Quiz about Covered in Pink
Quiz about Covered in Pink

Covered in Pink Trivia Quiz

I am putting this here because Pink Floyd is a classic band. What I do here, is I name the Floyd song and you tell me who covered it.

A multiple-choice quiz by AmandaLG. Estimated time: 6 mins.
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6 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. 'Mother' Hint

All About Eve
Afghan Wigs
The Damned
Sex Pistols

2. 'Arnold Layne' Hint

Black Sabbath
The Boomtown Rats

3. 'Lucifer Sam' Hint

Grateful Dead
Motley Crue
Graded Grains
The Doors

4. 'Another Brick In the Wall part 2' Hint

Die Gruppe

5. 'Vegetable Man' Hint

Janis Joplin
Jesus and Mary Chain
Jimi Hendrix
My Bloody Valentine

6. 'Lucifer Sam' Hint

The Beatles
Hex Girls
Dr. Hook
Love and Rockets

7. 'Astronomy Domine' Hint

The Runaways
The Clash

8. 'Terrapin' Hint

God Lives Underwater
Smashing Pumpkins

9. 'In The Flesh' Hint

Marilyn Manson
Guns n Roses
Motley Crue

10. 'Dogs of War' Hint

Joe Cocker
The Beatels
Dr. Hook

11. 'The Nile Song' Hint

Three Dog Night
Red Temple Spirits
Stone Temple Pilots
Alice in Chains

12. 'On The Run' Hint


13. 'The Gnome' Hint

Neil is Happy
The Damned

14. 'Time' Hint

Wrathchild America

15. 'Set The Controls' Hint

Grateful Dead
Black Crowes
Dr. Hook
Magic Mushroom Band

16. 'Brain Damage' Hint

The Austin Lounge Lizards
Blues Traveller
The Cramps
No Doubt

17. 'It Would Be So Nice' Hint

The Clash
The Cramps
Captain Sensible
The Buzzcocks

18. 'Octopus' Hint

Carnival Art
The Doors
Janis Joplin
The Police

19. 'Echoes' Hint

Ha Ha Ha
The The
Talk Talk

20. 'Another Brick in the Wall part 2' Hint

Aretha Franklin
The Doors

21. 'Bike' Hint

Tony Bennett
Juliana Hatfield
The Corrs

22. 'See Emily Play' Hint

Blue Oyster Cult
Nine Inch Nails
David Bowie

23. 'Money' Hint

Pearl Jam
Janis Joplin
Eddie Money

24. 'Echoes' Hint

Black Sabbath

25. 'Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk' Hint

Tghe Buzzcockz
Bloodhound Gang
The Runaways
Sanity Assassins

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 'Mother'

Answer: Afghan Wigs

The Afghan Wigs perform a live melody which includes 'Mother.'
2. 'Arnold Layne'

Answer: The Boomtown Rats

The Rats played the song on TV in 1982.
3. 'Lucifer Sam'

Answer: Graded Grains

'Lucifer Sam' is one of my favorite Barrett-era Floyd songs.
4. 'Another Brick In the Wall part 2'

Answer: Die Gruppe

The song is sung in German with modified lyrics. Their version is called 'Stein Um Stein', which means 'Stone By Stone'.
5. 'Vegetable Man'

Answer: Jesus and Mary Chain

It is on the B-side of 'Upside Down'.
6. 'Lucifer Sam'

Answer: Love and Rockets

It is on the B-side of 'Kundalini Express'.
7. 'Astronomy Domine'

Answer: Voivod

It's on their album 'Nothingface'.
8. 'Terrapin'

Answer: Smashing Pumpkins

It is only on the special edition B-side of 'I Am One'.
9. 'In The Flesh'

Answer: Redrum

Redrum performs the song live.
10. 'Dogs of War'

Answer: Laibach

It is on their album 'NATO'.
11. 'The Nile Song'

Answer: Red Temple Spirits

It is on their album 'Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon'.
12. 'On The Run'

Answer: Pegasus

It was recorded for a demo. 'Time' was also recorded for a demo for them.
13. 'The Gnome'

Answer: Neil is Happy

If any of you all have seen the 'Young One', then you know who Neil is (Nigel Planer). This is his album based on his character on the show. He also performed the song on TV.
14. 'Time'

Answer: Wrathchild America

It's on their album 'Climbin' The Walls'.
15. 'Set The Controls'

Answer: Magic Mushroom Band

It is on their 'Magick Eye' single; running right after 'Set the Controls' is 'For The Heart of the Sun'.
16. 'Brain Damage'

Answer: The Austin Lounge Lizards

They do a bluegrass version on their album 'Lizard Vision'. They also perform the song live.
17. 'It Would Be So Nice'

Answer: Captain Sensible

It is on 'Sensible Singles'.
18. 'Octopus'

Answer: Carnival Art

So it is a Syd Barrett song, but it still counts- after all, he was in the orginal lineup of Floyd. The Carnival Art album it is on is 'Thumdrone'.
19. 'Echoes'

Answer: Ha Ha Ha

They made the song 3 minutes long.
20. 'Another Brick in the Wall part 2'

Answer: a'Grumh

It's on their album 'Bloody Side'.
21. 'Bike'

Answer: Blues

They do two versions of the song.
22. 'See Emily Play'

Answer: David Bowie

It is on his 'Pinups' album.
23. 'Money'

Answer: Pearls

It's on 'Video Show', which has a live performance of the song.
24. 'Echoes'

Answer: Episode

On their album 'Edge of the Sky'.
25. 'Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk'

Answer: Sanity Assassins

It is on their album 'Blow Torch Love Doll'.
Source: Author AmandaLG

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