Quiz about The Answer is Always Friedrich andor Wilhem
Quiz about The Answer is Always Friedrich andor Wilhem

The Answer is Always Friedrich and/or Wilhem Quiz

The Hohenzollern dynasty didn't have much creativity when naming the monarchs of Prussia. See if you match the correct Friedrich, Friedrich Wilhelm, or Wilhelm with the description.

A matching quiz by bernie73. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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5 mins
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Dec 03 21
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Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Friedrich I  
Died of throat cancer
2. Friedrich Wilhelm I  
Two of his children became king
3. Friedrich II  
"Soldier King"
4. Friedrich Wilhelm II  
First "KIng of Prussia"
5. Friedrich Wilhelm III  
Brandenburg Gate
6. Friedrich Wilhelm IV  
Died 10 years after his father
7. Wilhelm I  
Offered imperial power at Frankfurt Parliament
8. Friedrich III  
"Mercenary King"
9. Wilhelm II  
Lost World War !
10. Crown Prince Wilhelm  
Proclaimed emperor at Versailles

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Friedrich I

Answer: "Mercenary King"

Friedrich I (1657-1713) was described as the "mercenary king" by his grandson, Friedrich II, for selling the service of his troops to other nations. At first (1688), he was Duke of Prussia and Elector-Margrave of Brandenburg (1688-1701) before proclaiming himself "King in Prussia" in 1701. He founded the Royal Prussian Academy of Science in 1900.
2. Friedrich Wilhelm I

Answer: "Soldier King"

While his grandfather was Friedrich Wilhelm (known as the "Great Elector"), Friedrich Wilhelm I (1688-1740) was first of that name to be a Prussian king. His army was well known for its size and effectiveness, as it was the fourth largest army in Europe despite Brandenburg-Prussia having the 12th largest population.

He was known for his austere lifestyle. He was generally thought of as a highly effective, though short-tempered ruler.
3. Friedrich II

Answer: First "KIng of Prussia"

Friedrich II (1712-1786) reigned as king from 1740 until his death, the longest reign of any of Prussia's kings. He was, however, "King in Prussia" until 1772, when he changed his title to "King of Prussia". He added a great deal of land to his realm's territory, in part because of the late 18th century partitions of Poland. He attempted to act as a "enlightened despot".
4. Friedrich Wilhelm II

Answer: Brandenburg Gate

Compared to his uncle and grandfather, Friedrich Wilhelm II (1744-1797) had a shorter reign. The Berlin landmark, the Brandenburg Gate (1791), was built during his reign. Though skillful in and devoted to the arts, he was generally not seen as an effective leader. During his reign, Prussia weakened somewhat during the early years of the French Revolution.
5. Friedrich Wilhelm III

Answer: Two of his children became king

Friedrich Wilhelm III (1770-1840) set Prussia in the coalition that opposed France during the Napoleonic Wars. He worked to cut the expenses of the Hohenzollern court. He worked to unify the Protestant churches of Prussia. While he had the desire to maintain a strong control over his reign, he didn't have the ability to do so. He would later be followed in turn by two of his sons.
6. Friedrich Wilhelm IV

Answer: Offered imperial power at Frankfurt Parliament

Friedrich Wilhelm II (1795-1861) was offered the title of "Emperor of Germany" by the Frankfurt Parliament, which arose during the German revolutions of the 1840s in 1849. He rejected the title, thinking the Parliament did not have that authority. In the rest of his reign, he was generally conservative, though not autocratic. Friedrich Wilhelm's Health issues led to his brother Wilhelm ruling as regent in his last few years.
7. Wilhelm I

Answer: Proclaimed emperor at Versailles

During much of the reign of Wilhelm I (1797-1888), Otto von Bismarck served as Chancellor. Together they moved towards a united Germany through a plan that included a series of limited wars. The last of these wars was the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. Though the German Empire had already been officially accepted, Wilhelm was officially proclaimed emperor while he was gathered with nobility in the Palace of Versailles.
8. Friedrich III

Answer: Died of throat cancer

Friedrich III (1831-1888) ruled as Kaiser or Emperor for less than three and a half months. A heavy smoker during his adult life, he was already suffering from the throat cancer that would cause his death at the time he ascended the throne. More progressive than his father or his son, historians speculate how a longer rule by Friedrich would have adjusted the trajectory in the 20th century.
9. Wilhelm II

Answer: Lost World War !

Wilhelm II (1859-1941) is who the average lay person thinks of when hearing the word "Kaiser". As a grandson of Queen Victoria, he was a first cousin of both King George V of Britain and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Though history sees Wilhelm as a key factor in causing World War I, during the war he began losing effective power to a military dictatorship.

At the end of the war in 1918, Wilhelm abdicated and lived in exile in the Netherlands for the rest of his life.
10. Crown Prince Wilhelm

Answer: Died 10 years after his father

Wilhelm, or Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst, (1882-1951) was the last person to be the official Crown Prince of Germany and Prussia. He commanded the German Fifth Army during the first two years of World War One. He also abdicated at the end of the war and went into exile although he was allowed to return to Germany in 1923 in return for a promise to stay out of politics. Conservative Germans in the postwar period who wanted to restore the monarchy generally wanted to make Wilhelm the emperor rather than reinstate his father.
Source: Author bernie73

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