Quiz about Italian Verbs
Quiz about Italian Verbs

Italian Verbs Trivia Quiz

A pretty simple quiz on some main Italian verbs. All questions are multiple choice, I give you a word in Italian and you tell me what it means in English. :)

A multiple-choice quiz by different. Estimated time: 2 mins.
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2 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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12 / 15
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1. Girare? Hint

To go
To scream
To disguise
To turn

2. Comprare? Hint

To change
To buy
To play
To compare

3. Partire? Hint

To thank
To rain
To discover
To leave

4. Cuocere? Hint

To correct
To cook
To hope
To sing

5. Scendere? Hint

To slip
To get off
To hit
To swim

6. Mangiare? Hint

To eat
To drink
To sneeze
To put

7. Andare? Hint

To remember
To add
To appear
To go

8. Durare? Hint

To last
To dream
To guess
To decide

9. Viaggiare? Hint

To suppose
To travel
To grow
To confess

10. Rovinare? Hint

To roam
To remind
To reply
To ruin

11. Cominciare? Hint

To start
To carry
To communicate
To construct

12. Finire? Hint

To finish
To give
To feed
To forgive

13. Chiudere? Hint

To pray
To close
To conceal
To confide

14. Fare? Hint

To do
To frighten
To pay
To follow

15. Vedere? Hint

To see
To listen
To read
To write

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Girare?

Answer: To turn

"To go" is andare, "to disguise" is travestire and "to scream" is gridare.
2. Comprare?

Answer: To buy

"To change" is cambiare, "to play" is giocare and "to compare" is paragonare.
3. Partire?

Answer: To leave

"To thank" is ringraziare, "to discover" is scoprire and "to rain" is piovere.
4. Cuocere?

Answer: To cook

"To correct" is correggere, "to hope" is sperare and "to sing" is cantare.
5. Scendere?

Answer: To get off

"To slip" is scivolare, "to hit" is colpire and "to swim" is nuotare.
6. Mangiare?

Answer: To eat

"To sneeze" is starnutire, "to drink" is bere and "to put" is mettere.
7. Andare?

Answer: To go

"To remember" is ricordarsi, "to appear" is apparire and "to add" is aggiungere.
8. Durare?

Answer: To last

"To guess" is indovinare, "to dream" is sognare and "to decide" is decidere.
9. Viaggiare?

Answer: To travel

"To suppose" is supporre,"to grow" is crescere and "to confess" is confessare.
10. Rovinare?

Answer: To ruin

"To roam" is vagabondare, "to reply" is rispondere and "to remind" is ricordare.
11. Cominciare?

Answer: To start

"To communicate" is comunicare, "to carry" is portare and "to construct" is costruire.
12. Finire?

Answer: To finish

"To feed" is nutrire, "to give" is dare and "to forgive" is perdonare.
13. Chiudere?

Answer: To close

"To pray" is pregare, "to conceal" is nascondere and "to confide" is confidare.
14. Fare?

Answer: To do

"To pay" is pagare, "to frighten" is spaventare and "to follow" is seguire.
15. Vedere?

Answer: To see

"To read" is leggere, "to listen" is ascoltare and "to write" is scrivere.
Source: Author different

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