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Fun Trivia
Do you get all nostalgic watching old commercials from yesteryear? This subcategory will help you remember those good times (and bad) while you were waiting for your favorite television show to continue once again.
102 U.S. Commercials quizzes and 1,155 U.S. Commercials trivia questions.
  Some Popular U.S. Ads    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I give you the the quote or claim to fame, you pick the product.
Average, 10 Qns, addytude, Aug 12 13
1961 plays
Memorable Brand Slogans
  Memorable Brand Slogans   great trivia quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
This quiz is about some slogans that have appeared in American TV commercials over the years. You will be given the slogan and the product associated with the brand; see how many you can identify. Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, Lpez, Jan 24 23
Lpez gold member
Jan 24 23
1132 plays
Turn off the TV
  Turn off the TV!   best quiz  
Photo Quiz
 10 Qns
Turn off the TV, because U.S. commercials are everywhere, always convincing us to buy things we don't need, and a lot of these commercials use animals as spokespersons. Can you identify the ten?
Easier, 10 Qns, salami_swami, Jun 01 15
salami_swami gold member
5237 plays
  Please Don't Squeeze the Mascot!   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here is a quiz about some of those cute little icons of advertising that either annoy the heck out of you, or make you smile.
Average, 10 Qns, Polaris101, Aug 29 18
Polaris101 gold member
Aug 29 18
9287 plays
  Popular American TV Commercials   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Here are some of the most memorable American TV commercial slogans, personalities, and products out there. Some are older, others are more recent. What do you remember?
Average, 15 Qns, DMBfaninSD, Apr 01 17
11116 plays
  Pop Songs in TV Commercials 3   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Answer various questions about TV commercials which used pop songs in them.
Average, 10 Qns, Polaris101, Nov 10 07
Polaris101 gold member
6319 plays
  Ads Nauseam   top quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Match the product to the proper slogan.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, nyirene330, Jul 12 16
Very Easy
1919 plays
  Memorable Advertising Slogans   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Test your knowledge of ad slogans through the years.
Average, 10 Qns, chessart, Aug 21 11
chessart gold member
12555 plays
  When Life Gives You Slogans...   top quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Match the product with its slogan.
Easier, 10 Qns, nyirene330, Apr 14 17
2086 plays
  Classic TV Commercials 50s to 70s   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Many of us remember the TV shows of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, but what about the commercials? Here are a few phrases from classic commercials. All you have to do is name the product.
Average, 10 Qns, classictvnut, Apr 23 12
6604 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who uses/used the slogan "You deserve a break today"?

From Quiz "Slogans Slogans Slogans"

  Advertising Slogans of the 1960s & 70s   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
These slogans and jingles come from commercials that I remember on TV back in the 60's and 70's in the USA. I hope they bring back some memories for you.
Average, 15 Qns, srm59, Dec 27 16
9543 plays
  Twentieth Century Commercial Characters   great trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Many American products have fictional characters hawking them - just match the character to the product s/he represented.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, austinnene, Oct 31 16
Very Easy
1616 plays
  What product am I?   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I will give you an advertising slogan and all you would have to do is decide what product used that slogan. These are United States products. Good luck and have fun!
Easier, 10 Qns, firefly44, Aug 12 13
6703 plays
  What In The World Were They Selling?   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 25 Qns
These products were sold at various times in the U.S. The marketing strategies and/or slogans should indicate the type or name of these products that were being touted during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Enjoy the memories!
Average, 25 Qns, logcrawler, Feb 02 24
logcrawler gold member
Feb 02 24
1947 plays
  Vintage TV Ads   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
You may have liked them, you may have hated them, but these advertisements from the days gone past are hard to forget.
Easier, 10 Qns, GLitsmyt, Jan 23 18
GLitsmyt gold member
Jan 23 18
1497 plays
  10 Question Advertising Slogans Quiz   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I'll give you the slogan, you pick which product the slogan was or is for.
Easier, 10 Qns, Marvo301, Nov 25 12
8632 plays
  Commercial Slogans of the Fifties   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Some Classic Commercial Slogans From the Fifties.
Average, 10 Qns, shanteyman, Jun 10 22
Jun 10 22
4184 plays
  They Don't Work Here Anymore...   great trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Match the spokesperson with the product he/she/it used to pitch before they got the 'pink slip'.
Easier, 10 Qns, nyirene330, Nov 22 16
877 plays
  It Slices! It Dices!   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Your biggest dream is to be infomercial salesperson and I'm here to make that a reality! Take this quiz and see how well versed you are in your future profession.
Easier, 10 Qns, sarahcateh, Sep 01 09
sarahcateh gold member
3369 plays
  A Short Break   popular trivia quiz  
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on old American commercials. Take this and try to bring back some memories.
Easier, 10 Qns, dcpddc478, Jun 20 19
Jun 20 19
1087 plays
  What Am I Advertising in the US?    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
I will give you the American advertising slogan, and you must match it to the product that the slogan is for. Good luck!
Very Easy, 10 Qns, debbitts, Jul 28 17
Very Easy
debbitts gold member
Jul 28 17
1501 plays
  Popular Slogans 2    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The following 10 questions are agency slogans, some old, some current. Take your best shot at them.
Average, 10 Qns, Kelli283, Jan 08 16
7437 plays
The concept of this quiz is simple: match the correct celebrity to the company for which they provided their image for advertising purposes at some point in the 1990s and 2000s. Can you remember all of them? Good luck!
Tough, 10 Qns, Lpez, Apr 11 23
Lpez gold member
Apr 11 23
227 plays
  When it Rains, it Pours   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
With a title suggested by Terry, this is a quiz dedicated to timeless slogans of American companies.
Easier, 10 Qns, ferfer72, Jun 03 15
3819 plays
  American Commercial Slogans Test Your Knowledge    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is an adopted quiz with the goal of identifying company slogans written for an American audience. Efforts have been made to preserve as much of the original quiz as possible. I hope you enjoy it!
Average, 10 Qns, BigTriviaDawg, Dec 10 23
BigTriviaDawg gold member
Dec 10 23
593 plays
  Jingles, Slogans and Mascots    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Here are some jingles and slogans (old and new) to test your knowledge of American commercials. I have listed the phrase, you guess the product.
Average, 15 Qns, scoobydoo2416, Dec 03 12
6723 plays
  Slogans we Can't Forget   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
I'll give you an advertising slogan and you tell me what company uses that slogan.
Average, 20 Qns, tflow, Sep 19 16
3082 plays
  Animals in Corporate Advertising    
Match Quiz
 10 Qns
Match the animal on the right to the famous corporate mascot on the left.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, DizWiz, Mar 08 18
Very Easy
DizWiz gold member
Mar 08 18
1084 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Let's see if you can remember some of these classic commercials and advertising slogans.
Average, 10 Qns, RedHook13, Apr 22 22
RedHook13 gold member
Apr 22 22
448 plays
  So Easy a Caveman Can Do It   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Geico's humorous ads showed us surprisingly sophisticated Neanderthals being offended by the "So easy a caveman can do it" campaign. Who knew cavemen were so sensitive?
Tough, 10 Qns, Polaris101, May 15 07
Polaris101 gold member
3737 plays
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U.S. Commercials Trivia Questions

1. What "spokesbird" represents AFLAC?

From Quiz
Commercial Property

Answer: Duck

AFLAC is a health insurance company. The duck's quack rhymes with the name of the company.

2. What cigarette's slogan was 'You've come a long way, baby"?

From Quiz Vintage TV Ads

Answer: Virginia Slims

Cigarette ads geared towards women usually showed a woman being in control, independent and happy. It started in 1968, when Phillip Morris launched the very first cigarette brand marketed specifically to women with the tag line "You've come a long way, baby" (created by Leo Burnett Agency). This slogan perfectly tapped into the female consumer's mind. The ads showed how smoking Virginia Slims was a form of freedom and a new kind of liberation.

3. A lady keeps getting text messages from her bladder, interrupting daily activities. What product does her doctor recommend to free her from her overactive bladder affliction?

From Quiz TV Drug Store

Answer: Myrbetriq

This particular commercial is called "Texting." Possible allergic reactions include swollen face, lips, throat, or tongue, or difficulty breathing. Common side effects include high blood pressure and common cold symptoms.

4. Which two-time Academy Award winner began to make ads for Boniva in 2006?

From Quiz ...And Now a Word from Our Sponsor

Answer: Sally Field

While all the choices above have been the recipients of at least two Academy Awards, Sally Field has been the spokeswoman for the brand Boniva (ibandronate Sodium) for the treatment of osteoporosis and to promote bone health since 2006. She has been an excellent agent for the drug since, despite the fact that she is well over 65 and has had a career spanning more than five decades, she continues to look like "Gidget" (1965-1966). Among her many awards: Best Actress Oscars and Golden Globe Awards for "Norma Rae" (1980) and "Places in the Heart" (1985), Primetime Emmy and SAG Awards for "Brothers and Sisters" (2009) and TV Land Favorite Airborne Character Award in 2005.

5. Which jewelry company used the slogan "A Diamond Is Forever"?

From Quiz US Advertising Slogans - 1940s to 1980s

Answer: De Beers

In 1948, Frances Gerety, a copywriter for N.W. Ayer & Sons, came up with this line in her sleep. The slogan was still being used into the 21st century.

6. Which slogan has McDonald's never used?

From Quiz Famous Brands & Their Slogans

Answer: "It's way better than fast food"

"You deserve a break today" was their slogan in the early 1970s. * "Mac tonight" was used in the mid-1980s. * "We love to see you smile" was used in the early 2000s. * "It's way better than fast food" was Wendy's slogan from 2008 until 2009. ** * Slogan copyrighted by McDonalds. ** Slogan copyrighted by The Wendy's Company.

7. During the late 1980s, David Joseph Rufkahr and Dick Maugg were television "pitchmen" for a popular item. At the end of their commercials, what product did they thank their viewers for their support?

From Quiz I Pitched It ... You Bought It!

Answer: wine coolers

A rage in the 1990s, flavored wine coolers found a definite market. Two of the most recognizable spokespersons were Rufkahr and Maugg, who posed as the folksy team of Frank Bartles and Ed Jaymes. "Bartles and Jaymes" wine coolers, a product of E & J Gallo Wineries, was introduced in 1981. Wine coolers came in a variety of flavors including Strawberry Daiquiri, Tropical Mango, Green Apple, and Fuzzy Navel, just to name a few. In commercials, Bartles and Jaymes, two elderly gentlemen, were seen sitting on their front porch, speaking directly to the audience about a new wine cooler flavor or some aspect about their product. Each commercial ended with Frank Bartles' tagline to the viewers, "and thank you for your support".

8. "Moonlings" traded "Earthlings" something for a jar of orange flavored and grape flavored Tang Breakfast drink in this US television commercial from the early 1970s. What did they offer in exchange for Tang?

From Quiz What In The World Were They Selling? #2

Answer: A bag of rocks

In this 70s commercial, the residents of the moon noticed that they were out of both flavors of Tang, so one of their members dashed off to earth with a bag of rocks to trade for the product and returned nanoseconds later with both. "Sometimes I wonder if there's intelligent life on that planet", was the closing statement made by one of the moon's cartoon "residents". Tang was originally made by General Foods in 1957, but its sales were flat until astronaut John Glenn took it into space during the Mercury flights. From that point on, it was erroneously thought to have originated from the space program and sales took off, just like the rocket ships that it became associated with.

9. "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star", was a television jingle from the 1960s that touted products that had something to do with autos, (obviously). What was the product that this commercial wanted you to purchase?

From Quiz What In The World Were They Selling?

Answer: Oil products sold by Texaco

Texas Oil Company (Texaco) was an American oil company. Back in those days, believe it or not, service station attendants actually came out to your car when you pulled up to the pump, checked your fluid levels, offered to clean your windshield, and sometimes offered you a free drinking glass if you filled up your vehicle. All this for around 39 to 55 cents per gallon! (Depending on the year that you pulled in; as the years went by, the services gradually went away, as did the cheaper oil prices.)

10. What delivery company used the slogan "When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight"?

From Quiz Second Blast from the Advertising Past

Answer: FedEx

The name is short for "Federal Express". Good ol' John Moschitta starred in an ad showing his fast-paced talking in a fast-paced world where time is an important asset.

11. "One thing leads to another." What coffee brand is this?

From Quiz Up with Business Slogans!

Answer: Nescafe

Nescafe originally was the brand for instant coffee products (ie. Taster's Choice) made by Nestle which were introduced in the USA in the year of 2003. In the year of 2006, the "Dolce Gusto" (Italian for sweet taste) coffee machine and coffee products were included in the product line for the Nescafe brand.

12. Do you remember the Budweiser frogs? What were their names?

From Quiz The Names Just Don't 'Ad' Up!

Answer: Bud & Weis & Er

We were first introduced to Bud, Weis, and Er, the Bud Beer frogs during Super Bowl XXIX in 1995. Their director also directed some of the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' movies. They were so popular that a couple of chameleons named Frankie and Louis were invited to join them in the pond. To get more of the spot light, the lizards hired an inept hit man who just happened to be a ferret. The ferret was never successful in getting rid of the frogs. But in 1998, the chameleons were successful in replacing the frogs because the frogs were well known and liked by children who were not of drinking age. Ya' just never know who to trust!

13. This soda pop was actually born in the Tennessee hills in the 1940s and one of its original slogans was "It'll tickle your innards!" What brand of carbonated beverage am I referring to?

From Quiz Soda Pop Slogans

Answer: Mountain Dew

"Willy the Hillbilly", the little cartoon spokesperson for Mountain Dew, claimed that "It'll tickle your innards". Those of you who remember the green glass bottles of the 60s will remember that they had that very slogan embossed on the bottle. The original creators, Barney and Ally Hartman, originally bottled the drink as a mix for whiskey. They sometimes referred to their Mountain Dew concoction as "zero-proof moonshine".

14. "Like a good neighbor ___ ___ is there."

From Quiz Slogans we Can't Forget

Answer: State Farm

The jingle was written by Barry Manilow back in 1971. State Farm started selling auto insurance in 1922. The first policy was sold for $11.17.

15. Which US brand of frozen prepared food products uses the slogan "Nothing comes closer to home"?

From Quiz Ads and Commercials Blasted from the Past!

Answer: Stouffer's

Stouffer's was originated in 1922 by Abraham and Lena Stouffer. As of 2010, it is owned by the Nestle Corporation.

16. Which US automobile company uses the slogan "Drive one"?

From Quiz Ad Speak

Answer: Ford

Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903 and is located in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford was a trailblazer with its Model T amd continues to be innovative with the 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid. Its advertizing techniques have changed with the addition of folksy Mike Rowe interviewing present and prospective Ford owners.

17. Throughout the 60s, many famous actors/actresses would advertise smoking. Which cigarette brand did Rock Hudson smoke?

From Quiz Cigarette Advertisements

Answer: Camel

Rock Hudson was the sex symbol of the era and men who wanted to imitate Mr. Hudson and win all the women would smoke Camels.

18. "When it rains, it pours" has been the slogan of a company created by Alonzo Richmond. What product does it tout?

From Quiz When it Rains, it Pours

Answer: Morton Salt

The idiom means that something that hasn't happened for a long time happens all at once. Morton cleverly used it to let consumers know that their salt didn't clump in humid weather.

19. Billy Mays proudly touted this product, which "unlike other products that only mask the smell, [this product] completely eliminates it forever."

From Quiz As Seen on TV

Answer: What Odor?

William Darrell Mays, Jr. was born on July 20, 1958 in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. He died June 28, 2009, at his home in Tampa, Florida.

20. Stuart Scott walks by the copier room, sees a celebrity athlete struggling to fix a paper jam and mutters, "Chosen One, huh?" Who is he mocking?

From Quiz ESPN Sportscenter Commercials

Answer: LeBron James

LeBron James was drafted right out of high school and entered the NBA with such high expectations that he was tagged with more than one nickname. The one that stuck was "King James", but this particular commercial keyed in on "The Chosen One". "Videogame James", "L-Train", "Bron Bron" and "LBJ" were other nicknames that never really caught on.

21. Which company's slogan is "Made from the best stuff on Earth."?

From Quiz Miscellaneous US Slogans from the 2000s

Answer: Snapple

Snapple was established in 1972 in the city of Valley Stream, New York located on Long Island. Snapple makes four different types of beverages: tea, juice drinks, lemonade, and even bottled water. They have made millions of dollars over the years, and in some ways, Snapple really is "made from the best stuff on Earth."

22. This male film and television actor does the voice over on a commercial for Florida orange juice. You won't need to be a private eye to figure out whose distinctive voice you are hearing. Who is he?

From Quiz Celebrities in Commercials

Answer: Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck might be best known for his television role as "Magnum, P.I." (1980-1988) and won a Golden Globe for his work in 1988. He also had a recurring role on "Friends" as Monica's boyfriend Dr. Richard Burke (1996-2000) and played A.J. Cooper on "Las Vegas" (2007-2008), just to name some of his television work. Mr. Selleck has also had a successful film career as well. Don Johnson was a police officer in television's "Miami Vice" (1984-1989). Gerald McRaney starred in the P.I. series "Simon and Simon" (1981-1988). Stacy Keach played the character Mike Hammer on television (1984-1987).

23. A popular perfume advertised "Exciting things happen when it's Evening in _______ " .

From Quiz Commercial Slogans of the Fifties

Answer: Paris

"Evening in Paris" was created in 1929 by Bourjois. It became one of the most popular perfumes in the world. The cologne sold in 25 cent bottles in dime stores and in crystal bottles with glass stoppers in fine department stores. It was a favorite during WWII and through the post-war fifties. The fragrance might still conjure up memories of wartime dance halls for G.I. vets. The brand was re-launched in limited quantities as "Soir de Paris". There are far more bottles in styles produced during the 1950s for collectors on the market today than those from earlier eras.

24. This cigarette brand encouraged its prospective customers to "Come to where the flavor is, come to ____________". Where did the advertisers want the viewers to go?

From Quiz US Cigarette Commercials

Answer: Marlboro Country

Sadly, David McClean, one of the actors who appeared in several Marlboro ads, died of cancer. His family later sued the tobacco industry.

25. In this cute Jeep Liberty commercial, a man was joined in song by a squirrel, a wolf and a couple of birds who entered his vehicle. What song did they all sing together?

From Quiz Pop Songs in TV Commercials 4

Answer: Rock Me Gently

Entitled "Pouring In", Jeep's 2007 ad showed a man opening his sunroof and turning up the stereo as he drove along. He was joined by a squirrel who, to the man's surprise, began singing along to "Rock Me Gently". The man joined in and soon two birds flew in the sunroof and perched on the backs of the seats. As they all sang together, a wolf, who jumped in the sunroof, swallowed one of the birds. The remaining bird, the squirrel and the man all looked at the wolf as if to say "we're singing here". The wolf then spit the bird out so he could pick up the song with, "baby, baby...". The animals and the man continued singing together as they drove on. Jeep's tagline was "Have fun out there". "Rock Me Gently" was a number one hit for Andy Kim in 1974.

26. In the late 50's and into the early 60's, "The Flintstones" actually sponsored one brand of cigarettes. Barney, Fred, Wilma, and Betty could be seen smoking at the end of the show. Which brand did they choose?

From Quiz Television and Cigarettes: A Bad Combination

Answer: Winston

The series was originally written to appeal to adults, not children. When it started airing earlier in the evening, more children started watching. By the time Pebbles was born, Winston was no longer interested in sponsoring the show. "The Flintstones" started pitching Motorola, Welch's juice, and today vitamins.

27. Taco Bell used, appropriately enough, the song "I Melt with You" in its 2007 ad which promoted the Cheesy Beefy Melt. What group sang the song?

From Quiz Pop Songs in TV Commercials 3

Answer: Modern English

The commercial showed various people holding their Cheesy Beefy Melts with the cheese stretched from their mouths to the melt. Among them were a man and woman eyeing each other at a train station, rival football fans, a goth girl and oddly enough, the Grim Reaper sitting with a man on a park bench. The announcer advised us to "Fall in love with melty cheese". Although Modern English's video was played quite often on MTV in 1983, the song only made it to number seventy-eight on the US pop charts. A re-release in 1990 fared only slightly better, reaching number seventy-six. The song was featured in the movie "Valley Girl" (1983), and was also used in a TV ad for the GMC Acadia, although the GMC ad used a version sung by Nouvelle Vague. The Taco Bell spot used the original version of the song.

28. A number of beer companies will tell you about the water that they use. Who used "From the Land of Sky Blue Waters"?

From Quiz Please Have Your I.D. Ready

Answer: Hamms Beer

Hamms Beer is more famous for its mascot than its beer. The Hamms Beer Bear was first used 1952. He was known "Sascha". They used him for over 3 decades.

29. "Look Ma, no cavities!" What brand of toothpaste was this an ad for?

From Quiz Do You Remember These?

Answer: Crest

Procter and Gamble hired Norman Rockwell to illustrate magazine ads for Crest's "Look ma no cavities " campaign.

30. "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star."

From Quiz Classic TV Commercials 50s to 70s

Answer: Texaco

The symbol for Texaco was a large red star, inside a circle, with a green T on the star and the word Texaco across the upper one third of the circle. This same star was on a patch on the attendants' uniforms. This ad campaign is credited to Benton & Bowles in the 1940s.

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