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Quiz about Theres Something Wrong With Esther
Quiz about Theres Something Wrong With Esther

There's Something Wrong With Esther Quiz

Questions from the 2009 Dark Castle movie "Orphan".

A multiple-choice quiz by rieker01. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 10
1. What was the name of the Coleman's baby that died? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. What was the name of the orphanage Esther was adopted from? Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. What happened that made Kate almost have an accident? Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. What was the name of the magazine Daniel had hidden in his tree house? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. Who played the role of Doctor Browning? Hint

Question 6 of 10
6. What gift did Max give Esther? Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. While in the grocery store, Kate asked Esther to get something for her. What did Kate ask Esther to get? Hint

Question 8 of 10
8. How did Esther kill her previous adopted parents? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. What did Max paint while she was at school? Hint

Question 10 of 10
10. Where did Kate teach school? Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. What was the name of the Coleman's baby that died?

Answer: Jessica

In the opening sequence of the film, we saw John and Kate enter the hospital. Kate was in labor and a nurse put her in a wheelchair. While the nurse pushed Kate to her room, Kate noticed that she was bleeding. The nurse seemed to be unaware that Kate was bleeding and kept pushing the wheelchair through the blood that was coming from Kate. Kate was told in the delivery room that the baby was dead. Kate did not believe this, and she said she could feel the baby move. Kate woke up and the sequence was revealed to be a dream.

John and Kate did lose the baby; she was stillborn. The Colemans had planned on naming their baby daughter Jessica. Kate was telling Max a bed time story about Jessica going to heaven. Kate was getting emotional while telling the story; she was extremely sad over the loss of her daughter.
2. What was the name of the orphanage Esther was adopted from?

Answer: St. Marina Home for Girls

Kate was sitting in her living room and was writing in her diary. As she finished writing, she put a brochure for St. Marina School for Girls to mark the page she just finished. A few days later Kate and John arrived at the orphanage and were greeted by Sister Abigail.

The two went into the orphanage to meet the girls that were eligible to be adopted. John wandered upstairs and was greeted by a young girl that was singing. John met Esther and the two started to talk about her paintings. Kate came up a short time later and started talking to Esther as well. Kate gave Sister Abigail a grin and from this point on you knew the Colemans were going to adopt Esther.
3. What happened that made Kate almost have an accident?

Answer: Someone beeped their car horn while Kate was distracted.

Kate had just picked up Max from school. They were stopped at a red light at a busy intersection. A women walked by with a baby carriage and caught Kate's attention. Kate was distracted by this sight because she had just lost her third child. As Kate was distracted, someone beeped their car horn behind her.

This caused Kate to drive forward; she thought the light had changed. The light had not changed and Kate was almost hit by a truck driving by.
4. What was the name of the magazine Daniel had hidden in his tree house?

Answer: Perfect 10

Daniel and his two friends went outside to Daniel's tree house. Daniel pulled back one of the slates on the floor and pulled out the magazine. He also had a Halloween mask hidden in there. He showed his buddies the magazine and told them page 42 would change their lives. Daniel's friend, Trevor said the woman in the magazine looked like Daniel's mom. Later on in the film, Esther used Daniel's secret space to hide the hammer she used to kill Sister Abigail.

Daniel was determined to prove to his parents that Esther was evil. He had talked to Max the night before and discovered that Esther killed Sister Abigail. Daniel told Max not to worry, as he would get the hammer and other things that proved Esther did it. Unfortunately for Daniel, Esther was listening at the door. Daniel made his way to the tree house, but Esther was there already.
5. Who played the role of Doctor Browning?

Answer: Margo Martindale

Doctor Browning was Kate's therapist. She was helping Kate work through her urge to drink. Doctor Browning was also helping Kate deal with the loss of baby Jessica and the adoption of Esther. John and Kate started to have real issues with Esther and decided that Doctor Browning might be able to help. Esther easily manipulated Doctor Browning into thinking Kate was the problem. Doctor Browning told John and Kate that Esther was trying to build a bond with Kate. She told Kate that Esther felt like she wasn't interested in getting to know her. While Doctor Browning talked to John and Kate, Esther was in the bathroom having a fit. Esther was upset that the Coleman's had taken her to a therapist. Esther was saying that Doctor Browning was so stupid and did not know. Esther was kicking the walls in the bathroom stall and screaming loudly.

Margo Martindale has starred in some of my favorite movies and television shows including "Dexter", where she played a police clerk that was friends with Dexter's late father. She also starred in Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby".
6. What gift did Max give Esther?

Answer: book

Esther was opening her presents the family had given her for her welcome home party. Max gave Esther the American Sign Language Dictionary so they could communicate with each other. During her first car ride home, Esther was practicing several different signs to be able to talk to Max. The book must have come in handy because Esther was communicating very well with Max. Esther was able to understand what Max wanted at the dinner table while Daniel was not.

Esther's other gift was from John. He had given her a painter's easel because he knew how much she liked to paint. Esther was hamming it up for John while Daniel watched from the side. It is clear from the start of the film that Esther had her sights set on John.
7. While in the grocery store, Kate asked Esther to get something for her. What did Kate ask Esther to get?

Answer: apples

Sister Abigail called while Kate and the girls were grocery shopping. Kate wanted Esther to say hello to Sister Abigail, but Esther did not want to. Kate asked Esther to get her five apples. While Esther and Max got the apples, Kate stepped out of earshot from Esther. Kate was telling Sister Abigail of some of the things that had happened while Esther was there. Unknown to Kate, Esther had Max read her lips and tell Esther what Kate was saying. Kate told Sister Abigail that Esther may have pushed Brenda off of a sliding board. Brenda had started picking on Esther her first day and Esther got even.

In my opinion, Brenda deserved to be pushed off the sliding board.
8. How did Esther kill her previous adopted parents?

Answer: Esther killed her former family in a fire.

Sister Abigail was concerned for the Colemans so she started doing some research on Esther. She came to the Colemans' house to discuss with them the information she had found out. Esther answered the door and Sister Abigail was standing there. Esther asked her what she was doing there and Sister Abigail asked Esther if she could come in. Once inside the house, Sister Abigail started to tell the Colemans the information she had learned. She told the Coleman's that Esther's former family had died in a fire. She called the local authorities where the house was and found out they believed the fire to be arson. The authorities were never able to prove this, however.

We learned later on in the movie just what Esther was capable of. She was suffering from not only a mental disease, but a physical one too. She was actual a 33 year old woman that passed herself off as a child. She tried to seduce her adopted father, but was unable to. She killed him a short time later for rejecting her. Esther stabbed John to death in the living room of the Colemans' house.
9. What did Max paint while she was at school?

Answer: Butterfly

We saw Kate waiting outside of Max's school; she was there to pick up her daughter. We saw the name of the school, Hamden School for the Deaf. Max came running out towards her mom with the painting in her hand. Max showed Kate the butterfly picture she had painted. Max is the second child of John and Kate Coleman. She was born almost totally deaf, but used hearing aids and read lips. Max was made an unwilling accomplice to Esther's deadly deeds. Esther used Max to distract Sister Abigail while she was driving. She told Max that she would go to jail too if she told on Esther.

Aryana Engineer played the role of Max. According to Wikipedia, Aryana Engineer
was cast in the role because she was seen using sign language with her mom.
10. Where did Kate teach school?

Answer: Yale

Kate was in the kitchen cleaning up from the party they had for Esther. She was watching Esther and Max play outside in their backyard. Barbara, John's mother, came into the kitchen and asked Kate how she doing. Kate told Barbara she was going to start teaching again after Esther got settled. Barbara said she didn't think Yale would take her back. Kate told Barbara she meant to teach piano lessons from home. Barbara said that was a shame she lost such a great job.

It was apparent from their conversation that the two did not like each other.
Source: Author rieker01

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