Quiz about Restaurant Lingo
Quiz about Restaurant Lingo

Restaurant Lingo Trivia Quiz

Define the Restaurant expressions. This quiz was inspired by Funtrivia quiz architect robynraymer. Remember these are Restaurant terms and not dictionary definitions.

A multiple-choice quiz by quaxo. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. What is a "dupe"? Hint

Having two beats
Easily deceived customer
The order pad
A stupid customer

2. What does "on the fly" mean? Hint

Run away from the customer
Fix the food in a hurry
There is an insect on my food
Carry the food by air

3. What does "S.O.S." mean? Hint

A distress signal in the kitchen
Salad of the Sea
Sounds of Salsa
Sauce on the Side

4. What does "working" mean? Hint

Earning money for the restaurant
The food is being prepared
Walking the streets for customers
Fermenting the liquor

5. What does "in the window" mean? Hint

The food is ready to go to the table
What is on display
Who is waiting for a table
What's on TV

6. What does "echo" mean? Hint

Repeat the order to the cook
Announcing the name of the next reservation in the bar
Repeat gossipy items overheard at a table to the rest of the staff
Confirming a reservation

7. What does "86" mean? Hint

All of the above
The "Proof" of liquor
A customer has been thrown out of the establishment and will no longer be served
Out of Menu Item

8. "Tips" means To Insure Prompt Service or To Insure Proper Service.


9. What is a "line up"? Hint

The waiting line for waiters to get drinks from the bar
Setting a table
The meeting before service starts
The waiting list for a table

10. What is a "Leo"? Hint

A Lox, Eggs and Onion Omelette
The floor manager
The chef, king of the kitchen
The new drink at the bar

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. What is a "dupe"?

Answer: The order pad

Dupe comes from "duplicate". The Restaurant check pad has a carbon. One copy goes to the kitchen, the other is for the customer. Dupe also means someone who is easily deceived. A stupid person is a dope. Having two beats is duple.
2. What does "on the fly" mean?

Answer: Fix the food in a hurry

A waiter will ask the cook for an item "on the fly" when he has forgotten to order something.
3. What does "S.O.S." mean?

Answer: Sauce on the Side

Waiters use abbreviations to communicate to the kitchen any special cooking or preparation information.
4. What does "working" mean?

Answer: The food is being prepared

A waiter will ask the kitchen expeditor if an item is "working" to find out if it is being prepared.
5. What does "in the window" mean?

Answer: The food is ready to go to the table

Waiters or runners get the prepared food from the "pick up window" which is usually a shelf in the kitchen at the station where the food is prepared. Some restaurants actually have a window to the kitchen where waiters hand in their "dupes" and pick up the food so they don't have to go into the kitchen.
6. What does "echo" mean?

Answer: Repeat the order to the cook

The kitchen expeditor will "echo" all orders he thinks are "working" to check that the cooks are preparing them.
7. What does "86" mean?

Answer: All of the above

According to many research sources, "86" may have come from Chumleys, a former Greenwich Village Speakeasy located at 86 Bedford St. If you got thrown out you were "86'd" onto 86 Barrow Street, where the back door was located. Check this place out whenever you're in NYC; they say it's haunted.

A grave is 8'x6', nix means no, rhymes with 86. Delmonico's Restaurant in NYC supposedly had over 100 items on its menu- # 86 was a rib eye steak which sold out a lot. If you were not a "regular" customer you were served 86 proof liquor instead of the "good" stuff, which was usually 100 proof or more.
8. "Tips" means To Insure Prompt Service or To Insure Proper Service.

Answer: False

"To Insure Prompt Service" is a backronym - an acronym explanation of a word that never was an acronym to begin with. It is also a misspelling - the correct version would be "ensure" (to "insure" is to protect against loss, as in "car insurance"). In the U.S. a tip is usually 15 percent of the total check before taxes.
9. What is a "line up"?

Answer: The meeting before service starts

In a very formal restaurant the manager and the chef would line up the staff. First, to check that the staff is properly dressed and groomed and second, to go over the special dishes for the day and have a short meeting with the staff. The meeting is also called pre-meal.
10. What is a "Leo"?

Answer: A Lox, Eggs and Onion Omelette

A "Leo" is a very New York thing.
Source: Author quaxo

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