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Trivia Questions and Answers
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90 Kansas City Chiefs Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Kansas City Chiefs? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Kansas City Chiefs (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Which linebacker was drafted by the Chiefs with the number four pick in the 1989 NFL Draft?
Answer: Derrick Thomas

Derrick Thomas wore #58 from 1989 until 2000. DT passed away in February of 2000 of a blood clot while recovering from severe injuries that he suffered in a car accident months earlier. His 'Third and Long Foundation', run by his friend and teammate Neil Smith, continued his legacy of charity work.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
2 The Kansas City Chiefs were originally known as which team?
Answer: Dallas Texans

The Chiefs began play as the Dallas Texans, with the birth of the American Football League(AFL) in 1960. Their owner Lamar Hunt, was also the founder of the AFL, and was only 28 years old at the time. Hunt later helped pave the way for the 1970 AFL/NFL merger, and became the first Chief inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1972.
    Your options: [ Houston Texans ] [ Dallas Texans ] [ Kansas City Chiefs ] [ Texas Titans ]
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3 Which Chiefs head coach played quarterback and graduated from San Jose State?
Answer: Dick Vermeil

Dick was also the first coach to guide a team to victory in BOTH the Rose Bowl, and the Super Bowl.
    Your options: [ Gunther Cunningham ] [ Dick Vermeil ] [ Marv Levy ] [ Marty Shottenheimer ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Here I Come
4 Who caught Joe Montana's pass in 1993, in a come from behind victory with 7 seconds left against the Broncos?
Answer: Willie Davis

It was the first win at Denver for KC in the 1990s.
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5 Which linebacker was the first Kansas City Chief to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame?
Answer: Bobby Bell

Bell was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the class of 1983. He is considered to be one of the greatest outside linebackers in the history of the NFL. Lanier is also a Hall of Famer, inducted in the class of 1986. Jim Lynch is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs and the National Collegiate Football halls of fame.
    Your options: [ Derrick Thomas ] [ Jim Lynch ] [ Willie Lanier ] [ Bobby Bell ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
6 Who was the founder of the Chiefs?
Answer: Lamar Hunt

Mr. Hunt was one of the original eight founders of the American Football League. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1972. The AFC Champions are awarded the Lamar Hunt Trophy.
  From Quiz: All About the Chiefs
7 Which former Chief tragically lost his life while attempting to save two kids from drowning?
Answer: Joe Delaney

Joe rushed for 1,121 yds on 234 attempts in his rookie year. Sadly, it was also his only full season on record as a Chief.
    Your options: [ Art Still ] [ Joe Delaney ] [ Gary Spani ] [ Nick Lowery ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Here I Come
8 Traded to the Chargers in 1970, this back led the Chiefs in rushing and passing yards in 1969.
Answer: Mike Garrett

He won a Heisman Trophy in 1965.
    Your options: [ Ed Podalak ] [ Curtis McClinton ] [ Herman Heard ] [ Mike Garrett ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs Football
9 Which former Chiefs' quarterback celebrated his 50th year in all aspects professional football in 2008?
Answer: Len Dawson

Len Dawson's involvement in professional football began in the 1957-58 season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was then traded to the Cleveland Browns and later to the Dallas Texans who became the Kansas City Chiefs. Dawson's playing career ended in 1975, and he had since been a broadcaster for the Chiefs Radio network. Dawson was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame with the class of 1987.
    Your options: [ Joe Montana ] [ Jan Stenerud ] [ Johnny Unitas ] [ Len Dawson ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
10 Who was the head coach of the Chiefs in 1963?
Answer: Hank Stram

Hank Stram coached the team from 1960-1974. His overall career win percentage was 57.5%.
  From Quiz: All About the Chiefs
11 Which player was the first placekicker for the team as a member of the combined NFL, wore the number 3, and has his jersey retired as a Chief?
Answer: Jan Stenerud

Mr. Stenerud was also the first "pure" placekicker inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in Canton, Ohio.
    Your options: [ Nick Lowery ] [ Jan Stenerud ] [ Morten Andersen ] [ George Blanda ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Here I Come
12 Along with Joe Montana and one draft pick, who was the other player the Chiefs acquired for their 1st round pick in 1993?
Answer: David Whitmore

He was out of football soon after.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs Football
13 Which Chiefs running back gave his life heroically trying to save the lives of three children who were drowning near his home in Monroe, Louisiana, on June 23, 1983?
Answer: Joe Delaney

Joe Delaney and two of the children tragically died that day. Delaney was regarded as one of the best young running backs in the league. He is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame and received several posthumous honors for his bravery.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
14 After becoming the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963, how did the helmet logo change?
Answer: White arrowhead with initals "KC"

The uniforms have changed very little since 1963. The team colors remain predominantly red and white, and the arrowhead logo with "KC" remained.
  From Quiz: All About the Chiefs
15 How many times did the Chiefs qualify for the playoffs in the 1970s?
Answer: 1

The Chiefs' only playoff appearance of the 70s came in 1971. On Christmas Day, they lost in the first round to the Miami Dolphins 27-24, in another double overtime game. This game surpassed the Texans' AFL Championship win over the Oilers as the longest game ever played. The team didn't make the playoffs again until 1986.
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16 Who did Derrick Thomas sack seven times against Seattle in 1990 for an NFL record?
Answer: Dave Kreig

D.T. was born January 1, 1967.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs Football
17 The Chiefs' team Rookie of the Year award is named for which player?
Answer: Mack Lee Hill

Mack Lee Hill is a Chief who died too soon. Hill passed away following a knee surgery on December 12, 1965. Hill was an up and coming young back known as "The Truck". He is also a Chiefs Hall of Famer.
    Your options: [ Neil Smith ] [ Priest Holmes ] [ Dan Saleamua ] [ Mack Lee Hill ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
18 Beginning in 1972, what stadium did the Chiefs call home?
Answer: Arrowhead Stadium

The stadium has been recorded as one of the loudest in the league. Sports Illustrated once even called it the "Toughest Place to Play" for an opponent because of the noise factor.
  From Quiz: All About the Chiefs
19 Which team beat the Chiefs in the 1986 AFC Wildcard game?
Answer: New York Jets

The Jets downed the Chiefs 35-15, ending a 5 game losing streak. The Jets had started the season at 10-1, before winding up at 10-6 and failing to win their division.
    Your options: [ Los Angeles Raiders ] [ New York Jets ] [ Cleveland Browns ] [ Seattle Seahawks ]
  From Quiz: One Arrowhead Drive
20 Derrick Thomas once set a NFL record for most sacks in a game. How many times did he get to the quarterback?
Answer: 7

The year was 1990. The opponent was the Seattle Seahawks. The game was held on Veterans Day. Thomas dedicated his performance to his father, an Air Force pilot killed in action in Vietnam. Ironically, the operation was known as Linebacker II, the same position Derrick played as a Chief.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Here I Come
21 What Chiefs player returned a Jeff Hostetler pass 64 yards for a TD in overtime, versus the Raiders in 1995?
Answer: James Hasty

His 1st TD as a Chief.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs Football
22 What stadium was the Chiefs original home in Kansas City?
Answer: Municipal Stadium

Arrowhead was the Chiefs home in 1972. Kauffman (originally Royals) Stadium was right next door and was the home of Major League Baseball's Kansas City Royals. Municipal Stadium was also home to professional baseball in the 1950s and 1960s.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
23 Which quarterback was the Super Bowl IV MVP?
Answer: Len Dawson

Len Dawson played for the organization from 1962-1975. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1987.
    Your options: [ Curly Culp ] [ Len Dawson ] [ Emmitt Thomas ] [ Johnny Robinson ]
  From Quiz: All About the Chiefs
24 Who once set a Chiefs record with exactly 200 yards rushing in one game?
Answer: Barry Word

Word accomplished this in a 43-24 win over the Lions on October 14, 1990.
  From Quiz: One Arrowhead Drive
25 Joe Montana played his final years in Kansas City after leaving the 49ers. Which two backup quarterbacks at San Francisco, eventually became starters for the Chiefs?
Answer: Elvis Grbac & Steve Bono

Some would say that Grbac and Bono deserved to be backups at Kansas City also. However, they had an excellent winning percentage when playing NFC teams, especially the 49ers. Go figure.
    Your options: [ Rich Gannon & Trent Green ] [ Elvis Grbac & Steve Bono ] [ Len Dawson & Bill Kenney ] [ Todd Blackledge & Steve Fuller ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Here I Come
26 Where did Buck Buchanan attend college?
Answer: Grambling

First small college player to be inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs Football
27 For the three decades 1980s, 199s and 2000s, how many Super Bowl games did the Chiefs win?
Answer: 0

1970 saw the AFL-NFL merger. From that time and the next 40 seasons, the Chiefs did not make a trip to the Super Bowl.
  From Quiz: All About the Chiefs
28 Which Chiefs quarterback once set a team record with 4,348 yards passing in a single season?
Answer: Bill Kenney

Kenney played his whole career for the Chiefs (1980-1988). He set this record in 1983, the only year he ever hit 3,000 yards.
    Your options: [ Len Dawson ] [ Bill Kenney ] [ Elvis Grbac ] [ Joe Montana ]
  From Quiz: One Arrowhead Drive
29 What Chiefs radio announcer coined the phrase, "Oh baby what a play!"?
Answer: Kevin Harland
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs Football
30 Which Chiefs owner was also the President of the American Football League, and was considered one of the all-time great owners and innovators in the history of professional sports?
Answer: Lamar Hunt

Lamar Hunt was the owner of the Chiefs from their inception as the Dallas Texans until his death in December of 2006. He also owned Major League Soccer's Columbus Crew. His son, Clark Hunt, was later the Chiefs owner. Carl Peterson was the Chiefs President and General Manager from 1989-2008. Ewing Kauffman was the owner of the Kansas City Royals from their inception in 1969 until his death in 1993. The Royals were later owned by David Glass, a former Wal-Mart executive.
    Your options: [ Clark Hunt ] [ Ewing Kauffman ] [ Carl Peterson ] [ Lamar Hunt ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
31 What was the Chiefs win-loss record in Super Bowl I and IV?
Answer: 1-1

Super Bowl I lost to Packers 35-10 played January 1967 (1966 season).
Super Bowl IV won over Vikings 23-7 played January 1970 (1969 season).
  From Quiz: All About the Chiefs
32 The Chiefs picked linebacker Derrick Thomas with their first round draft choice in the 1989 NFL draft. What college did Thomas attend?
Answer: Alabama

The Chiefs made Thomas the 4th overall pick in the 1989 draft. Thomas set numerous Chiefs records and set an NFL record with an amazing 7 sacks in one game against the Seahawks in 1990. His brilliant 11 year career ended abruptly when he died on February 8, 2000, 16 days after suffering a broken back in a car accident. Thomas was 33 years old.
  From Quiz: One Arrowhead Drive
33 Priest Holmes led the NFL in rushing yardage in 2001, and was on pace to break Marshall Faulk's total yards from scrimmage record in 2002, before being injured with two games to go. Which round was he drafted into the NFL from?
Answer: He wasn't drafted

Priest Holmes was never drafted. He played college ball for the Texas Longhorns, and was often overshadowed by another great back - Ricky Williams. Priest finished the 2002 campaign in third place for rushing yards from scrimmage. Ironically, Ricky Williams finished in first place, but also played in two more games.
    Your options: [ 1st ] [ He wasn't drafted ] [ 3rd ] [ 6th ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Here I Come
34 Which Chief was awarded the Outland Trophy in 1992, and was drafted 3rd by KC in 1993?
Answer: Will Shields

He attended Nebraska.
    Your options: [ Neil Smith ] [ Tim Grunhard ] [ Trezelle Jenkins ] [ Will Shields ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs Football
35 What is the origin of the moniker "Chiefs" for the NFL Kansas City football team?
Answer: Mayor H. Roe Bartle's nickname

Mayor H. Roe Bartle was instrumental in bringing the Dallas Texans to Kansas City. Originally, the team was to be called the Kansas City Texans (which would have been right up there with Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz), but Lamar Hunt and his staff adopted Bartle's nickname "Chief", and the team became forever known as the Kansas City Chiefs.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
36 Who was the former Jets coach was named head coach of the Chiefs in 2006?
Answer: Herm Edwards

Herman Edwards was head coach of the Jets from 2001-2005. This head coaching stint with the Chiefs was not his first job with Kansas City. He was a scout and a defensive back coach for them in the 1990s. His first year with the Chiefs saw playoff action. They finished the regular season 9-7. In 2007, they didn't fair as well, going 4-12.
  From Quiz: All About the Chiefs
37 Which Chiefs player died while trying to save 3 children from drowning in a Louisiana lake?
Answer: Joe Delaney

Delaney died a tragic but heroic death on June 29, 1983. The promising running back who couldn't swim, drowned after miraculously saving two of the young boys. Delaney was 24 years old.
    Your options: [ Gary Barbaro ] [ Joe Delaney ] [ J. J. Birden ] [ Art Still ]
  From Quiz: One Arrowhead Drive
38 Arrowhead stadium treated the Chiefs to the second best home field advantage in the 1990s, rivaled only by this team, who had the best home field winning percentage. What team was it?
Answer: San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers had a slight advantage over the Chiefs in the 1990s. Opponents dreaded the trip to Kansas City in this decade.
  From Quiz: Kansas City Here I Come
39 Which 1995 Chiefs QB made the Pro Bowl roster?
Answer: Steve Bono

Only because of injuries and good Chiefs record!
    Your options: [ Bill Kenney ] [ Joe Montana ] [ Len Dawson ] [ Steve Bono ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs Football
40 Which long-time Chiefs kicker was a graduate of Montana State University where he originally enrolled on a skiing scholarship?
Answer: Jan Stenerud

Stenerud, a native of Norway, kicked for the Chiefs from 1967-79 before moving on to the Green Bay Packers for 3 seasons, and finishing his illustrious career with the Minnesota Vikings for 2 seasons ending in 1985. Stenerud was the first man elected to the Football Hall of Fame solely for his work as a place-kicker. His number 3 has been retired by the Chiefs.
    Your options: [ Lin Elliot ] [ Pete Stoyanovich ] [ Nick Lowery ] [ Jan Stenerud ]
  From Quiz: Kansas City Chiefs History
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