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Quiz about American England
Quiz about American England

American England Trivia Quiz

In this quiz, try to match the description of a location found in the United States of America to a number on the map indicating where its namesake is located within England.

A label quiz by RedHook13. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Jul 17 23
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Beach in NYC Harvard city, MA Railroad city in PA Twin cities in TN / VA MA "rock" town NH largest city AL largest city Capital of DE Town in CT Duke city, NC
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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Duke city, NC

Durham is the home of Duke University in the state of North Carolina. Unlike the rest of the locations in this quiz, Durham, NC was not named after its English counterpart. Instead, Durham, NC was named after entrepreneur Bartlett S. Durham (1824-1859) who greatly contributed to the funding of infrastructure in the area.

In England, the name Durham refers to both a city and county of the same name located in northern England, which can both be found just south of the city Newcastle upon Tyne. The city of Durham is believed to have been first established in the year 995 and was given the Nordic name Dun Holm, which eventually evolved into Durham over time.
2. NH largest city

Manchester, New Hampshire was founded in 1751 and was originally given the name Derryfield. In 1810, the city was renamed Manchester in honor of its counterpart in northwestern England, which is located along the River Irwell east of Liverpool. Manchester, England was one of the most important cities of the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840), a status that Manchester, NH hoped to emulate.

The name Manchester has conflicting etymologies. The English city originated as a Roman fort named Mamucium (aka Mancunio), which was constructed around the year 79 CE. Some historians believe the prefix of the name (mam) refers to a "breast-like hill". Others believe the name refers to simply "mother". When the Anglo-Saxons took control of the area in the 11th century, the name was changed to Mameceastre which eventually evolved into Manchester.
3. AL largest city

Birmingham, Alabama was first incorporated in 1871 during the Reconstruction Era following the American Civil War. It was named after Birmingham, England, which is located in the West Midlands region of the country.

Birmingham, England is believed to have been established in the 7th century CE by a tribe of Anglo-Saxons led by a man named Boerma. As such the area was named Beormingaham in Old English, which translates to simply "home of Beorma's people". Birmingham has since become the second largest city in not only England, but of the entire United Kingdom, with a population of over 1.1 million people living within the city proper.
4. Town in CT

Norwich is a town located in the county of New London in southeastern Connecticut. The town was founded as Norwichtown in 1659. It was named after the city of Norwich, England, which is located in the county of Norfolk on the east coast of England adjacent to the North Sea.

It is believed that the area that would become Norwich, England was initially settled by the Anglo-Saxons between the 5th and 7th centuries CE. The town was originally given the name Northwic in Old English which simply meant "North Farm".
5. Harvard city, MA

Harvard University, America's oldest college, is located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, which sits to the west (across the Charles River) of the city of Boston. The city was named after the University of Cambridge in England. The University of Cambridge was first established in the year 1209 and is currently the third oldest university in the world that is still functioning today.

The University of Cambridge is of course located in the city of Cambridge, which is approximately 90 km (55 mi) north of London. Cambridge was initially given the name Grantebrycge ("Granta-bridge") by the Anglo-Saxons. When the name of the river was eventually changed to the River Cam during the Middle Ages, the city was renamed along with it.
6. Twin cities in TN / VA

In the United States, Bristol is the name of twin cities located in the states of Tennessee and Virginia. The area is known to be home to Bristol Motor Speedway on the Tennessee side, a major venue for NASCAR. Bristol, Virginia was first founded in 1853 but its name was changed to Goodson. It was eventually changed back to Bristol in 1890. Bristol, Tennessee was incorporated in 1856.

Both American cities were named after Bristol, England, which is located in the South West region of the country near the mouth of the River Severn. Bristol, England is believed to have been established early in the 11th century CE. The city was originally given the Old English name Brycgstow which translates to "place at the bridge".
7. Railroad city in PA

Reading is a city located in eastern Pennsylvania between the cities of Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The city lends its name to the Reading Railroad (1833-1976), a real life rail line that is famously portrayed in the board game "Monopoly".

The city of Reading, PA was established in 1748 and was named after the city of Reading, England, which is located in the county of Berkshire, approximately 65 km (40 mi) west of London. The original name for the city was Readingas in Old English. As with Birmingham, Reading was another city whose name was derived from the leader of an Anglo-Saxon tribe, in this case an individual named Reada.
8. MA "rock" town

Plymouth Rock marks the location in Massachusetts where the Pilgrims made landfall in 1620 after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower. The Pilgrims would establish the colony/town of Plymouth, the second oldest surviving English settlement in the United States of America behind Jamestown, VA.

The rock as well as the town was named after Plymouth, England, the town from which the Pilgrims began their journey. Plymouth, England is located in southwestern England at the mouth of the River Plym which empties out into the English Channel. The city was aptly given the Old English name Plym Mouth, with the word Plym meaning "plum tree".
9. Beach in NYC

Brighton Beach is located to the east of Coney Island in southern Brooklyn. It is one of several beaches located within the five boroughs of New York City. An entrepreneur by the name of William Engeman purchased land in the area in 1868 and named it Brighton Beach after the coastal city and beach of the same name in England.

Brighton Beach is one of the most prominent beaches in England. It is part of the city of Brighton, which is located along the English Channel directly to the south of London. It is believed that the town was founded in the 14th century where it was given the Old English name Brighthelmston, which was eventually shortened to Brighton.
10. Capital of DE

The city of Dover, Delaware was first established in 1683 by William Penn and was initially part of Pennsylvania before Delaware became a separate colony in 1701. It became the colonial capital in 1777 and transitioned into a state capital when Delaware became the first official American state ten years later.

Dover, Delaware was named after the city of Dover, England, located on the southeastern coast of the country. The city is known for its famous national landmark, the White Cliffs of Dover. Also, the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, which connects England and France can also be found near Dover. Dover's name was derived from Middle Welsh word dwfr, which simply means water.
Source: Author RedHook13

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