Quiz about When A Man Loves A Woman
Quiz about When A Man Loves A Woman

When A Man Loves A Woman Trivia Quiz

When a Man Loves a Woman? Well in this case when TWO men love a woman. Sequentially of course. Match the husband on the left with the husband on the right. What's that? Who is the wife? Well that would make it too easy wouldn't it? Good luck!

A matching quiz by Team Phoenix Rising. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Aug 24 22
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Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Sean Penn  
Marc Anthony
2. Gary Oldman  
Ritchie Sambora
3. Dane Witherspoon   
Ben Affleck
4. Don Johnson  
Ted Turner
5. Roger Vadim  
Sean Penn
6. Jeff Goldblum  
Ethan Hawke
7. Bruce Willis  
Ashton Kutcher
8. Tommy Lee  
Guy Ritchie
9. Scott Foley  
Renny Harlin
10. Ben Affleck  
Antonio Banderas

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Sean Penn

Answer: Guy Ritchie

Madonna Louise Ciccone, known simply as Madonna, married Sean Penn on 16 August 1985: it was the singer's 27th birthday, while the actor turned 25 on the following day. The two celebrities had been dating for some time before they committed to what would be the first marriage for both. In 1986, the pair starred together in the adventure comedy film "Shanghai Surprise" (which was an epic flop), and Madonna dedicated her third album, "True Blue", to her husband, whom she called "the coolest guy in the universe" in the liner notes. However, things quickly turned sour, mainly due to Penn's erratic behaviour and violent clashes with reporters and paparazzi. Madonna first filed for divorce in 1987, then - after an attempt at reconciliation - in January 1989.

In 1998, Madonna met English film director Guy Ritchie, and married him in Scotland on 22 December 2000 - four months after the birth of their son, Rocco John Ritchie; in 2006, the pair adopted David Banda, a boy from Malawi. In an interview she gave a few years later, Madonna stated that she had been too focused on her career to work on making her marriage to Penn succeed. In 2002, Ritchie directed her in "Swept Away", another adventure-comedy film that was a critical and commercial failure. The marriage ended in November 2008, a few weeks after Madonna had filed for divorce on the grounds of "unreasonable behaviour".

This "material" question was written by Phoenix Rising team member LadyNym.
2. Gary Oldman

Answer: Ethan Hawke

Uma Karuna Thurman born 1970, was an American model and actress. She appeared on the December 1985 and May 1986 covers of the British version of "Vogue" before her movie breakthrough in "Dangerous Liaisons" (1988). In her role as Mia Wallace in Quentin Tarantino's 1994 hit "Pulp Fiction", she was nominated for the Academy Award, the BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. She re-joined the same director to play The Bride in "Kill Bill: Volume 1" and "Volume 2" (2003 and 2004). These two movies earned her two additional Golden Globe Award nominations.

She met her first husband Gary Oldman on the set of "State of Grace". They married in 1990 but the marriage did not last long and they were divorced in 1992. Ms Thurman was Mr Oldman's second wife. In 1996, she married her "Gattaca" co-star, Ethan Hawke. The 2002 novel "Ash Wednesday" is dedicated to "Karuna". The couple have two children, Maya (born 1998) and son Levon (born 2002). However the pair separated in 2003, divorcing in 2005.

In 2007, she started a relationship with French financier Arpad Busson but did not marry. They have a daughter but the relationship ended in 2017.

This question was written into the quiz by Phoenix Rising team member 1nn1 who is certainly glad his name is not Bill.
3. Dane Witherspoon

Answer: Sean Penn

In 1984, Robin Gayle Wright met fellow actor Dane Witherspoon when auditioning for the daytime soap opera "Santa Barbara". She was 18 years old at the time, while Witherspoon was 9 years her senior. They got married in 1986, but the marriage only lasted two years; during that time, Wright had her breakthrough role as Princess Buttercup in the film "The Princess Bride" (1987).

After her split from Witherspoon, in 1990 Wright started dating Sean Penn, who had recently gotten divorced from Madonna. The couple, who had met on the set of the thriller "State of Grace", quickly moved in together, and had two children, Dylan Frances (born in 1991) and Hopper Jack (born in 1993). However, they split up and got back together at least once before they finally got married in 1996. Eleven years later, at the end of 2007, they filed their first divorce petition, which was withdrawn four months later. The second divorce petition came in April 2009, and was also withdrawn soon afterwards. The definitive end of Penn and Wright's marriage came a few months later, when Wright filed for divorce, stating that this time she had no plans to reconcile with Penn. The divorce was finalized in July 2010.

This question was written by a rather puzzled LadyNym of the Phoenix Rising team.
4. Don Johnson

Answer: Antonio Banderas

Melanie Griffith, born New York City is the daughter of actress Tippi Hedren and advertising executive Peter Griffith. Graduating from the Hollywood Professional School at age 16, she had a comprehensive acting career, from her first credited role opposite Gene Hackman in 1975's "Night Moves" to her Academy Award nominated role in 1988's "Working Girl". When she married Antonio Banderas (1996 to 2015) it was her fourth marriage to three different men. Their daughter, Stella del Carmen Banderas, was born in September 1996.
She was married to "Miami Vice's" Don Johnson twice; the first time briefly in 1976, then again in 1989 to 1996. Actress Dakota Johnson is their daughter. In between the two 'Johnson' marriages she was married to Puerto Rican actor Stephen Bauer from 1981 to 1989. They have one son Alexander.

This question was written by Working Man JAM6430 from Phoenix Rising.
5. Roger Vadim

Answer: Ted Turner

Roger Vadim, born Roger Vadim Plemiannikov (1928 - 2000), was a French screenwriter and film director / producer. He was known for "And God Created Woman" (1956), "Blood and Roses" (1960), "Barbarella" (1968), and "Pretty Maids All in a Row" (1971). Equally famous were his five marriages to beautiful actresses including Brigitte Bardot (1952 - 1957), Annette Stroyberg, (1958 - 14 March 1961), Jane Fonda, (1965 -1973), Catherine Schneider, ( 1975 -1977), and Marie-Christine Barrault, (1990-2000).

He met Jane Fonda on the set of "Le Ronde" in 1964 and started a relationship soon after. He produced 1966's "The Game is Over", a vehicle created especially for Ms Fonda who subsequently starred and was directed by her then fiancee. They had one child together, a daughter Vanessa.

Jane Fonda, born 1937 was a model political activist and a much-lauded actress. She won the Best Actress Academy Award for "Klute" (1971) and "Coming Home" (1977). After her divorce from Roger Vadim in 1973, she married social and political activist Tom Hayden. They had a son Troy Garity and adopted a daughter Mary Williams. They separated in 1988 and were divorced a year later. She married her third husband, Ted Turner in 1991.

Robert Edward Turner III, born 1938 in Cincinnati, is a businessman and philanthropist. Among his many achievements, he founded the United Nations Foundation with a $1 billion donation, founded CNN, the first 24 hour TV news channel, owned the Atlanta Braves and a sailor that won the America's Cup. He has five children to his first two wives, Judy Nye (1960-64) and Jane Shirley Smith (1965-88). He was married to Jane Fonda from 1991 to 2000.

This question was written by Phoenix Rising team member 1nn1 who denies the rumour that his Fun trivia alias inspired the CNN brand name.
6. Jeff Goldblum

Answer: Renny Harlin

Virginia Elizabeth "Geena" Davis had been divorced for less than a year from her first husband, restaurateur Richard Emmolo (whom she had married in 1981), when, in 1985, she met fellow actor Jeff Goldblum on the set of horror comedy film "Transylvania 6-5000". The pair got married in 1987: they appeared together in two more films, "The Fly" (1986) and "Earth Girls Are Easy" (1988). The marriage, however, lasted only until 1990, their divorce being finalized the following year.

In 1993, Davis married Finnish filmmaker Renny Harlin after a five-month courtship. Harlin directed her in two films, one of which - "Cutthroat Island" (1995) - was a notorious critical and commercial flop, which did substantial damage to Davis's career. Her marriage to Harlin collapsed in 1997, when the actress found out that Harlin had been unfaithful to her with her own personal assistant, and had fathered a child with her. The day after the child's birth, in August 1997, Davis filed for divorce, which became final in June 1998.

This somewhat piratical question was written by LadyNym of the Phoenix Rising team.
7. Bruce Willis

Answer: Ashton Kutcher

Demi Moore nee Guynes, born November 11, 1962 got her acting break on the soap opera "General Hospital" (1982-1984). Afterwards, she became one of the Brat Pack when she earned key roles in "Blame It on Rio" (1984), "St. Elmo's Fire" (1985), and "About Last Night..." (1986). Her starring role in "Ghost" (1990), made her a star and earned her a Golden Globe nomination. "A Few Good Men" (1992) cemented her stardom.
At 18 she married singer Freddy Moore (but started using his surname as her stage name before the wedding). They separated in 1983. She married her second husband, actor Bruce Willis in 1987. They have three daughters, Rumer, born 1988, Scout, born1991 and Tallulah born 1994. They separated in 1998 but remained on good terms. In 2005 Ms Moore married a much younger Ashton Kutcher with her children's father as a wedding guest. The couple filed for divorce in 2012.

This question was ghost-written before entering it into the quiz by Phoenix Rising team member 1nn1.
8. Tommy Lee

Answer: Ritchie Sambora

In 1985, 24-year-old TV actress Heather Deen Locklear met 23-year-old Tommy Lee, the flamboyant drummer of glam metal band Mötley Crüe. The pair got married in 1986, the same year in which she was promoted as a permanent member of the cast of prime-time TV soap opera "Dynasty". Heather was Tommy's second wife, as the drummer had been briefly married to Canadian model Elaine Starchuk. Tommy and Heather divorced in 1993; their relationship was chronicled in the 2018 biopic "The Dirt", based on the book of the same title.

In February 1994, Heather met Richie Sambora, then lead guitarist of the rock band Bon Jovi. After dating for two months, the pair got married in a civil ceremony in Sambora's home state of New Jersey, and a few months later in Paris's American Cathedral. Their daughter, Ava Elizabeth Sambora, was born in 1997. During her 12-year marriage to Sambora, Heather achieved worldwide renown for her role as Amanda Woodward in another prime-time soap opera, "Melrose Place", receiving four consecutive Golden Globe nominations. Sadly, the marriage collapsed in 2006, and their divorce was finalized in 2007.

This rockin' question was written by rock'n'roll fan LadyNym of the Phoenix Rising team.
9. Scott Foley

Answer: Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner, born 1972 in Houston, Texas, studied theater (BFA) at Denison University and made her screen debut in "Zoya" in 1995. She received recognition when she had a supporting role in "Pearl Harbor" (2001) but it was her role as lead Sydney Bristow in the espionage thriller television series "Alias" (2001-2006) where she received worldwide recognition. She also received praise for commercially successful movies, "13 Going on 30" (2004), and in the role of Elektra in the "Daredevil" (2003) and "Elektra" (2005). She became involved in philanthropic causes such as Save the Children USA, and Once Upon a Farm. She also advocates for anti-paparazzi campaigns for children of celebrities.
Ms Garner met her first husband, Scott Foley, on set when they both co-starred in the TV show "Felicity" in 1998. They married in 2000 but separated in 2003. She first met her second husband on the set of "Pearl Harbor" and again on "Daredevil" in 2003. They married in a private ceremony in Turks and Caicos. They have three children, Violet (born 2005), Seraphina (born 2009) and Samuel (born 2012). However the couple separated in 2017.

This question was written by Phoenix Rising team member 1nn1, an alias.
10. Ben Affleck

Answer: Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is a dancer, singer, actress and philanthropist. She was the first Hispanic women to earn over one million dollars for a movie ("Selena" - 1997). She has sold over 80 million records including at least four Billboard Hot 100 number ones. She became the first woman to have both a number one film and album at the same time in 2001 when "The Wedding Planner" movie and her second album "J.Lo" were released in the same week.
She was married to briefly to Ojani Noa for ten months in 1997 and to Cris Judd, a dancer in her band from September 2001 to June 2002. Ms Lopez was in a relationship with Ben Affleck from 2002-04. They became engaged in 2002, the media dubbing the couple "Bennifer", but they did not marry and broke up. She told the "New York Post" that this was her "...first real heartbreak...I think different time, different thing, who knows what could've happened, but there was a genuine love there." Both married other people soon after. Ms Lopez was married to Marc Anthony for ten years from 2004. The couple had fraternal twins Emme and Max in 2008 but separated in 2011 and divorced in 2014. In April 2022 Ms Lopez announced her engagement to Ben Affleck, twenty years after the first proposal and they were married on July 16 2022. At least Mr Affleck should never be in trouble for mistakenly calling his second wife by his first wife's name!

This question was written by Phoenix Rising team member 1nn1, who despite being surrounded by family members named Jennifer, has never been called Nennifer.
Source: Author 1nn1

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