Quiz about Match The Foo Fighters Lyrics
Quiz about Match The Foo Fighters Lyrics

Match The Foo Fighters' Lyrics Quiz

Do you like the Foos? Are you familiar with their songs? Well, either way, here are ten lyrics you'll have to pair up to the correct song title. All songs are from different albums and follow the band's story and career. Good luck!

A matching quiz by Gispepfu. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Apr 17 22
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1. "My kind has all run out, as if kinds could blend..."  
Learn To Fly
2. "Hello, I've waited here for you..."  
For All The Cows
3. "Now I'm looking to the sky to save me, looking for a sign of life...."  
4. "Dead on the inside I've got nothing to prove, keep me alive and give me something to lose...."  
Summer's End
5. "I would never change a thing, even if I could..."  
Love Dies Young
6. "Bloody lips and cherry wine, moonshine in your hair..."  
The Sky Is A Neighborhood
7. "One of these days the clocks will stop and time won't mean a thing..."  
These Days
8. "I've been throwing knives to see just where they land..."  
Come Back
9. "Oh my dear, heaven is a big bang now, gotta get to sleep somehow..."  
10. "Love's so dumb so what's the fascination? Leaves you numb with a nasty reputation..."  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. "My kind has all run out, as if kinds could blend..."

Answer: For All The Cows

The story of Foo Fighters began after the dissolution of Nirvana following Kurt Cobain's death. Drummer Dave Grohl, trying to cope with the tragedy, booked some time at a studio and recorded some songs he had written over the years, and released it under the "Foo Fighters" moniker to make people believe it was an actual band. Actually, he sang and played all instruments in the record, except for a small guitar part by Greg Dulli of the Afghan Whigs.
The record attracted so much attention that Grohl had to recruit a full band to embark on a promotional tour.
"For All The Cows" is one of the singles featured in the self-titled debut album released in 1995.
2. "Hello, I've waited here for you..."

Answer: Everlong

The follow up, "The Colour And The Shape", was released in 1997 and continued the successful streak of hits for Dave Grohl and his newly assembled band (Nate Mendel in bass, Pat Smear in guitar and William Goldsmith in drums), with songs such as "Monkey Wrench", "My Hero", and "Everlong", all of them staple songs at their shows. However, even though the album met with critical praise, with many considering it the peak of Foo Fighters' career, the success came at a high price for them, since both Smear and Goldsmith quit the band in the process, the former because of exhaustion, and the latter after learning that Grohl had re-recorded all of his drum takes in the album.
3. "Now I'm looking to the sky to save me, looking for a sign of life...."

Answer: Learn To Fly

"There Is Nothing Left To Lose", FF's third album, hit the shelves in 1999. Its most well-known songs are "Breakout" and "Learn To Fly", which boosted the band's popularity through extended radio airplay.
Grohl sought to replace the two members that had departed, and so Taylor Hawkins and Franz Stahl joined the band as drummer and guitarist respectively. However, Stahl was fired before the recording sessions began, so this ended up being the only Foo Fighters' album recorded as a trio, up to this day.
It was well received by the critics and fans, and despite not reaching the success of its predecessor, it earned the band its first Grammy Award for Best Rock Album.
4. "Dead on the inside I've got nothing to prove, keep me alive and give me something to lose...."

Answer: Come Back

The recording of "One By One", the fourth album, that came out in 2002, was a very tense period for the Foo Fighters. At some points, the band was even on the verge of breaking up, and the brooding mood shows on the album, which was considered darker and heavier than anything they'd ever done up to that point.
Mainly known for the hit singles "All My Life" and "Times Like These", the record won two more Grammys for the Foos, one for Best Rock Album and one for Best Rock Performance for "All My Life". However, a while after its release, the band grew dissatisfied with their work and rarely play songs from this album, save for the two mentioned.
This was the first album that featured guitarist Chris Shiflett, making the Foos a four-piece band again.
5. "I would never change a thing, even if I could..."

Answer: Resolve

"In Your Honor" came out in 2005 and it's the first double album by Foo Fighters. One of the discs sticks to their habitual rock formula, while the other consists only of acoustic songs. It features another one of their most famous songs, "Best Of You", as well as "DOA" and "Resolve"; the acoustic disc features collaborations by John Paul Jones, Norah Jones and Josh Homme. Also, some of the songs include keyboard parts played by Rami Jaffee, who would eventually become a full time member of the band.
6. "Bloody lips and cherry wine, moonshine in your hair..."

Answer: Summer's End

2007 saw the release of "Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace", a very diverse album that, like "In Your Honor", mixes heavy rock songs with acoustic pieces, and even an instrumental, the first for the band ("Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners").
This album featured old time guitarist Pat Smear as a guest in some songs, and he rejoined the band as a full time member for the next one.
7. "One of these days the clocks will stop and time won't mean a thing..."

Answer: These Days

For "Wasting Light", their seventh album, which was released in 2011, Grohl wanted to do all the recording in his garage, and to use analog equipment exclusively (i.e. tape recorders), avoiding computers and any kind of digital processing. Although that led to the process being a little more demanding than their previous efforts, it definitely paid off: "Wasting Light" got four Grammy awards for Foo Fighters, and was a massive success, with many critics considering it the pinnacle of their career, some of them even ranking it higher than "The Colour And The Shape".
8. "I've been throwing knives to see just where they land..."

Answer: Congregation

The eighth album of the Foos, "Sonic Highways", was pretty unique in its conception. Released in 2014, it was a part of a project that saw Grohl and the band traveling to eight different US cities, interviewing local personalities of the music industry, exploring the musical background and history of each of the cities, and recording a song there, inspired on what they had experienced. All of the footage was part of a television series of the same name, to which the album was the soundtrack.
9. "Oh my dear, heaven is a big bang now, gotta get to sleep somehow..."

Answer: The Sky Is A Neighborhood

After a short hiatus prompted by a leg injury sustained by Grohl in a concert, the band came back with "Concrete And Gold" in 2017. The songs are darker and most of the lyrics deal with concerns about the future, according to Grohl. It spawned two main singles, "Run" and "The Sky Is A Neighborhood", and has guest appearances by Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake, among others.
It is the first album in which Rami Jaffee is credited as a full time member, playing keyboards.
10. "Love's so dumb so what's the fascination? Leaves you numb with a nasty reputation..."

Answer: Love Dies Young

Their latest release at the time of this quiz, "Medicine At Midnight" was released in early 2021, and showcases a different style for the band's sound, with some of the songs being more pop-oriented.
While some critics praised their new approach, many fans felt a little disappointed with the results.
This is the last album to feature drummer Taylor Hawkins before his death in March 2022.
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