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Quiz about Ill Have a Short Stack
Quiz about Ill Have a Short Stack

I'll Have a Short Stack Trivia Quiz

Whilst we all like a short stack of pancakes, it is the fruit on top that makes the difference. Match the scientific name with the fruit as we know it.

A matching quiz by ClaudiaCat. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
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Avg Score
8 / 10
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Ananas comosus  
2. Fragaria ananassa  
  Kiwi Fruit
3. Malus pumila  
4. Musa  
5. Citrus limon  
6. Cyanococcus  
7. Pyrus  
8. Citrus sinensis  
9. Actinidia deliciosa  
10. Rubus  

Select each answer

1. Ananas comosus
2. Fragaria ananassa
3. Malus pumila
4. Musa
5. Citrus limon
6. Cyanococcus
7. Pyrus
8. Citrus sinensis
9. Actinidia deliciosa
10. Rubus

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Ananas comosus

Answer: Pineapple

We all love pancakes but it is the topping that makes it. I don't think I am the only one who thinks of Hawaii when they think of pineapples. After looking at this more closely, pineapple comes from South America. To me, it is still Hawaiian that is why, in Australia, we have Hawaiian pizza that, of course, has pineapple on it.
2. Fragaria ananassa

Answer: Strawberry

Strawberries are synonymous with Wimbledon and cream although their current variety originates in France. This fruit is yet another fruit we got from South America, Chile in fact. Strawberries have become a symbol of love due to their shape that looks like a heart. Today the largest producer of strawberries is China.
3. Malus pumila

Answer: Apple

Apples, the fruit of love, may be coming from its reference in the Bible, with Adam and Eve. Apples have become a world-wide fruit produced in Asia, Europe, and American. Australia even has its links to apples with the hybrid "Granny Smith" apples being produced.
4. Musa

Answer: Banana

What can you say about bananas? Bananas originally came from South East Asia, especially India. Wow, has that production changed with plantations covering a lot of countries, although most of the bananas still come from India and, of course, China. Australia has a healthy banana industry although it was decimated in 2006 by cyclones. It's getting back on its feet and will be available for those short stacks of pancakes.

For me, bananas are better to be cooked within the pancake mixture, not as an added extra. But everyone is different.
5. Citrus limon

Answer: Lemon

What can you say about the old standard of lemon and sugar pancakes? Just sprinkle sugar over the pancakes and squeeze lemon juice over the sugar. It is so tasty and must be Number 1 on my list of toppings for a short stack.
6. Cyanococcus

Answer: Blueberry

Well if you haven't noticed, blueberries are making great inroads into the pancake and muffin industry. Where were they before? Among the most popular muffins are blueberry muffins. But we are here to talk about pancakes and the delicious addition of blueberries on to a pancake, with or without the cream, is a total gastronomic experience. Blueberries came from North America and the area is still the largest producer of the fruit.
7. Pyrus

Answer: Pear

Although pears would not be considered the first choice for a topping for a short stack of pancakes, it is probably one of my favourites. The combination of the textures of the two makes a great eating delight. Take the crispiness of the pears with the lightness of the pancakes, combine with ice cream, and you just cannot go wrong.
8. Citrus sinensis

Answer: Orange

Citrus fruit is really refreshing and oranges certainly give you that feeling. For me, a touch of Cointreau added to the fruit gives it an added bite and a gourmet tasting delight. Oranges may not be your first choice of topping for your pancakes but they certainly can make it your best choice!
9. Actinidia deliciosa

Answer: Kiwi Fruit

It still amazes me how well New Zealanders market the kiwi fruit. From the non-appealing fruit of a Chinese gooseberry to an international successful fruit being a kiwi fruit is a phenomenon. For me, it is still a bland fruit that needs all the extras to make it appealing, but it seems I am in the minority.
10. Rubus

Answer: Blackberry

Leaving the best for last is blackberry. In Australia, the blackberry is considered an invasive species and no longer can the great blackberry picking expeditions be done, as most wild blackberry brambles have been poisoned. We can still buy blackberries from the farms and to this day they are my favourite. Blackberry pancakes with cream are always to die for.
Source: Author ClaudiaCat

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