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Quiz about MagnifEYED in Song
Quiz about MagnifEYED in Song

MagnifEYED in Song Trivia Quiz

Eyes are mirrors that reflect one's soul. That seems to be the theme of these popular songs featuring eyes.

A matching quiz by Soxy71. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 26 23
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9 / 10
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
Match the song title to the correct recording artist
1. "Eye of the Tiger"  
  Dr Hook and the Medicine Show
2. "Brown Eyed Girl"  
  Jackson Browne
3. "Doctor My Eyes"  
  Crystal Gayle
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"  
5. "Green-Eyed Lady"  
  Alan Parsons Project
6. "Sad Eyes"  
  The Guess Who
7. "Sexy Eyes"  
  Robert John
8. "Eye in the Sky"  
9. "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"  
  Van Morrison
10. "These Eyes"  
  The Platters

Select each answer

1. "Eye of the Tiger"
2. "Brown Eyed Girl"
3. "Doctor My Eyes"
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
5. "Green-Eyed Lady"
6. "Sad Eyes"
7. "Sexy Eyes"
8. "Eye in the Sky"
9. "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"
10. "These Eyes"

Most Recent Scores
Jul 01 2024 : Linda_Arizona: 8/10
Jun 05 2024 : cyndi50: 10/10
Jun 05 2024 : Johnmcmanners: 10/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. "Eye of the Tiger"

Answer: Survivor

Queen denied use of their song "Another One Bites the Dust" for the "Rocky III" film. Survivor stepped in with "Eye of the Tiger", sung by their lead singer David Bickler. The lyrics were developed from actual movie dialogue, and guitar riffs were made to match boxing punches.
2. "Brown Eyed Girl"

Answer: Van Morrison

Northern Irish singer Van Morrison wrote and performed this number in 1967. The original title was "Brown-Skinned Girl", referring to an interracial relationship with a Jamaican beauty. Morrison changed the title to get it aired on radio. Even then some critics deemed "making love in the green grass" too explicit.
3. "Doctor My Eyes"

Answer: Jackson Browne

Published in 1972, this song, inspired by a problem Browne was experiencing with his eyes, became a metaphor for the emotional weariness that comes from having witnessed too much in the world. Native American musician Jesse Ed Davis played the electric guitar solo in the song.
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"

Answer: The Platters

This anthem to lost love was written for the musical "Roberta". The Platters recorded it in 1958. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and number three on the Rhythm and Blues chart. Many artists have since covered this popular song.
5. "Green-Eyed Lady"

Answer: Sugarloaf

This song was the first single from American rock band Sugarloaf and was featured on their debut album. It reached number three on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1970 and was also featured in the 1997 film "Home Alone 3".
6. "Sad Eyes"

Answer: Robert John

The Billboard Hot 100 debuted this song in May 1979, and it topped the chart by October. It ended the six-week dominance of "My Sharona" by The Knack. Robert John's poignant lyrics reflect the sadness of parting when a relationship is over.
7. "Sexy Eyes"

Answer: Dr Hook and the Medicine Show

This 1979 upbeat song by Dr Hook and his band relates a lonely man being captivated by the stunning eyes of a woman on the dance floor. Reaching number five on the Billboard Hot 100, it tied with "Sylvia's Mother" for the group's highest charting single.
8. "Eye in the Sky"

Answer: Alan Parsons Project

Inspired by ceiling cameras installed to watch gamblers in casinos, this 1982 song was the only top ten hit for the British band Alan Parsons Project. Ironically, Parsons had bet his guitarist the song would never be a hit, but it made it to number three on the Billboard Hot 100.
9. "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"

Answer: Crystal Gayle

Composer Richard Leigh had written all three of singer Crystal Gayle's previous Top Ten Country and Western hits. He was in a bit of a dry spell until he came up with this song, which became a hit sequel to "I've Cried the Blue Right Out of My Eyes", recorded by her sister Loretta Lynn. This follow-up song won Gayle a Grammy for Best Country Song in 1977.
10. "These Eyes"

Answer: The Guess Who

This 1969 ballad lamenting heartbreak over lost love reflected a change from the typical hard rock sound of Canadian band The Guess Who. The song was featured in the 2005 psycho thriller movie "Stay" and the 2007 comedy film "Superbad".
Source: Author Soxy71

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