrub Said That?
20 During the first four series of "Scrubs", which of these guys did not sleep with Elliot Reid?
Answer: Todd

Jake and Elliot were still seeing each other at the end of series 4. Sean was dumped by Elliot in the episode 'My Fault'. Paul was dumped by Elliot in the episode 'My Kingdom'.
    Your options: [ Jake ] [ Paul ] [ Sean ] [ Todd ]
  From Quiz: "Scrubs"
21 What does J.D. stand for?
Answer: John Dorian

He is a doctor at the hospital.
  From Quiz: Scrubs
22 "Dude, be whiter."
Answer: Turk

J.D. had just said, quietly "You know how I'm totally down with the rap music?" (From the episode "My First Day")
  From Quiz: Quotes from "Scrubs"
23 How many men considered themselves as dating Elliot who are cast in the series?
Answer: Seven

In no particular order, Elliot dates Sean, Jake, Nurse Paul, Dan, Keith, The Janitor and J.D.
  From Quiz: 'Scrubs' General Knowledge
24 Mike Schwartz plays who in the show?
Answer: Lloyd Slawski

Not only does Mike Schwartz play Lloyd, he is also a writer, supervising producer, co-producer, co-executive producer, story editor and executive story editor.
  From Quiz: Obscure "Scrubs" Quiz
25 Who always says "That's what I'm talkin' about"?
Answer: Turk

Turk says this constantly. One patient said in a review that it was very annoying.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" Trivia: Seasons 6-8
26 What is JD's nickname for Denise?
Answer: Jo

JD thought she reminded him of Jo from "Facts of Life." Denise replied, "It's just a little butch, I like bangin' dudes."
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" Season 8 Quiz
27 Song: "Everything Comes Down to Poo" Line: "It doesn't really matter if it's hard or if it's loose, we'll figure out what's ailing you as long as it's a ________ ."
Answer: deuce

In this song, the doctors are still unsure why Ms. Miller hears music, so they want to run more tests. In this song with some very interesting analogies, we find J.D. and Turk explaining the benefits of testing her "number two".
    Your options: [ number two ] [ "two-sie" ] [ deuce ] [ poo ]
  From Quiz: "My Musical" Fill-In
28 How many inches shorter than Ted is his brother?
Answer: 9 inches

Ted is revealing to Dr. Cox and Jordan that they are still married. During this time he remarks that his ex wife is with his brother who is 9 inches shorter but wears a hair piece.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs": Season 4
29 From the 100th episode, what song is JD listening to in his bubble bath on his iPod?
Answer: 'Africa' - Toto

In this scene you also catch JD eating Elliot's body butter. She later smells it on his breath.
  From Quiz: Scrubbing Up Your 'Scrubs' Music
30 How old was the Janitor when he was a world class 110 meter hurdler?
Answer: 19

In episode 516 "My Bright Idea," the Janitor tells everyone he was a world class 110 meter hurdler when he was 19 years old and he still remembers the nationals like they were yesterday.
  From Quiz: My "Scrubs"
31 What is the name of J.D. and Kim's baby?
Answer: Sammy

This is a fact from the second episode of the seventh season of "Scrubs". This is the episode where J.D. and Kim end their relationship.
  From Quiz: Exclusively "Scrubs"
32 Colin Farrell, star of "Alexander" and "Phone Booth", starred as Billy Callahan in the episode "My Lucky Charm". When J.D. and Turk first met him, they assumed he was Irish, but Billy puts on an American accent and tells them he is from where?
Answer: Ohio

This represented one of the main themes of the episode, that you can't judge a book by its cover. Colin's character is in fact Irish, but this little interchange sets up the rest of the episode.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" Guest Stars
33 Which of the following characters is not revealed to be a Republican?
Answer: Dr. Kelso

Elliot and Keith discover they have more common ground when they find out they are both Republicans. Dr. Mickhead was revealed to be a Republican in a separate episode.
    Your options: [ Elliot ] [ Dr. Mickhead ] [ Keith ] [ Dr. Kelso ]
  From Quiz: Assorted "Scrubs" Trivia
34 What soap opera does Dr. Cox enjoy watching?
Answer: Days of Our Lives

Dr. Cox is very annoyed when Doug changes the lounge TV off of his soap.

Dr. Cox: "What do you want to watch there, Captain Courage?"
Doug: "Days of Our Lives?"
Dr. Cox: "Atta boy."
  From Quiz: Do You Know Your "Scrubs?"
35 "Ahh, new Janitor uniforms, top priority! Right up there with silk jammies for the patients and a cat door for the ICU."
Answer: Dr. Kelso

The Janitor asks Dr. Kelso for new Janitor uniforms in "My Big Move". Dr. Kelso replies with the above quote, causing the Janitor to show him sketches of uniforms with capes and spacesuits and other various aspects.
    Your options: [ Dr. Kelso ] [ JD ] [ Janitor ] [ Dr. Cox ]
  From Quiz: Who Said That?- "Scrubs" Quotes Part II
36 Who first mentions the $100 million lottery that gets all the hospital (except Dr. Cox) excited?
Answer: Ted

Ted mentions it to Carla, and mentions he would use the money to get separate beds for he and his mom. Carla then mentions he could use the rest of the money on therapy.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" "My Big Bird"
37 "Fat camp. Six years she's been going there, and the only thing getting any thinner is my wallet!"
Answer: Dr. Kelso

Kelso says this to Turk after Turk has discovered that Kelso doesn't care about his and Enid's anniversary, just uses it as an excuse to get people from bugging him year round. Enid is actually at fat camp. Turk is shocked.
    Your options: [ Dr. Kelso ] [ Dr. Cox ] [ JD ] [ Dr. Mickhead ]
  From Quiz: Who Said That ? - "Scrubs" Quotes Part I
38 What hospital is 'Scrubs' set in?
Answer: Sacred Heart

You often see the logo at the hospital and it is mentioned a few times. Elliot worked at Sacred Heart hospital for 4 years until she went into private practice in season 5.
  From Quiz: General 'Scrubs' Trivia
39 What is Carla's profession?
Answer: Nurse

Carla Espinosa is a nurse at the hospital.
  From Quiz: "Scrubs" Basics
40 In which season did JD, Elliot and Carla steal Dr. Kelso's motor home and go on a trip?
Answer: Sixth

In the sixth season J.D., Elliot, Carla, Keith, Ted, the janitor, and Rowdy all borrow Dr. Kelso's motor home so that they could travel to Tacoma so J.D. could be with Kim for the first ultrasound of their baby.
    Your options: [ Sixth ] [ Second ] [ Third ] [ Fifth ]
  From Quiz: Which Season of "Scrubs"?
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