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Quiz about Exploring England
Quiz about Exploring England

Exploring England! Trivia Quiz

Grab your map and head off to England in the British Isles for a sightseeing tour of landmarks, cities, and key regions. Identify where these ten spots are if you can. Good luck!

A label quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Stonehenge Oxford Sherwood Forest Norwich Roman Baths Liverpool Newcastle Upon Tyne Isle of Wight The Lake District White Cliffs of Dover
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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Liverpool

One of England's largest cities, Liverpool sits in the northwest of the country on the estuary of the River Mersey. A critical city for the nation during the Industrial Revolution, it was situated on a spot on the Irish Sea that made it an important shipping hub.

Many of the most famous ships of English origin came from the port there. In the modern time, it's a bustling city chock full of museum, parklands, famous sports teams, and pop culture origins. It is, after all, where The Beatles were formed.
2. White Cliffs of Dover

Looking southeast towards Continental Europe, the White Cliffs of Dover, besides being a landmark of distinction due to their chalky, white colour, are also an important location for Britain in general, being the point at which the isles are closest to the mainland. Stretching along the water's edge for thirteen kilometres, the White Cliffs of Dover are also the site of Dover Castle, the largest castle structure in England and an important military point during World War II.
3. The Lake District

A region of natural beauty in the far northwest of England, the Lake District is known for being a spot of inspiration for many famous English poets and authors. Found in Cumbria on the border with Scotland to the north, it's protected under the borders of Lake District National Park and contains not only the deepest lakes in England, but perhaps the most picturesque. Also found in the region is Scafell Pike, the most prominent mountain in the country.
4. Oxford

The city of Oxford is one of international esteem as it's the home of one of the oldest and most celebrated educational institutions in the world-- Oxford University. Established as a town in the twelfth century, it would grow to become the City of Dreaming Spires due in part to its architecture. Today, it sits on the River Thames as part of a greenbelt, keeping it as a respite from the growth of Britain's largest cities.
5. Newcastle Upon Tyne

Originally settled by the Romans in the second century AD, Newcastle Upon Tyne is one of the largest cities in Northeast England before you would cross the border into Scotland. Sitting on the River Tyne, it's home to well-preserved castles, massive Gothic cathedrals, and the remnants of Hadrian's Wall, built to protect from invasion from the north.

Its position on the coast made it a popular site for industry in the nineteenth century and its spot in the north made it particularly good for coal mining.
6. Isle of Wight

One of England's largest islands, the Isle of Wight sits in the south, just offshore from Portsmouth and Southhampton in the English Channel. Long-inhabited, it would become a popular spot for leisure over time, eventually transforming into a resort destination for the monarchy in the Victorian Era.

In World War II, however, it would become the site of Nazi bombings. Famously, the island also acted as the home to Alfred Tennyson, Charles Dickens, and John Keats, amongst others.
7. Stonehenge

An ancient monument of unknown purpose, Stonehenge is one of the most famous landmarks of England, dating back to (possibly) 3000 BCE. Considering its distance from London, it's a particularly interesting site to obtain so many tourists; you'd need to drive two hours west into the Salisbury Plains to see them. Considered a national monument, it's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, chosen as such due to its cultural significance.
8. Sherwood Forest

A royal forest and a National Nature Reserve, Sherwood Forest is found in Nottinghamshire southeast of Sheffield and is best-known for being the setting of the classic tales of Robin Hood, who lived there with his Merry Men. Frequented by monarchs as far back as the eleventh century as a prime hunting forest, it contains the medieval remains of King John's Palace.

In the modern era, it's home to renaissance faires and beautiful country houses.
9. Roman Baths

The city of Bath, found in Somerset, was the site at which the Romans built their ancient baths near the River Avon. Considered a spa town more and more over time, the region was consistently inhabited with cathedrals and other structures cropping up and being rebuilt over the centuries. Known as Aquae Sulis, the original baths were considered a shrine to the goddess Minerva. Eventually, the city would become known for the arts, containing numerous theatres and galleries and being the home of Jane Austen and Thomas Gainsborough.
10. Norwich

Northeast of London and part of Norfolk County, Norwich sits near the River Wensum and the River Yare and contains one of England's largest cathedrals, Norwich Cathedral, which was originally built in the eleventh century. Designated a City of Literature by UNESCO, it's also one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the UK. One of the key British cities not to sit on the coast, you would need to navigate the Yare to the North Sea about thirty kilometres to the east.
Source: Author kyleisalive

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