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Quiz about Racing Around the Chinese Zodiac
Quiz about Racing Around the Chinese Zodiac

Racing Around the Chinese Zodiac Quiz

The signs of the Chinese Zodiac follow the same cycle every twelve years. Follow the wheel around and identify the animals by the order in which they were said to have completed the Great Race. Good luck!
This is a renovated/adopted version of an old quiz by author ravenskye

A label quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Jul 06 23
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Monkey Rabbit Pig Dragon Goat Dog Ox Rooster Snake Tiger
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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Ox

Leading out from the Year of the Rat, the Year of the Ox comes right after as, in the old tale of the Chinese Zodiac, the animals crossed the river in the Great Race together. With the oxen being proficient in swimming it took little time to cross, but the rat, hitching a ride on top, jumped off of the creature and onto the land, coming in first and marking the star of the Zodiac.

People born under this sign are said to be diligent and steadfast though one might take this in the other direction and claim them to be persistent and stubborn. Independence is a key trait for someone born in this type of year. They are a hard-working person, if the Zodiac is to be an indication.
2. Tiger

The tiger, or the leopard, was the third across the river in the Great Race, and the Year of the Tiger is one of competitive and fierce personalities. According to the story, the tiger was a fast racer, but upon arriving at the other side in third, he complained that the river's current kept him off-course. According to the Zodiac, the tiger doesn't get along with the monkey as while both are independent creatures, the tiger's looking out for himself.
3. Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit follows the Year of the Tiger as, during the Great Race, the rabbit crossed swiftly, jumping cautiously from rock to rock without needing to swim. It placed fourth and is, as such, fourth in the cycle.

Rabbits are famous for their love of peace. Those born under its year are said to be shy and sensitive, but are also sociable and wise. Nearly the opposite of the tiger in temperament, they're quick, but not fierce in the same regard.
4. Dragon

Considered harsh and arrogant by some, the dragon is a creature that can have downsides for those born under it, but by and large it's a boon as it's said to be a lucky animal, bringing talent, charisma, and a sense of leadership to its people. This holds true in Chinese beliefs so much so that in Years of the Dragon, there is an increased effort to ensure a child is conceived and born within its dates.

The dragon is said to have arrived during the Great Race in fifth place, having stopped at several points to aid people and other creatures. Perhaps its arrogance pushed it back a bit?
5. Snake

The story of the snake and the horse, which comes after it in the cycle, is a bit intertwined as they both arrived across the river at the same time during the Great Race. It is said, however, that the snake hid himself on the horse's hoof, arriving across the river with him but jumping out at the last moment, scaring the horse before it could cross the finish.

Those born in the Year of the Snake are considered to be intelligent and well-spoken, but on the flip-side they're alleged to be stubborn.
6. Goat

Though also considered a sheep or a ram depending on the approach to the Zodiac, the goat is the eighth creature in the cycle. Considered a peaceful creature, its traits of being calm and group-oriented tend to be to their benefit, even if they're quiet.

In the Great Race, the goat crossed the finish line across the river in a raft alongside both the monkey and the rooster. The Jade Emperor elected to choose their positions himself.
7. Monkey

The monkey, having arrived with the goat and the rooster during the Great Race, became the ninth animal in the cycle. It's likely the opportunism associated with the creature that allowed it to see the opportunity in working with the other creatures; it's a trait that carries over into people born under its sign.

In addition to being crafty, people born under this sign are said to be fun-loving, clever, and active. Taking this the other way, however, one could see this type of person as being mischievous and up to no good.
8. Rooster

The creature that found the raft in the Great Race, the Jade Emperor gave it the tenth position in the cycle because, while it was integral to itself, the goat, and the monkey crossing the river, the other two animals were able to paddle them across.

Roosters are amongst the loudest and most boastful of the signs on the Chinese Zodiac, but this comes with its own benefits as people born in this year are believed to be social butterflies and high achievers. Being observant (like with the raft!) is a key trait of this sign though overconfidence can be a deterrent.
9. Dog

One of the most loyal and hard-working signs of the Chinese Zodiac, the dog is a creature that most can guess the traits of-- amicable, eager, genuine. The catch is that overeagerness can often lead to impatience.

The dog was the penultimate sign of the Chinese Zodiac for a reason if the Great Race is to be believed since it took the time, midway through the competition, to enjoy itself swimming in the river. It almost didn't finish the race.
10. Pig

The twelfth and final animal to appear on the Chinese Zodiac cycle, the pig (or the boar, in some regions) had everything going against it in the Great Race. In addition to its size and bulk making it unsuitable for swimming, it's believed that the pig stopped, ate, rolled around in some mud, and nearly didn't make it across the finish line at all.

For all its faults, however, the pig is considered to be the best suited for wealth and prosperity, being successful despite the shortcomings. After all, it still made it to the end. Those born under the sign of the pig are considered optimists and earnest people.
Source: Author kyleisalive

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