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Quiz about The Short Road to Oblivion
Quiz about The Short Road to Oblivion

The Short Road to Oblivion Trivia Quiz

'Big Brother' has spawned many Z-list 'celebrities', many of whom have been forgotten, and some of whom were far more famous than the actual winners. Match the winning contestants with their notable non-winning housemates from each series.

A matching quiz by Kankurette. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Craig Phillips  
  'Nasty' Nick Bateman
2. Brian Dowling  
  Alex De-Gale
3. Kate Lawler  
  Derek Laud
4. Cameron Stout  
  Nikki Grahame
5. Nadia Almada  
  Helen Adams
6. Anthony Hutton  
  Noirin Kelly
7. Pete Bennett  
  Chanelle Hayes
8. Brian Belo  
  Jade Goody
9. Rachel Rice  
  Jon Tickle
10. Sophie Reade  
  Michelle Bass

Select each answer

1. Craig Phillips
2. Brian Dowling
3. Kate Lawler
4. Cameron Stout
5. Nadia Almada
6. Anthony Hutton
7. Pete Bennett
8. Brian Belo
9. Rachel Rice
10. Sophie Reade

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Craig Phillips

Answer: 'Nasty' Nick Bateman

Scouser Craig Phillips was 'Big Brother UK's first ever winner. When he entered the house, he was a bricklayer. He gave his prize money to his friend Joanne, who had Down's syndrome (and died eight years later). Since his 'Big Brother' days, he has hosted various TV shows and started his own production company, Avent Productions, which produces corporate videos for building companies.

'Nasty' Nick Bateman, a City broker from Kent, gained his nickname for his manipulative behaviour while in the house. Rather than being voted out, he was asked to leave the show by the producers. Afterwards, he released an autobiography, presented a radio show in his native Kent and appeared in that great staple of Z-list celebrities, pantomime.
2. Brian Dowling

Answer: Helen Adams

Irish air steward Brian Dowling was the first gay winner of 'Big Brother'. He returned to the house for the final series, 'Ultimate Big Brother', where past contestants were pitted against each other, and won that one too, becoming the Ultimate 'Big Brother' Contestant. In between shows, he became Britain's first openly gay TV presenter when he presented 'SM:TV', and did various other presenting gigs. He appeared on 'Fáilte Towers' ('Fáilte' being the Irish word for 'welcome') on Irish TV, where he and various other Irish celebrities took on the running of a hotel.

Helen Adams, then a hairdresser, came from Wales and was the runner-up of the second series. She became notorious for being a bit of a ditz (sample quote: 'Are chickpeas made of chicken?') while in the house. She had a brief relationship with housemate Paul Clarke. After 'Big Brother', she released a fitness DVD and had a cameo in Charlie Brooker's 'Dead Set' (Brooker himself is a fan of 'Big Brother'). She moved to Bristol to work as a stylist for Saks.
3. Kate Lawler

Answer: Jade Goody

Kate Lawler was the third winner. She came from Beckenham in London, and worked in technical support. After winning 'Big Brother 3', she modelled for various 'lad mags', had presenting stints on Capital FM and Kerrang! Radio, and appeared on 'Celebrity Wrestling', nicknamed 'The Brawler'.

Jade Goody, dubbed the 'People's Champion' despite coming fourth, went on to become one of 'Big Brother's most famous non-winners. She was a dental nurse from Bermondsey in London. Like Helen Adams, she gained a reputation as an airhead. As well as appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother' and being involved in a racism row when she, Danielle Lloyd and Jo O'Meara ganged up on Indian actress Shilpa Shetty, she appeared in a documentary, 'Living with Jade Goody', and 'Back to Reality', a series featuring contestants from several other reality TV shows (including Nick Bateman and Craig Phillips). She appeared on 'Bigg Boss', an Indian 'Big Brother' equivalent, but had to leave the show after being diagnosed with cervical cancer. She died in 2009, aged 27. In the light of Goody's death, young women were encouraged to get checked for cervical cancer.
4. Cameron Stout

Answer: Jon Tickle

Cameron Stout, the winner of 'Big Brother 4', was a fish trader from the Orkney Islands of Scotland. He gained attention for being an evangelical Christian and a virgin (for religious reasons). He temporarily swapped places with Gaetano, a Ugandan housemate from 'Big Brother Africa'. After the show, he became a regular columnist for Scottish paper 'The Sunday Post', and travelled to China to raise money for Sanctuary in the City, a Glaswegian charity/

The fourth series of 'Big Brother' was criticised for being 'boring', but was not without its contestants of note. Physics graduate Jon Tickle, from Essex, had previously appeared on 'Blockbusters' ("I'll have a P, please, Bob!") Originally, he was the fifth housemate to be evicted, but later returned to the house after he was voted back in. After 'Big Brother', he co-presented the pop science show 'Brainiac'; one episode featured him walking on a pool of custard powder and water, a stunt which he replicated on 'QI'.
5. Nadia Almada

Answer: Michelle Bass

Portuguese bank clerk Nadia Almada was 'Big Brother UK's first transgender winner (the viewers knew she was trans, but not the housemates). She was given a formal warning for her involvement in the incident known as 'Fight Night', where she slapped Jason Cowan and got into an argument with Vanessa Nimmo. She released a single, 'A Little Bit of Action', which charted at Number 27 on the UK singles chart. She appeared on other reality shows such as 'Big Brother Australia' and 'Trust Me...I'm a Holiday Rep', and released a fitness video, 'Latino Dance Workout'.

Michelle Bass, a mortgage advisor and wannabe glamour model from Newcastle, was the eighth housemate to be evicted. During her time in the house, she had a relationship with housemate Stuart Wilson. She and Emma were sent to a secret bedsit as part of a fake eviction, where they heard the other housemates badmouthing them. She was part of a clique known as the 'Lipgloss B*****s', along with Nadia, Marco Sabba and Emma Greenwood (who was kicked out of the house following Fight Night). After the show finished, she became a glamour model and a presenter on a porn channel, and covered the eighth series of 'Big Brother' for 'The People'. Both she and Nadia returned for 'Ultimate Big Brother'.
6. Anthony Hutton

Answer: Derek Laud

Anthony Hutton, the winner of the sixth series of 'Big Brother', was a '70s dancer and hairdresser from County Durham. A supporter of Newcastle United, he represented them in 'Premier League All Stars' in 2007. In 2015, he opened a barbershop-cum-bar, Mr Hutton's Bar & Barbers, in Darlington.

Derek Laud was a speechwriter and political lobbyist, and the eleventh housemate to be evicted. He was Britain's first black Master of Foxhounds. Although he had previously worked for the Conservative Party (and stood for them in the 1997 General Election) and been a member of the Monday Club, a conservative pressure group, he stood as a candidate for the Liberal Democrats in 2019.
7. Pete Bennett

Answer: Nikki Grahame

Pete Bennett was the first disabled winner of 'Big Brother UK'; he had Tourette's syndrome, which caused concerns that the series was exploiting him, although the Tourette's Syndrome Association stated that he had 'put Tourette's on the map'. He was a musician from Brighton who played in a band called Daddy Fantastic, and later played Glastonbury with Pete Bennett and the Love Dogs. He also started a cleaning business called Celebriclean.

Nikki Grahame, a model from Northwood in Middlesex, also had mental health issues, suffering from OCD and being a former anorexic who had made multiple suicide attempts; she later wrote two books about her anorexia, 'Dying to Be Thin' and 'Fragile', and suffered relapses after being on 'Big Brother'. The producers were criticised for allowing a vulernable person to take part, and during her time on the show, she had several temper tantrums (such as the infamous 'who is she?' rant about newcomer Susie Verrico). She was evicted, but was brought back into the house after being voted back in by the surviving housemates, much to the disgust of viewers who felt ripped off. She beat Pete to the National Television Award for Most Popular TV Contender in 2006. She returned to the house for 'Ultimate Big Brother', where she came second. In 2015, she collaborated with JYY London in designing clothes for petite women.
8. Brian Belo

Answer: Chanelle Hayes

Brian Belo, born in Nigeria and raised in Essex, was the eighth 'Big Brother UK' winner and the series' first black winner. He was one of the male housemates brought into the almost all-female house, along with Billi Bhatti, Jonathan Durden (who walked out) and Liam McGough. After winning 'Big Brother', Brian appeared in 'Harry Hill's TV Burp' and covered the tenth series for 'Heat' magazine's website. Along with Nikki Grahame and Helen Wood, who won series 15, he was sent into the house in series 16 as part of a 'Time Warp' event.

Chanelle Hayes was one of the original female housemates. She came from Manchester and was a student at NEW College in Pontefract when she entered the house. She had an on-off relationship with the original token male housemate, Ziggy Lichman. She was one of the contestants who left the house of their own accord, although she later returned; however, she was later kicked out for discussing the outside world. In 2008 she released a single, 'I Want It', the making of which was documented in 'Chanelle; Wannabe Popstar'. She also did glamour modelling and was a regular feature in lad mags 'Zoo' and 'Nuts'.
9. Rachel Rice

Answer: Alex De-Gale

Rachel Rice was a student teacher from Wales, and the ninth 'Big Brother UK' winner. She competed against Imogen Thomas, one of the series 7 housemates, in the Miss Wales 2003 beauty contest, and also represented North and South Wales in Miss Great Britain. After her time in the house, she returned to teaching.

Alex De-Gale was an accounts clerk from London. She was ejected from the house for making veiled death threats towards other contestants, hinting she had contacts on the outside who would kill them. She said in a conversation with fellow housemate Darnell Swallow, "I've got a very, very, very, very, very strong team outside the house. I just can't wait to see my mans and them and see what their plans are, who they got... I'm not talking about those mans, I'm talking about my gangster friends. They got some instructions to follow out." Neither she nor fellow ejected contestant Dennis McHugh, who was removed for spitting in fellow housemate Mohamed Mohamed's face, were allowed back for the final. After the series, she went to the University of Greenwich.
10. Sophie Reade

Answer: Noirin Kelly

Cheshire glamour model Sophie Reade was the tenth 'Big Brother UK' winner. In order to get into the house, she had to change her name to Dogface by deed poll, but was allowed to change it back on day 72 (fellow housemate Freddie Fisher also had to change his name, to Halfwit). While in the house, she had a relationship with fellow housemate Kris Donnelly. After her time in the house, she continued with glamour modelling. She was also the penultimate winner of the series (the last was Josie Gibson) before its move to Channel 5.

'Big Brother' was not Noirin Kelly's first time on reality TV; she had previously featured in 'The Real World: Sydney' as the Irish girlfriend of Isaac Stout, an Ohio native and business student at the University of Arizona. (Isaac himself joined the housemates, and walked out after Noirin was evicted.) While inside the house, she had to draw a moustache and glasses on her face every day for a period. She was the eleventh housemate to be evicted. After her eviction, she also did a bit of glamour modelling. She later returned to her native Dublin and worked for designer label LK Bennett.
Source: Author Kankurette

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