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Quiz about Take The Long Way Home
Quiz about Take The Long Way Home

Take The Long Way Home Trivia Quiz

"Take The Long Way Home" stalled at number ten in the Billboard Hot 100 in 1979. Match it and nine more tracks that only reached number ten that year, five from Billboard Hot 100 and five from UK charts, to the correct artists.

A matching quiz by 480154st. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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1. Take The Long Way Home  
2. Get It  
3. Don't Cry Out Loud  
4. Into The Valley  
  The Specials
5. Lady  
  Little River Band
6. Beat The Clock  
  England Dan And John Ford Coley
7. Love Is The Answer  
  Rex Smith
8. Ooh, What A Life  
  Gibson Brothers
9. You Take My Breath Away  
10. A Message To You, Rudy  
  Melissa Manchester

Select each answer

1. Take The Long Way Home
2. Get It
3. Don't Cry Out Loud
4. Into The Valley
5. Lady
6. Beat The Clock
7. Love Is The Answer
8. Ooh, What A Life
9. You Take My Breath Away
10. A Message To You, Rudy

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May 20 2024 : Peachie13: 10/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Take The Long Way Home

Answer: Supertramp

Supertramp were an English band, from London who achieved more chart success in USA than their homeland. On the Billboard Hot 100, they managed six top 20 hits, compared to just three in UK and "Take The Long Way Home" remains one of their best known. Even though it never went any higher than number ten in USA, that was significantly better than its UK performance, where it failed to chart at all.

It was taken from the band's multi million selling album, "Breakfast In America" which was a number one album all around the world, but surprisingly not in UK, where it peaked at number three.
2. Get It

Answer: Darts

I have to admit that I never understood the success of '50s doo-wop revival band Darts, but there certainly was a market for them as they had seven consecutive UK chart top 20 hits between 1977 and 1979. "Get It" was the fifth of those hits, which included remakes of tracks such as "Daddy Cool" (1977), "The Boy From New York City" (1978) and "Duke Of Earl" (1979).
3. Don't Cry Out Loud

Answer: Melissa Manchester

Melissa Manchester's version of "Don't Cry Out Loud" was a slow burner indeed, being released in USA on 11 October 1978 and taking until March 1979 to reach the Billboard Hot 100 top ten, after which it began a descent much faster than its rise. The track was also released by Elkie Brooks at the same time as Manchester's recording, her version peaking on UK charts at number 12 in December 1978.
4. Into The Valley

Answer: Skids

Punk was at its height in 1979 and Scottish band Skids were at the forefront of the charge after a couple of minor hits the previous year. "Into The Valley", about the recruitment of Scottish youth to the army, to serve in Northern Ireland, was the bands biggest hit, even though it only reached number ten on UK charts and the track is a staple on reissued punk compilation albums. Incidentally, Skids are one of the most sung bands at football matches, with Dunfermline Athletic, Charlton Athletic and Bradford City all having used "Into The Valley" to run out to and Southampton used their 1978 track "The Saints Are Coming" as their run out song.
5. Lady

Answer: Little River Band

"Lady" was Little River Band's sixth Billboard Hot 100 hit and the fifth to reach a higher chart position than in their native Australia. It was taken from their "Sleeper Catcher" (1978) album which also provided them with their biggest USA hit "Reminiscing" (1978), which is on record as being John Lennon's all time favourite song.
6. Beat The Clock

Answer: Sparks

Sparks were one of my favourite bands from the 70s and never really got the success they deserved in my opinion. Russell Mael, on vocals was complimented perfectly by brother Ron on keyboards who also perfected the creepy stare long before John Lydon.

Although they were from California, they had much more success in UK than in USA and although this track rose no higher than number ten in UK charts, it gave the boys their sixth UK top 20 hit. In 2015, Sparks teamed up to form a supergroup with Franz Ferdinand called FFS and in 2017, they scored a UK top ten album with the release of "Hippopotamus", proving that they still have the old magic.
7. Love Is The Answer

Answer: England Dan And John Ford Coley

Searching for a track to rival the success of 1976 hit, "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" gave England Dan And John Ford Coley three Billboard Hot 100 top ten hits, of which "Love Is The Answer" was the final one. The track was actually written by and originally released by by Todd Rundgren on Utopia's 1977 album "Oops! Wrong Planet", but failed to chart for him. England Dan And John Ford Coley parted ways in 1980, with England Dan having great success on the country music scene under his real name of Dan Seals and Coley turning to acting and session musician work.
8. Ooh, What A Life

Answer: Gibson Brothers

The Gibson Brothers, who were born in West Indies, based in France and sang in English, took musical inspiration from all three places to provide a unique amalgamation that was an early version of Euro disco. "Ooh, What A Life" was their first UK top ten hit and was followed in 1980 by three UK top 20 hits, including the track that they are best remembered for, "Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go)" which peaked at number five.
9. You Take My Breath Away

Answer: Rex Smith

Rex Smith played the part of guitarist, Michael Skye in the 1979 movie, "Sooner Or Later" and this Billboard Hot 100 number ten, was featured both in the movie and on the soundtrack. Smith played the lead role in the short lived TV show, "Street Hawk" (1985) but is perhaps best known to live theatre fans, as he has played in productions such as "Sunset Boulevard", "Annie, Get Your Gun", "Kiss Me Kate" and "Grease" in which he played the lead role of Danny Zuko between 1994 and 1995.
10. A Message To You, Rudy

Answer: The Specials

This UK number ten from The Specials was originally released in 1967 by Dandy Livingstone, with the original title being "Rudy, A Message to You". The Specials released this as a double A side single along with "Nite Klub", from their debut album and it was followed by the band's first UK number one, "Too Much, Too Young", also in 1979.
Incidentally, trombonist, Rico Rodriguez played on both Dandy Livingstone's and The Specials' version of the song.
Source: Author 480154st

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