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Quiz about When Life Gives You Slogans
Quiz about When Life Gives You Slogans

When Life Gives You Slogans... Quiz

Match the product with its slogan.

A matching quiz by nyirene330. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Think different  
2. Eatin' good in the Neighborhood  
  Capital One
3. Come hungry. Leave happy.  
4. Think Outside The Bun  
  Olive Garden
5. Real. Comfortable. Jeans.  
  Taco Bell
6. That was easy  
7. When You're Here, You're Family  
8. The Ultimate Driving Machine  
  Apple, Inc.
9. Expect More. Pay Less.  
10. What's In Your wallet?  

Select each answer

1. Think different
2. Eatin' good in the Neighborhood
3. Come hungry. Leave happy.
4. Think Outside The Bun
5. Real. Comfortable. Jeans.
6. That was easy
7. When You're Here, You're Family
8. The Ultimate Driving Machine
9. Expect More. Pay Less.
10. What's In Your wallet?

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Think different

Answer: Apple, Inc.

This slogan was created by the ad agency of TBWA/Chiat/Day in 1997 when Apple, Inc. was known as Apple Computer, Inc. Apple was founded in California in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. It has developed into a multinational technology company which designs and sells electronics and computer software like iPhone, iPod and Macintosh devices.
2. Eatin' good in the Neighborhood

Answer: Applebee's

The "Eatin' good in the Neighborhood" commercial slogan was first aired for Applebee's restaurants in 2001. Applebee's International Inc. is an American company founded in Georgia in 1980. It operates the Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurant chain.

There are over two thousand restaurants operating in the United States, with one in Puerto Rico and in fifteen other countries.
3. Come hungry. Leave happy.

Answer: IHOP

In 1973, the acronym IHOP was first used for the International House of Pancakes. In 1985, "Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity" was introduced. In 1991, the company's stock became publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol 'IHP', and in 2003, the advertising campaign "Come Hungry. Leave Happy" was launched. So now you know...let's get some pancakes!
4. Think Outside The Bun

Answer: Taco Bell

First there was the Taco Bell Chihuahua whose real name was Gidget Chipperton (1994-2009); later, i.e., 2012, there was the slogan "Live Mas". In between Taco Bell asked us to "Think Outside The Bun" to encourage us to stop eating hamburgers and chicken sandwiches in favor of their burritos.
5. Real. Comfortable. Jeans.

Answer: Wrangler

Wrangler is an American company manufacturing jeans since 1904. They attempt to distinguish themselves from other American jean products, e.g., Levis, by stressing the comfort of their pants. Former football quarterback Brett Favre is one of their spokesmen. Wrangler is owned by VP Corporation, who also owns Lee, JanSport and The North Face.
6. That was easy

Answer: Staples

Staples gave us an 'easy button' which clicks when you press it and a male voice says "That was easy". Does it mean that shopping at Staples is easy or that the easy button makes office work simpler? Is it touting the products at Staples or is it just encouraging us to purchase the red button? In any case, the slogan was devised by the McCann Erickson advertising agency.

In 2003, it replaced the old slogan "Yeah, we've got that", and was itself replaced by the newer slogan "Make more happen" in 2014.
7. When You're Here, You're Family

Answer: Olive Garden

For fourteen years Olive Garden encouraged you to join the family atmosphere at their Italian restaurants by telling us "When You're Here, You're Family". For some reason (perhaps declining patronage), in October 2012, that homey slogan was replaced by "Go Olive Garden" from the thinkers at Grey ad agency. I want to know exactly whose idea this was; is he or she still employed, and where is Olive Garden supposed to go?
8. The Ultimate Driving Machine

Answer: BMW

"The Ultimate Driving Machine" has been a slogan for BMW since the 1970s. They updated their ad campaign to "JOY" for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. They have more recently also adopted the slogan "Sheer Driving Pleasure" and "Designed for Driving Pleasure". As far as I'm concerned, the original slogan of "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is still the most memorable.
9. Expect More. Pay Less.

Answer: Target

"Expect More. Pay Less." has been the slogan for Target stores since 2006. Target Corporation is the second largest discount retailer in the United States, second only to Walmart. The company was founded by George Dayton in 1902. It was originally called Goodfellow Dry Goods before becoming Dayton's Dry Goods, the Dayton Company, the Dayton Corp. and the Dayton-Hudson Corp.

The first Target store was opened in Roseville, Minnesota, in 1962.
10. What's In Your wallet?

Answer: Capital One

"What's In Your Wallet?" is the tagline for Capital One, a bank holding corporation which specializes in credit cards. Their credit cards include the Capital One card, the Venture card and Quicksilver, all offering different benefits for use of the cards, e.g., unlimited cash or travel rewards. Spokespersons for Capital One have included Samuel L. Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer Garner and a bunch of Vikings, all asking the same question.
Source: Author nyirene330

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