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Scrooged Trivia Questions

Scrooged There are 49 questions on this topic. Last updated May 28 2024.
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26 What did NOT happen to Elliot during the course of the film?
Answer: he got hit by a car

Not one of his best days.
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Murray's character is visited by several ghosts. Who plays his dead boss who comes back as a ghost?

27 At the end of "Scrooged", Frank and his lost love Claire reconciled and shared a passionate kiss. What song did the cast sing to close the film?
Answer: Put a Little Love in Your Heart

"Put A Little Love in Your Heart" was originally sung by Jackie DeShannon and reached the #4 spot on the Billboard Top 100 in 1968. At the film's end, Murray broke the fourth wall" (an industry term meaning to directly address the audience) by inviting those in the movie theater to join in the singing.
28 What was the name of Murray's underappreciated secretary?
Answer: Grace

Grace was Murray's overworked and underpaid secretary (the Bob Cratchit character). She was a single mom with five children living in Harlem.
29 What does Frank give Claire for Christmas when they live together?
Answer: knives

'You can cut a tin can as easily as a tomato.'
30 The underappreciated secretary has five children. What is wrong with her youngest son?
Answer: He doesn't speak.

Her youngest son, Calvin, hasn't spoken a word since he saw he father killed five years ago. (The Tiny Tim character).
31 Frank reveals the answer to a trivia question at the very end. What TV show was the question about?
Answer: Gilligan's Island

'What was the name of the ship that took them all to Gilligan's Island? The S.S. Minnow.'
32 What does Murray's character tell his secretary to send to his brother James for Christmas? What does the secretary actually send him?
Answer: bath towel/VCR

Murray's character wanted to send James a bath towel. The year before he sent James a shower curtain.
33 What does Frank see in his glass at lunch?
Answer: an eyeball

34 What famous jazz musician makes a brief cameo appearance playing Christmas music on the street?
Answer: Miles Davis

As Murray's character and his brother James are walking down a New York street at night, they pass a group of street musicians, one of whom was Miles Davis!
35 In the 1970's Frank plays a dog on a TV show. What's the dog's name?
Answer: Frisbee

36 Name the actor who portrays the employee that Murray fires in the beginning of the movie.
Answer: Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat plays Elliott Loudermill, Murray's employee who makes the mistake of disagreeing with the boss and gets fired only days before Christmas.
37 There's a woman on the set who is constantly getting injured. What is her job?
Answer: the censor

She objects to the dancers' sexy outfits before getting knocked in the head with a lamp post.
38 When Grace's youngest son, Calvin, finally speaks at the end of the movie, what does he say?
Answer: "God bless us, every one"

Since Calvin is based on the Tiny Tim character, it is fitting that he quotes him directly! Calvin is motivated to speak after seeing Murray's character undergo positive changes.
39 What objects of Frank's, that Eliot destroys with a shotgun, does Frank refer to as 'my babies'?
Answer: his Emmys

40 When Murray's character travels back in time to see Christmas past, what does his father give him for Christmas?
Answer: 5 lbs. of veal

Actually, Murray wanted a "choo-choo" but his dad, being a butcher, brought home veal instead. What a terrible gift for a 4-year-old! The actor portraying the father, Earl Cross, is Brian Doyle-Murray who is also Bill Murray's brother.
41 What does Grace give James for Christmas, saying it's from Frank?
Answer: a VCR

42 When Murray visited Christmas past again, what did he give his girlfriend, Claire, for Christmas?
Answer: Ginsu knives

Remember those knives that could cut through cans? Claire's gift to Frank was The Kama Sutra.
43 Who is the blonde bimbo who has a crush on Frank in the late 1960's?
Answer: Tina

44 When Murray visited Christmas present, what did his secretary have as a Christmas tree in her apartment?
Answer: The kids decorated Calvin like a tree

They couldn't afford a Christmas tree.
45 How did Lou Hayward (Frank's old boss) die?
Answer: heart attack

A heart attack on the golf course.
46 While visiting Christmas past in 1955, what does the Ghost of Christmas Past say Frank did way too much of as a child?
Answer: Watching television

Frank apparently did little else than watch television as he grew up. To make matters worse, all of Frank's childhood memories are from television shows, not reality!
47 What color does Bryce say is bad for New York?
Answer: blue

The color of Frank's suit.
48 When Murray's character visits Claire at the homeless shelter where she works, whom do the homeless people think he is? (hint... they keep calling him Dick).
Answer: Richard Burton

The homeless people beg him to do a few lines from "Hamlet".
49 Which famous athlete was set to appear in 'Scrooged'?
Answer: Mary Lou Retton

The execs liked the idea that she could throw away her crutch and do a bunch of back flips.