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Quiz about Animals in Corporate Advertising
Quiz about Animals in Corporate Advertising

Animals in Corporate Advertising Quiz

Match the animal on the right to the famous corporate mascot on the left.

A matching quiz by DizWiz. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
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Very Easy
Avg Score
10 / 10
Last 3 plays: Guest 86 (3/10), polly656 (10/10), Guest 97 (10/10).
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Smokey  
2. Sam  
3. Chester  
4. Leo  
5. Charlie  
6. Elsie  
7. Tony  
8. Morris  
9. Geoffrey  
10. Joe  

Select each answer

1. Smokey
2. Sam
3. Chester
4. Leo
5. Charlie
6. Elsie
7. Tony
8. Morris
9. Geoffrey
10. Joe

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May 23 2024 : Guest 86: 3/10
May 16 2024 : polly656: 10/10
May 14 2024 : Guest 97: 10/10
May 10 2024 : Guest 172: 10/10
Apr 28 2024 : Guest 174: 10/10
Apr 25 2024 : Guest 184: 10/10
Apr 17 2024 : Guest 136: 10/10
Apr 16 2024 : Guest 173: 10/10
Apr 14 2024 : krajack99: 10/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Smokey

Answer: Bear

Smokey Bear is an advertising mascot that was created to educate the public about preventing forest fires. The first Smokey Bear poster was created in 1944. In 1947, the slogan "Remember! Only you can prevent forest fires" made its debut. Smokey is usually pictured in a forest ranger's hat with his name on it.
2. Sam

Answer: Toucan

Toucan Sam is the mascot for Froot Loops cereal by Kelloggs. "Follow your nose! It always knows!" is his slogan. Toucan Sam made his first appearance in 1963. He has a British accent and sounds a bit like the actor Ronald Coleman.
3. Chester

Answer: Cheetah

Since 1986, Chester Cheetah has been the corporate mascot for Cheetos made by Frito Lay. He replaced the Cheetos Mouse who was retired in 1979. Chester is one cool cheetah in his dark sunglasses and white sneakers. As Chester says, "It ain't easy being cheesy".
4. Leo

Answer: Lion

Leo the Lion is the corporate mascot for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., also known as MGM. MGM started using Leo the Lion in 1916 although his real name was Slats. Several other non-Leo named lions followed Slats. In 1957, the seventh lion was really named Leo. He continues to be the corporate mascot into 2018.
5. Charlie

Answer: Tuna

Charlie the Tuna is the cartoon mascot for StarKist Tuna. He made his debut in 1961. Charlie believes that he has good taste, but unfortunately he always hears, "Sorry Charlie, StarKist doesn't want tuna with good taste, but tuna that tastes good!".
6. Elsie

Answer: Cow

Elsie the Cow is a cartoon mascot created in 1936 for the Borden Dairy Company. Although Borden went out of business in the 1990s, Eagle Brand, owned by J.M. Smucker Company, continues to use Elsie in their advertising. Elsie's mate was named Elmer the Bull. In 1940, Elmer became the mascot for Elmer's Glue.
7. Tony

Answer: Tiger

Tony the Tiger is the cartoon mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal. Tony made his first appearance in 1952. "They're grrrrreat!" is his favorite phrase. Tony was designed by Quartet Films, a former group of Disney artists.
8. Morris

Answer: Cat

Morris the Cat is the advertising mascot for 9Lives cat food. He is an orange tabby cat that first appeared in 1968. Each cat that has portrayed Morris over the years has been a rescued cat. Morris is a very finicky cat that will only eat the best cat food - 9Lives.
9. Geoffrey

Answer: Giraffe

Geoffrey the Giraffe is the mascot for Toys "R" Us. He was initially known as Dr. G. Raffe and was the mascot for Children's Bargaintown. In the 1960s, Children's Bargaintown became Toys "R" Us and Dr. G. Raffe was renamed Geoffrey the Giraffe.
10. Joe

Answer: Camel

Joe Camel was the mascot for Camel cigarettes from 1987 to 1997. He made smoking look cool. The public felt that Joe Camel was targeting children. The R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, owners of the Camel brand, denied the claim, but in the face of the controversy pulled the Joe Camel mascot from their advertising.
Source: Author DizWiz

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