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Quiz about Winter Spring Summer or Fall
Quiz about Winter Spring Summer or Fall

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? Quiz

Holiday Classifications

In this quiz classify the holiday/celebration to the season in which it appears on the calendar. Good luck!

A classification quiz by Triviaballer. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Classify Quiz
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Jan 08 23
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Note that because of the differences in seasons between the hemispheres, this quiz will have a focus on holidays observed from a northern hemisphere perspective. For the purposes of this quiz, the seasons are: Winter - December 21 to March 19, Spring - March 20 to June 20, Summer - June 21 to September 21 and Fall - September 22 to December 20.

Boxing Day (UK) Christmas Independence Day (USA) Veterans/Armistice/Remembrance Day St. Patrick's Day Black Friday Easter Sunday Halloween Canada Day Cinco de Mayo

* Drag / drop or click on the choices above to move them to the correct categories.

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Veterans/Armistice/Remembrance Day

Answer: Fall

In the United States, Veterans Day is observed in fall on November 11th to honor living individuals that served in the armed forces and received a discharge other than dishonorable. Some countries refer to November 11th as Armistice Day in observance of the date that the armistice was signed between the Allies and Germany that ended World War I.

The Commonwealth of Nations observes November 11th as Remembrance Day to honor members of the armed forces that have died in duty.
2. Canada Day

Answer: Summer

Canada Day occurs in early summer on July 1st each year. The holiday was first observed in 1867 and it celebrates Canadian Confederation in which the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were united and called the Dominion of Canada. At this time the Province of Canada was split into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
3. Boxing Day (UK)

Answer: Winter

Boxing Day takes place near the start of winter on December 26th of each year. It is observed in the Commonwealth of Nations and it originated as a day to give gifts to poor people. Over time Boxing Day became part of the Christmas season and many retailers enacted Boxing Day sales making it one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Although there is no definitive origin for Boxing Day, the giving of a boxed gift or money to tradesmen the day after Christmas was mentioned in the diary of Samuel Pepys back in 1663.
4. Easter Sunday

Answer: Spring

The date of Easter occurs in spring between March 22nd and April 25th. The date of Easter varies annually and it is placed on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. Easter is a Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
5. St. Patrick's Day

Answer: Winter

St. Patrick's Day is observed toward the end of winter on March 17th each year. The holiday is in honor of the observed death date of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The drinking of Irish beer and Irish whiskey is a common celebration on St. Patrick's Day as well as wearing the color green.
6. Halloween

Answer: Fall

Halloween occurs on October 31st each year during the season of fall. Halloween is commonly celebrated by children dressing up in costumes and going around houses seeking candy from neighbors in a custom known as trick-or-treating. Putting up scary decorations and carving pumpkins are also commonly done for Halloween.

The holiday arose from All Hallows' Eve, a date to remember the dead, particularly Christian saints and martyrs.
7. Independence Day (USA)

Answer: Summer

Independence Day is celebrated in the United States on July 4th each year in summer. The holiday commemorates the ratification of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 that established the United States of America. On this holiday it is common to have barbecues, picnics and parades and fireworks are often used.
8. Cinco de Mayo

Answer: Spring

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on the fifth of May in spring. The holiday commemorates Mexico's victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. In Mexico there are military parades and battle reenactments that take place throughout the country.
9. Christmas

Answer: Winter

Christmas is celebrated annually on December 25th in winter each year. The holiday commemorates the birth of Jesus. Decorations like lights and nativity scenes are often put up for Christmas and many families have gatherings and large meals together to celebrate the holiday.

A popular cultural icon known as Santa Claus or Father Christmas is viewed by young children as the giver of gifts on Christmas Day.
10. Black Friday

Answer: Fall

Black Friday occurs on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States during the season of fall. The date of Black Friday takes place as early as November 23rd and as late as November 29th. The date gets its name from the date in which retailers entered the black (profitable) for the year and on Black Friday retailers have sales to attract customers to purchase their products. Over time and with the proliferation of e-commerce, much of the month of November became a time for 'Black Friday' sales.
Source: Author Triviaballer

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