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Quiz about AKA  Who Am I
Quiz about AKA  Who Am I

AKA - Who Am I? Trivia Quiz

It is not unusual for celebrities to adopt stage names, sometimes quite similar to their birth names, but these are some real stumpers. I'll give you the real name and you guess the celebrity.

A multiple-choice quiz by jellow_10. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Oct 30 22
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Question 1 of 20
1. Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr. Hint

Question 2 of 20
2. Harold J. Smith Hint

Question 3 of 20
3. Alphonso d'Abruzzo Hint

Question 4 of 20
4. Allen Stewart Konigsberg Hint

Question 5 of 20
5. Benjamin Kubelsky Hint

Question 6 of 20
6. Taidje Khan Hint

Question 7 of 20
7. Ernest Evans Hint

Question 8 of 20
8. Vincent Damon Furnier Hint

Question 9 of 20
9. Jacob Cohen Hint

Question 10 of 20
10. Henry John Deutschendorf Hint

Question 11 of 20
11. Daniel Michaeli Hint

Question 12 of 20
12. Leslie Lynch King, Jr. Hint

Question 13 of 20
13. Frances Gumm Hint

Question 14 of 20
14. Caryn Johnson Hint

Question 15 of 20
15. Leonard Slye Hint

Question 16 of 20
16. Anna Mae Bullock Hint

Question 17 of 20
17. Anne Frances Robbins Hint

Question 18 of 20
18. Stuart Leslie Goddard Hint

Question 19 of 20
19. Dana Owens Hint

Question 20 of 20
20. William Broad Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr.

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

He was basketball star at UCLA, played center for Milwaukee Bucks and LA Lakers. He was elected to Basketball Hall of Fame
2. Harold J. Smith

Answer: Jay Silverheels

Best known for role of Tonto on "The Lone Ranger", he was a Mohawk born on a reservation in Canada and was a star lacrosse player and boxer. He started in films as a stuntman.
3. Alphonso d'Abruzzo

Answer: Alan Alda

He played Hawkeye Pierce on "MASH" and social activist who supported the Equal Rights Amendment.
4. Allen Stewart Konigsberg

Answer: Woody Allen

An actor, filmmaker and author, his relationship with Mia Farrow broke up over his affair with her adopted daughter whom he later married.
5. Benjamin Kubelsky

Answer: Jack Benny

He was an institution on radio, portraying a tightwad who played a screechy violin and was known for his pregnant pause followed by 'Well'. After leaving TV he actually played his violin at benefit concerts.
6. Taidje Khan

Answer: Yul Brynner

Born on Sakhalin Island, Russia, he was a circus acrobat who won Best Actor Oscar for "The King and I".
7. Ernest Evans

Answer: Chubby Checker

Born in South Carolina, his father was tobacco farmer. His 1st group was Fat Ernie and the Quantrells. He worked as an ice man, shoe shine boy and butcher boy.He is known for "The Twist".
8. Vincent Damon Furnier

Answer: Alice Cooper

Born in Phoenix, AZ, his career began in high school when he began a band with members from his track team, even though nobody know how to play or sing. He is known for outrageous theatrics on stage and was banned from playing in England after 2 appearances.
9. Jacob Cohen

Answer: Rodney Dangerfield

Nicknamed 'No {Respect', his own comedy club has been a starting place for new talent such as Tim Allen, Jim Carrey, Jeff Foxworthy and Jerry {Seinfeld. He played in "Caddyshack".
10. Henry John Deutschendorf

Answer: John Denver

Born in Roswell, NM, Peter, Paul and Mary recorded the first song he wrote--"Leaving on a Jet Plane". He worked to protect the environment, was involved with UNICEF amd died in crash of a handmade experimental aircraft off Monterey Bay, CA.
11. Daniel Michaeli

Answer: Danny DeVito

He was a one-time hairdresser and played Louie DiPalma on "Taxi". He costarred with Arnold Schwarzennegger in "Twins".

According to Harris Eiss, author of "Divine Madness", Danny DeVito has used Daniel Michaeli as a professional name or alter ego.
12. Leslie Lynch King, Jr.

Answer: Gerald R. Ford

The 38th president of the US, he was renamed for his adoptive father after his mother's divorce and remarriage. He was offered a pro football contract by Packers and Lions, served on Warren Commission and replaced Spiro Agnew as VP to Nixon. He succeeded Nixon after his resignation, survived 2 assassination attempts and won the Medal of Freedom in 1999.
13. Frances Gumm

Answer: Judy Garland

She sang in a vaudeville act known as the Gumm Sisters. She was best known for playing Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz".
14. Caryn Johnson

Answer: Whoopi Goldberg

She Dropped out of high school and worked in the civil rights movement. She co-founded the San Diego Repertory Theater, changed her name to protect privacy and promote her comic persona. She starred in "The Color Purple" and "Ghost", for which she won an Oscar.
15. Leonard Slye

Answer: Roy Rogers

A singing cowboy of movies and TV, he was married to Dale Evans. They had large family of natural and adopted children. A 'stuffed' Trigger was on display at his museum, until it closed in 2009.
16. Anna Mae Bullock

Answer: Tina Turner

Born in Brownsville, TN, her father was a deacon at local Baptist Church and she sang gospel at an early age. She married Ike Turner but their marriage was considered invalid because he had not been divorced. Ike changed her name to Tina. "Proud Mary" is one of their best known hits.
17. Anne Frances Robbins

Answer: Nancy Reagan

She was a so-so movie actress who gave up her career to raise her family. As First Lady she spoke out against drugs with her 'Just Say No' campaign. She created national controversy when she revealed that she sought advice from an astrologer.
18. Stuart Leslie Goddard

Answer: Adam Ant

He was born in England. His mother cleaned house for Paul McCartney. At one time he called himself Eddie Riff.
19. Dana Owens

Answer: Queen Latifah

A US actress and rap singer, she chose the name Latifah when she was 8. It is an Arabic word that means delicate and sensitive.
20. William Broad

Answer: Billy Idol

A punk rock musician, his stage name came from school paper where his teacher commented he was 'idle' in class. He survived a near-tragic motorcycle crash in 1990.
Source: Author jellow_10

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