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  An Ending - 10 questions
2022 saw the death of many famous people. This quiz explores some of the icons we lost. Match the correct person to their description.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, clevercatz, Nov 22 22
Very Easy
clevercatz gold member
Nov 22 22
435 plays
  Idina Menzel - 10 questions
Idina Menzel is an incredibly talented woman. This quiz is about her life and her career from stage to screen.
Average, 10 Qns, Ilona_Ritter, Nov 28 22
Category: Menzel, Idina
Ilona_Ritter gold member
Nov 28 22
84 plays
  Here Lies (3) - 10 questions
'Here Lies (3)' is all about celebrity deaths and their burial locations. If you like this quiz, you can also check out 'Here Lies' and 'Here Lies (2)'.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, heatherlois, Nov 17 22
Very Easy
heatherlois gold member
Nov 17 22
309 plays
  The Check Is In the Mail - 10 questions
The old chestnut, the cheque's in the mail, usually means you're unlikely to see it. Sadly, you won't be hearing anything new from these contributors to the music scene as they are no longer with us. Match the artist on the right with the clue given.
Easier, 10 Qns, pollucci19, Nov 20 22
pollucci19 gold member
Nov 20 22
150 plays
  Excuse the Interruption - 10 questions
... but death got in the way. These wonderful contributors to the music scene may well have left us but, in the words of the late, great Buddy Holly, they will not fade away. Match the person on the right with the clue on the left.
Average, 10 Qns, pollucci19, Nov 15 22
pollucci19 gold member
Nov 15 22
210 plays
A mix of 10 Celebrities questions, submitted by 10 different FunTrivia players! The first few questions are easy, but the last couple are tough!
Easier, 10 Qns, FTBot, Nov 12 22
Nov 12 22
369 plays
  Looney Tunes - 10 questions
Voice actors might not get the attention their live-action counterparts do, but without them, so many iconic cartoon characters wouldn't have been brought to life. Here's a quiz about the voices behind the toons.
Average, 10 Qns, Kankurette, Nov 11 22
Kankurette gold member
Nov 11 22
147 plays
  Belgian and Famous - 10 questions
These celebrities come from all over Belgium: Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels... What do you know about them?
Average, 10 Qns, JanIQ, Nov 09 22
Category: Place of Origin
JanIQ gold member
Nov 09 22
90 plays
  All Things Must Come To Pass 3 top quiz - 10 questions
Take a trip with me to classic television land to remember these actors and actresses who passed away in the early 2020s. All you have to do is match them to the name of their best known television character. Enjoy!
Easier, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Nov 06 22
Category: TV Stars Mixed
ponycargirl editor
Nov 06 22
321 plays
The actor Patrick Swayze passed away in 2009 This quiz explores some the aspects of the life of this sadly missed star.
Average, 10 Qns, clevercatz, Oct 25 22
Category: Swayze, Patrick
clevercatz gold member
Oct 25 22
225 plays
  Lydia West - 10 questions
While she didn't get chosen as the next Doctor, Lydia West might show up on "Doctor Who" as she is a favorite of returning show runner Russell Davies. How much do you know about this dynamic young actress?
Average, 10 Qns, parrotman2006, Oct 17 22
Category: Celebrities T-Z
parrotman2006 gold member
Oct 17 22
87 plays
  Here Lies (2) great trivia quiz - 10 questions
After my quiz "Here Lies" about the deaths and burial locations of famous people, I thought I'd carry on the theme, so here, for your playing pleasure, is "Here Lies (2)".
Very Easy, 10 Qns, heatherlois, Oct 16 22
Very Easy
heatherlois gold member
Oct 16 22
462 plays
A mix of 10 Celebrities questions, submitted by 10 different FunTrivia players! The first few questions are easy, but the last couple are tough!
Easier, 10 Qns, FTBot, Oct 10 22
Oct 10 22
396 plays
  Red Carpets and Runways best quiz - 10 questions
The following people all have three things in common - they're entertainers, they have worked the red carpet and they have airports named after them. Now see if you can identify the three things that are common to them as individuals.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, pollucci19, Oct 11 22
Very Easy
pollucci19 gold member
Oct 11 22
387 plays
  Celebrity Family Dynasties great trivia quiz - 15 questions
There are some families that have gravitated toward the entertainment business. These stars can be siblings, parents, or cross multiple generations. I adopted this quiz and turned it into a categorization mode where you match the people to the family.
Very Easy, 15 Qns, stephgm67, Sep 30 22
Very Easy
stephgm67 gold member
Sep 30 22
567 plays
A mix of 10 Celebrities questions, submitted by 10 different FunTrivia players! The first few questions are easy, but the last couple are tough!
Easier, 10 Qns, FTBot, Oct 26 22
Oct 26 22
366 plays
  Celebrities with Doctorates - 10 questions
They're not just pretty faces, look at the big brains on some of these famous actors and musicians. Can you match up the celebrity with the subject they got their PhD in?
Average, 10 Qns, parrotman2006, Sep 22 22
parrotman2006 gold member
Sep 22 22
147 plays
  Sorting Barrymores best quiz - 10 questions
Sort these accomplishments according to which member of the famous acting Barrymore family they fit - John, Lionel, Ethel or Drew.
Average, 10 Qns, agony, Sep 21 22
agony editor
Sep 21 22
231 plays
Lloyd, Beau and Jeff and Jordan Bridges - a talented family who have entertained through film, TV , music and literature. There has been a lot of water under these Bridges, troubled or not.
Average, 10 Qns, smpdit, Oct 10 22
smpdit gold member
Oct 10 22
207 plays
  Olive Thomas popular trivia quiz - 10 questions
A quiz on the life and death of Olive Thomas, a young actress whose 1920 death may have been Hollywood's first darkest moment.
Average, 10 Qns, Joepetz, Sep 17 22
Category: Celebrities T-Z
Joepetz gold member
Sep 17 22
132 plays
Sometimes it might be appropriate to change your name if you're getting in to show business if you have a bland or difficult name to pronounce. This quiz is about celebs who changed their names for whatever reason.
Easier, 10 Qns, cardsfan_027, Sep 17 22
Category: Real Name
cardsfan_027 gold member
Sep 17 22
468 plays
  Here lies.... best quiz - 15 questions
'Here lies' is a quiz based on the graves/burial sites of famous people and explains the circumstances of their deaths, as well as (where possible) any last words.
Very Easy, 15 Qns, heatherlois, Sep 11 22
Very Easy
heatherlois gold member
Sep 11 22
399 plays
A mix of 10 Celebrities questions, submitted by 10 different FunTrivia players! The first few questions are easy, but the last couple are tough!
Easier, 10 Qns, FTBot, Sep 05 22
Sep 05 22
387 plays
  Judged Celebrities - 10 questions
Despite the pedestals upon which celebrities are placed, they sometimes reveal their feet of clay. Phoenix Rising's Red Crew delves into times when some celebrities have besmirched their reputations and have fallen from grace and been judged in Court.
Average, 10 Qns, smpdit, Sep 03 22
smpdit gold member
Sep 03 22
267 plays
  When A Man Loves A Woman top quiz - 10 questions
When a Man Loves a Woman? Well in this case when TWO men love a woman. Sequentially of course. Match the husband on the left with the husband on the right. What's that? Who is the wife? Well that would make it too easy wouldn't it? Good luck!
Easier, 10 Qns, 1nn1, Aug 24 22
Category: Celeb Couples
1nn1 editor
Aug 24 22
300 plays
Olivia Newton-John, my all-time favorite female singer, passed away after a thirty-year battle with breast cancer, on August 8, 2022. This quiz is about her life and her career.
Average, 10 Qns, Ilona_Ritter, Aug 27 22
Category: Celebrities M-P
Ilona_Ritter gold member
Aug 27 22
234 plays
  Three Clues and a Guess great trivia quiz - 10 questions
Three clues are given about an actor or actress. Your job is to guess who that actor/actress is by the clues given.
Easier, 10 Qns, pennie1478, Aug 22 22
Aug 22 22
429 plays
  Henry Fonda great trivia quiz - 10 questions
Among actors, he has been the best of his kind. A creative artist with a strong bond to family, he was affectionately known as Hank. Here's a look at Henry Fonda, away from his towering presence on the silver screen.
Average, 10 Qns, pollucci19, Aug 21 22
Category: Celebrities E-G
pollucci19 gold member
Aug 21 22
219 plays

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