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Quiz about Colorful Disambiguation
Quiz about Colorful Disambiguation

Colorful Disambiguation Trivia Quiz

I will name ten colors. For each, there are four descriptions of people. Pick the one that fits. Exact spelling required!

A multiple-choice quiz by parrotman2006. Estimated time: 6 mins.
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6 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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5 / 10
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1. Who is RED?

Actor who played Fred Sanford on "Sanford and Son"
Flexible member of the "Fantastic Four"
Avenue Q character whose girlfriend "lives in Canada"
Prison inmate portrayed by Morgan Freeman

2. Who is WHITE?

Eccentric billionaire in "Diamonds are Forever"
Character actor who often played doctors and scientists
Toby's ex-wife on "The West Wing"
Letter-turner on "Wheel of Fortune"

3. Who is BLUE?

American rapper; Below the Heavens
Actor who played Chad in "High School Musical" films
Cy Young Award winning pitcher
Character played by Jane Fonda in a 1965 western

4. Who is GREEN?

Ben Cartwright and Commander Adama
Front man for the Irish "Jig Punk" band The Prodigals
Welsh Cartoonist
Vivica A Fox character in "Kill Bill: Part I"

5. Who is GOLD?

Jewish lesbian stand-up comedienne
Alien race from Stargate SG-1
Played Ross and Monica's dad on "Friends"
Award winning-songwriter; "Nightshift"

6. Who is ORANGE?

Great apes found in Indonesia
US Senator from Utah
Character played by Lucy Liu in "Kill Bill: Part 1"
Three US Representatives during the 19th Century

7. Who is BLACK?

Crime-fighting magician played by Hal Linden
Crime novelist who sets much of his work in New York
Werewolf played by Taylor Lautner in "New Moon"
Creator of the computer game Zork

8. Who is YELLOW?

Winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize for Literature
Pokemon character who can heal and read thoughts
Folk singer who wrote "Puff the Magic Dragon"
World renowned cellist

9. Who is INDIGO? Hint

Folk duo from Georgia
Architect for worked for James I and Charles I
Villain in "For a Few Dollars More"
Spanish swordsman in "The Princess Bride"

10. Who is GRAY? Hint

Western novelist; "Riders of the Purple Sage"
Author who was a key figure in the New Journalism movement
Actress who played Ferris' sister in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
Narrator of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Who is RED?

Answer: Prison inmate portrayed by Morgan Freeman

Ellis Boyd "RED" Redding was a convict in the story/film "The Shawshank Redemption." Morgan Freeman played Red in the 1994 film and received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for it, but lost out to Tom Hanks. Ironically, Tom Hanks was originally considered for the role of Andy Dufresne. Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Paul Newman were all considered for the role before Freeman got. In the Steven King story, Red is Irish.

REDD Foxx (1922-1991) was born John Elroy Sanford. So he was actually using his real name when he played Fred Sanford. Foxx died of a heart attack; ironically, faking a heart attack was one of the signature gags on "Sanford and Son."

REED Richards is a scientist who became super-flexible after exposure to cosmic radiation. His name in the Fantastic Four is "Mr Fantastic" (Why it's not Dr Fantastic, I'm not sure). Richards is married to Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl. He has been played by Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd in the two Fantastic Four films.

ROD is a character from the Broadway musical Avenue Q, which is an adult version of Sesame Street. Rod and Nicky are a parody of Bert and Ernie. The play won the 2004 Tony for Best Musical, and closed in September 2009 after a six year run.
2. Who is WHITE?

Answer: Letter-turner on "Wheel of Fortune"

Vanna WHITE has become an American television icon since her start on Wheel of Fortune in December 1982. She has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as "television's most frequent clapper". Vanna is an avid knitting enthusiast and has her own line of yarn.

Willard WHYTE was played by country singer Jimmy Dean in the 1972 James Bond film "Diamonds are Forever". His identity was stolen by Ernest Stavro Blofeld (played by Charles Gray) in order to blackmail the world with a space-based laser weapon. Whyte is loosely based on real-life eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes.

Andrea WYATT, played by Kathleen York, was Toby Zeigler's ex-wife on the NBC series "The West Wing". She had twins during the fourth season of the show, Molly and Huckleberry. Wyatt is a member of the House of Representatives from Maryland.

WHIT Bissell was in Hollywood for almost six decades, starting in 1943. He often played scientists and doctors, especially in horror and science fiction films. He even received a lifetime achievement award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in 1994.
3. Who is BLUE?

Answer: Cy Young Award winning pitcher

Vida BLUE was a pitcher in the Major Leagues for 17 years. In 1971, while pitching for the Oakland Athletics, he won the Cy Young Award with a record of 24-8. Blue threw a no-hitter on September 21, 1970 against the Minnesota Twins.

Corbin BLEU is an actor, singer and rapper most famous for his work on the Disney Channel, especially the "High School Musical" films. The soundtracks for the HSM films have sold more than a collective 8.5 million units; Bleu's own album, "Another Side", initially did a respectful 142,000.

Cat (Catherine) BALLOU is the star of Cat Ballou, a 1965 comedy based in the American west. Lee Marvin won many awards, including the Best Actor Oscar and Golden Globe, for his portrayal of gunfighter Kid Shelleen.

BLU is the stage name of Johnson Barnes, a rapper from San Francisco. He is recognized as one of the rising stars in the field of Hip Hop music.
4. Who is GREEN?

Answer: Vivica A Fox character in "Kill Bill: Part I"

Vernita GREEN, aka Copperhead, is a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad from "Kill Bill: Part 1". She has settled into the life of a housewife when The Bride (Uma Thurman) arrives and kills her. Vernita attempts to kill The Bride with a gun she has concealed in a cereal box. The cereal's name? Kaboom.

Actor Lorne GREENE played two of television's most iconic characters: Patriarch Ben Cartwright on "Bonanza" and Commander Adama of the 1980s series "Battlestar Galactica." His original name was Lyon Himam Green. He started his career as a news broadcaster, and was known as "The Voice of Canada" during the 1930s.

Grenfell GREN Jones was the cartoonist who created "Ponty am' Pop", based on every-day life in southern Wales. Gren retired in 1999 after 35 years in cartooning, and died in 2007.

Gregory GRENE is the front man for The Prodigals, a New York-based Irish rock band which has been around since 1997.
5. Who is GOLD?

Answer: Jewish lesbian stand-up comedienne

Judy GOLD is a two-time Daytime Emmy winner for her work on the Rosie O'Donnell Show. She has been active as a stand-up comedian since 1992, when she performed on a dare from her college friends at Rutgers.

Elliott GOULD was a recurring character on "Friends". He has been the star of numerous films, including being Trapper John McIntyre in the 1970 film M*A*S*H. Gould is a six-time host of Saturday Night Live (1975-1980). He was married to Barbara Streisand from 1963 to1971. On Friends, he played Jack Geller. More recently, he was been part of the "Ocean's 11" franchise, playing Reuben.

The GOA'ULD are a race of parasitic extra-terrestrials in the Stargate universe. They are natives of Planet P3X-888. While Goa'uld means "Children of the Gods," humans refer to them derisively as "snakes" or "snakeheads".

Franne GOLDE is a songwriter and musician whose work has appeared on dozens of albums. Her most famous song is probably "Night Shift," the tribute The Commodores recorded to Marvin Gaye in 1985.
6. Who is ORANGE?

Answer: Three US Representatives during the 19th Century

ORANGE Ferriss was a congressman from New York (1867-1871). ORANGE Jacobs was a congressman from the Territory of Washington (1875-1879), who left Washington to become Mayor of Seattle. ORANGE Merwin was a congressman from Connecticut (1825-1829).

ORANG-utans are one of the four species of Great Ape (Chimps, Gorillas, and Humans being the others). Orangutan means "person of the jungle" in Indonesian. Orangutans are highly intelligent; unfortunately, destruction of the Indonesian rainforest has also made them highly endangered. Clint Eastwood made orangutans popular in the early 1980s with his films "Any Which Way But Loose" and "Any Which Way You Can."

O-REN Ishi was the leader of the Yakuza, Tokyo's most powerful organized crime organization in the movie "Kill Bill: Part 1". She was killed by The Bride after a bloody massacre at the House of Blue Leaves. Actress Lucy Liu portrayed her with a marvelous psychotic ferocity. Her code name with the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad was Cottonmouth.

ORRIN Hatch is a senator from Utah who began serving in 1977. Along with being one of the most respected members of the Republican Caucus, Hatch is a talented musician who plays the piano, organ and violin. He is also a prolific song-writer, but generally writes under a pen-name. Hatch, an attorney, has also been a member of the Judiciary Committee.
7. Who is BLACK?

Answer: Werewolf played by Taylor Lautner in "New Moon"

Jacob BLACK is a major character in the "Twilight" series created by Stephanie Meyer. He is described as "sort of beautiful" - when he's not turning into a wolf, that is.

Lawrence BLOCK is a best-selling mystery novelist. His most famous character is Matthew Scudder, a New York private detective who struggles with alcoholism.

Marc BLANK is a graduate of MIT who was inspired by the original "Adventure" game written by Don Woods and Will Crowther. He designed Zork, the first major interactive text game, and released it in 1977.

BLACKE'S Magic was a short-lived 1986 series starting Hal Linden as magician Alexander BLACKE, who solved crimes with the help of his con-artist father (Harry Morgan).
8. Who is YELLOW?

Answer: Pokemon character who can heal and read thoughts

YELLOW is one of the protagonists in the Japanese manga (comic book) "Pokemon Adventures". The series has been published since 1997, and issues have cost up to an impressive $7.95.

Saul BELLOW is one of the most important writers of the 20th century. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his 1976 work Humboldt's Gift; later that year, he won the Nobel Prize. He was the first author to win the National Book Award three times. Bellow died in 2005, aged 90.

YO-YO Ma is the world's greatest cellist. He has recorded over 75 albums and at least 15 have won Grammy Awards. Ma is well known for his mastery of Bach, especially Cello Suite #1. He gave a notable performance on "The West Wing" in the episode "Noel".

Peter YARROW was the Peter in Peter, Paul and Mary, one of the most popular folk groups of the 1960s. While he wrote "Puff the Magic Dragon," the group is best known for its cover of the Bob Dylan anthem "Blowin' in the Wind." Yarrow has also been one of the more important activists for peace and justice over the last forty years, from civil rights to the Vietnam War to economic justice and conflict resolution.
9. Who is INDIGO?

Answer: Folk duo from Georgia

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers are the INDIGO Girls, a band formed in 1985. They released their first album in 1987, followed by many more. One of their biggest hits was "Galileo," which focuses on reincarnation.

INDIO was the name of the villain pursued by Manco (Clint Eastwood) and Colonel Douglas Mortimer (Lee Van Cleef) in the 1965 film "For a Few Dollars More." Mortimer sought vengeance against Indio, who killed the colonel's sister. Indio's prized possession was a musical watch, which he used to time duels with. Since he knew the exact moment the music would end, he had a built-in advantage.

INIGO Jones was the first major architect in modern British history. He worked in the first half of the 17th Century, and designed several major buildings in London: Queens House in Greenwich and the Banqueting Hall at Whitehall and the design of the Covent Garden district.

INIGO Montaya is a character in "The Princess Bride" who spent most of his life seeking vengeance against a man who killed his father. His immortal line: "My name is Inigo Montaya. You killed my father. Prepare to die".
10. Who is GRAY?

Answer: Narrator of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Charles GRAY gained immortality as the narrator of the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975). Gray appeared in two Bond films: "You Only Live Twice", as a British agent, and "Diamonds are Forever", as Bond nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Gray died in March 2000.

Zane GREY was a prolific novelist, writing over 90 books (1903-1939), most based on the American West. Grey was a baseball player in college and the minor leagues, but played in one game in the majors--for the Pirates in 1903.

Jennifer GREY played Jeanie, Ferris' sister, in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." She informed a young Charlie Sheen (playing a thug) that her name was Shawna. The film regularly places well on lists of top comedies. Grey is probably best known as Frances "Baby" Houseman in the 1987 film "Dirty Dancing".

GAY Talese (born 1932) is a writer and journalist whose work has tended to focus on New York City. He was written works on "The New York Times", crime families and bridges.
Source: Author parrotman2006

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