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Quiz about AKA
Quiz about AKA

AKA Trivia Quiz

AKA means 'also known as'. Please match the name with their 'AKA'.

A matching quiz by Rehaberpro. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Galloping Ghost  
Henry Clay
2. The Baptist  
William Harrison
3. The Terrible  
Æthelred or Aethelred
4. The Great One  
Jimmy Durante
5. King of Pop  
George Herman Ruth
6. The Unready  
Louis XIV
7. The Great Profile  
Michael Jackson
8. The Babe  
9. Old Hickory  
John Barrymore
10. The Lionhearted  
Red Grange
11. Old Tippecanoe  
Andrew Jackson
12. The Hun  
13. The Schnozzola   
Richard I
14. The Sun King  
Wayne Gretzky
15. The Great Compromiser   

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Galloping Ghost

Answer: Red Grange

Red Grange was an All American running back at the University of Illinois. His elusiveness earned him the title of the Galloping Ghost.
2. The Baptist

Answer: John

John was an itinerant preacher believed by scholars to have baptized Jesus and was Jesus' cousin.
3. The Terrible

Answer: Ivan

Ivan Vasilyevich was a Russian tsar known as Ivan the Terrible. It is more correctly translated as Ivan the Formidable who ruled 1533 to 1584.
4. The Great One

Answer: Wayne Gretzky

Arguably the greatest professional hockey player ever to lace-up skates. He is the leading scorer in NHL history, with more goals and assists than any other player.
5. King of Pop

Answer: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an American singer, songwriter,producer, dancer, actor, who was called the "King of Pop", for his contributions to 'pop culture' in music, dance, and fashion.
6. The Unready

Answer: Æthelred or Aethelred

Æthelred ruled England twice from 978-1013 and 1014-1016 due to political unrest at the time. "Unready" is a mistranslation of the Old English word 'unræd' meaning ill-counselled or badly advised.
7. The Great Profile

Answer: John Barrymore

John Barrymore was from the Barrymore acting family. His most successful years were in silent films and early 'talkies'. He succumbed to alcohol as a teenager and toward the end of his life played a parody of himself. His most striking photos were taken in profile. He appeared in a 1940 film "The Great Profile" as a character much like himself.
8. The Babe

Answer: George Herman Ruth

Even non-baseball fans know of the 'Babe', a poor youth who found his way to the major leagues as a pitcher and later as a home run hitter. The trade that sent him from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees is considered the beginning of years of success for the Yankees.
9. Old Hickory

Answer: Andrew Jackson

During the War of 1812 Jackson earned the Old Hickory title from the troops he led as he was tough as hickory, a wood known to be very strong. He is credited with establishing the Democratic Party and for being the first populist president.
10. The Lionhearted

Answer: Richard I

Richard I was also known as Richard Coeur de Lion because of his reputation as a great leader and warrior as well as a crusader. He remains a well known figure in popular culture and in the Robin Hood stories.
11. Old Tippecanoe

Answer: William Harrison

William Harrison won a military victory over Indians in Indiana at Tippecanoe and the name stuck to him. Later when he ran for president, it became his campaign slogan "Tippecanoe and Tyler too", John Tyler being the vice-presidential candidate. Harrison died of pneumonia his first month in office.
12. The Hun

Answer: Attila

He was called Attila the Hun but also led Huns, Ostrogoths, and Alans in terrorizing Europe during the fifth century. He was the most feared leader in both the Western and Eastern Roman Empires.
13. The Schnozzola

Answer: Jimmy Durante

Jimmy Durante had a long career as a singer, pianist, comedian, and actor. His gravelly voice gave him a distinctive style. He called his over-sized nose his schnozzola and was the butt of his often self-deprecating humor.
14. The Sun King

Answer: Louis XIV

Louis XIV ruled France for 77 years by the devine right of kings. His indulgences and arrogance played a major role in creating the background for the widespread dissatisfaction that later culminated in the French Revolution.
15. The Great Compromiser

Answer: Henry Clay

Henry Clay was a true public servant. He was Speaker of the House, Secretary of State, ran for president five times, and helped to establish the Whig Party that held strength during the mid-nineteenth-century. He was skilled in guiding proposed legislation through congress hence the 'Great Compromiser'.
Source: Author Rehaberpro

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