Quiz about Who Said What InBond Films
Quiz about Who Said What InBond Films

Who Said What In"Bond" Films? Trivia Quiz

This isn't all that complicated. I'll quote someone from a "Bond" film, and all you have to do is identify who said it.

A multiple-choice quiz by mainframe56. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. "The world is not enough." (in the film of the same title) Hint

Elektra King
James Bond

2. "Time to draw the line." Hint

Aris Kristatos
Gustav Graves
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Auric Goldfinger

3. "For England, James?" Hint

Miranda Frost
Miss Moneypenny
Alec Trevelyan

4. "You only live twice." Hint

James Bond
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Tiger Tanaka
Kissy Suzuki

5. "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success." Hint

Hugo Drax
Elliot Carver
Auric Goldfinger
Ernst Stavro Blofeld

6. "So you live to die another day." Hint

James Bond
Miranda Frost
Gustav Graves

7. "Let's go upstairs." Hint

Xenia Onatopp
James Bond
Miranda Frost

8. "Don't you want to know why?" Hint

Elliot Carver
James Bond
Franz Sanchez
Doctor No

9. "This time, Mr Bond, the pleasure will be all mine!" Hint

Fiona Volpe
Xenia Onatopp
Helga Brandt
Elektra King

10. "No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!" Hint

Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Auric Goldfinger
Donald "Red" Grant
Emilio Largo

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. "The world is not enough." (in the film of the same title)

Answer: James Bond

Bond is, unfortunately, strapped to Elektra King's torture chair. It has a steel collar, and applies pressure to the back of the neck. Elektra is slowly choking him with it. But she is curious as to why he didn't join her side, and become extremely rich. So she tells him, "I could have offered you the world!". Bond replies, "The world is not enough.". Elektra tells him that it is a "foolish sentiment". Bond corrects her by shaking his head and saying, "family motto". Bond's family motto, hence, gives its name to the 1999 film, "The World Is Not Enough".

This quote is also said by Sir Hilary Bray in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969).
2. "Time to draw the line."

Answer: Gustav Graves

In "Die Another Day" (2002), Graves is trying to kill Bond with Icarus, his giant, heat laser satellite. He "draws the line" when he cuts off the piece of ice Bond (and the dragster) are hanging from. Bond would have died, had he not grabbed the parachute and water skied to safety.

This is Graves' "demonstration" for the Korean generals. Indeed, all the bad guys are present in his office at this moment - the generals, Miranda, Zao, Vlad, and himself of course.
3. "For England, James?"

Answer: Alec Trevelyan

At the climax of "Goldeneye" (1995), Bond has just kicked Trevelyan off the antenna above Trevelyan's Cuban base. This is the same antenna that Boris is trying to set up to signal to Micha (the second Goldeneye satellite). Alec is now hanging from the very bottom of the antenna, and the only thing preventing his plummet to the concrete ground, several hundred feet away, is Bond, who is holding his foot. Alec, however, realises that there's no way Bond will save him. So Trevelyan goes for one last jibe, sneering at him with "For England?", since he believes that Bond always does everything for Queen and country.

Bond lets go, memorably replying, "No. For me."
4. "You only live twice."

Answer: Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Bond has just come face-to-face with the criminal mastermind, and head of SPECTRE himself, in his hidden volcano lair in Japan. Blofeld comments that he thought Bond had been assassinated. Bond replies, "Yes, this is my second life."
"You only live twice, Mr Bond," replies Blofeld. This of course gives the title to the 1967 film.

The title of the book comes from a different source - from a Haiku poem that Ian Fleming wrote:

-You only live twice
Once when you are born
And once when you look death in the face-
5. "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success."

Answer: Elliot Carver

This is Carver's motto. Having captured Bond and Wai Lin when they tried to explore the sunken Devonshire, he takes them to his headquarters, the CMGN (Carver Media Group Network) building in Saigon. Wai Lin tells him that he is mad. Carver replies with this quote. (Carver's other motto, which he says earlier in the film, is, "There's no news like bad news!"). Carver manipulated the media in "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997).
6. "So you live to die another day."

Answer: James Bond

Bond has just surprised Graves in his own office! Bond has worked out that Graves is really Colonel Moon, who Bond thought was long dead. But he is alive and will "die another day". As a matter of fact, he dies the next day, in Korea. This of course is where the title of the 2002 film comes from.
7. "Let's go upstairs."

Answer: Stamper

No, it's not Bond trying to seduce yet another lady. Stamper is actually controlling the Sea-Vac, Elliot Carver's underwater drill. They are busy sinking the HMS Devonshire at the beginning of "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997). He tells the controller of the drill to direct it upwards, towards the bridge of the Devonshire. Carver wants to sink the ship to make it look like the Chinese are out to get the Americans, thus provoking World War III. And Carver, the media mogul, will have the exclusive story.
8. "Don't you want to know why?"

Answer: James Bond

This is Bond again, this time, at the end of "Licence To Kill" (1989). He is about to be killed by a vengeful Sanchez (who is, incidentally, soaked in gasoline). Before he does so, Bond asks him this quote. Sanchez hesitates, wondering why Bond abused his hospitality. Bond shows him the lighter Felix and Della gave him as a present- "James. Love always, Della and Felix."- Bond then flicks the lighter, igniting the drug baron who tortured Felix and killed Della. Poetic justice, is it not?
9. "This time, Mr Bond, the pleasure will be all mine!"

Answer: Xenia Onatopp

Since Bond had already told her that "the pleasure was all mine" twice before (in Monte Carlo and in St Petersburg), Xenia saw a chance to exact her revenge in the jungle near Trevelyan's base in "Goldeneye" (1995). Since Bond has just stumbled out of a burning wreck of a plane, she feels she has the advantage.

Unfortunately, Natalya distracts her, allowing Bond to shoot the helicopter she is still attached to. It veers away, and drags a screaming Xenia into the trees. She is caught between trunks and subsequently chokes to death. "She always did enjoy a good squeeze" Bond comments to Natalya.
10. "No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!"

Answer: Auric Goldfinger

This is one of the most memorable exchanges in cinematic history.

Bond is strapped to a table in Golfinger's stud farm. Goldfinger takes great delight in telling him exactly how the giant laser (that is burning its way slowly up to Bond's groin) works. So then Bond asks,

"Do you expect me to talk?"
"No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die! There is nothing you can talk to me about that I do not know already."

And poor Bond sees no way out in "Goldfinger" (1964).
Source: Author mainframe56

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