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Quiz about Songtitles  Heaven and Hell
Quiz about Songtitles  Heaven and Hell

Songtitles : Heaven and Hell Trivia Quiz

I'll give you the title of a song, and you supply the artist. They're all about heavenly creatures or hellish fiends. Sixties to Noughties.

A multiple-choice quiz by Yves. Estimated time: 5 mins.
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  9. Heaven and Hell in Songs

5 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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Question 1 of 20
1. 'Stairway to Heaven'(original) Hint

Question 2 of 20
2. 'The Devil made me do it' Hint

Question 3 of 20
3. 'Hell raiser' Hint

Question 4 of 20
4. 'Jesus is just alright' Hint

Question 5 of 20
5. 'Dance with the devil' Hint

Question 6 of 20
6. 'The devil's answer' Hint

Question 7 of 20
7. 'Out demons out' Hint

Question 8 of 20
8. 'Walk on the water' Hint

Question 9 of 20
9. 'Devil in my car' Hint

Question 10 of 20
10. 'With God on our side' Hint

Question 11 of 20
11. 'Angel interceptor' Hint

Question 12 of 20
12. 'In the name of the Father' Hint

Question 13 of 20
13. 'There by the grace of God' Hint

Question 14 of 20
14. 'Dear God' Hint

Question 15 of 20
15. 'The Devil went down to Georgia' Hint

Question 16 of 20
16. 'They caught the devil and put him in jail in Eudora, Arkansas' Hint

Question 17 of 20
17. '(Don't worry) If there's hell down below we're all gonna go' Hint

Question 18 of 20
18. 'God gave rock 'n roll to you'(original) Hint

Question 19 of 20
19. 'Blazing Apostles' Hint

Question 20 of 20
20. 'Heaven is a place on earth' Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. 'Stairway to Heaven'(original)

Answer: Led Zeppelin

Probably Zep's most popular tune.
2. 'The Devil made me do it'

Answer: Golden Earring

All of these bands are Dutch. The Golden Earrings (their original name) had a huge hit worldwide with 'Radar Love'.
3. 'Hell raiser'

Answer: The Sweet

Part of the Glam Rock (as were Slade and T.Rex).
4. 'Jesus is just alright'

Answer: The Byrds

Seminal Sixties folk-rock band that included luminaries such as Roger McGuinn, David Crosby, Gene Clark.
5. 'Dance with the devil'

Answer: Cozy Powell

Drummer extraordinaire, he's played with them all. From Jeff Beck to even Black Sabbath. This is one of his rare solo outings.
6. 'The devil's answer'

Answer: Atomic Rooster

The nucleus of Atomic Rooster started out as Arthur Brown's backing band. This was their biggest hit. The other bands are from the same era (late Sixties).
7. 'Out demons out'

Answer: Edgar Broughton Band

This trio from late Sixties/early Seventies was better known for their albums. 'Wasa Wasa', 'Sing brother sing' and 'Oora' were huge at a time when an LP was still on vinyl.
8. 'Walk on the water'

Answer: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Well, He supposedly did, didn't he? John Fogerty's great tune but not one of his mega hits.
9. 'Devil in my car'

Answer: B 52's

From the band with the big haired girl singers. They also gave us hits such as 'Love Shack', 'Party out of bounds' and 'Rock Lobster'.
10. 'With God on our side'

Answer: Bob Dylan

All well respected singer/songwriters. But Mr.D. wrote it and released it on his 1964 'The times they are a-changin' album.
11. 'Angel interceptor'

Answer: Ash

All bands from the Britpop phase. Ash even had another song called 'Jesus says'.
12. 'In the name of the Father'

Answer: Black Grape

Black Grape rose out of the ashes of the Happy Mondays. Shaun Ryder was their vocalist and Bez their 'dancer'. Mid 90's, this was their first single.
13. 'There by the grace of God'

Answer: Manic Street Preachers

This single was released October 2OO2 along with the Manics' greatest hits compilation 'Forever delayed'.
14. 'Dear God'

Answer: XTC

Andy Partridge's band released this as a single only. Very rare to track down (except for XTC compilations).
15. 'The Devil went down to Georgia'

Answer: Charlie Daniels Band

No explanation needed. Simply the best fiddle on a single song.
16. 'They caught the devil and put him in jail in Eudora, Arkansas'

Answer: Tony Joe White

No kidding. Tony Joe wrote it and put it on his eponymous 1971 album.
17. '(Don't worry) If there's hell down below we're all gonna go'

Answer: Curtis Mayfield

All very respected Soul brothers. But Curtis, who was in the Impressions once, gave this great tune to us. He also gave us 'Superfly' and 'Move on up'.
18. 'God gave rock 'n roll to you'(original)

Answer: Argent

On leaving the Zombies, Rod Argent and Russ Ballard formed Argent and released this hit. Kiss covered it much later.
19. 'Blazing Apostles'

Answer: Be Bop Deluxe

Ducks Deluxe was a British pub rock band. Funk Star Deluxe did a remake of a Bob Marley song. Lux Interior was with the Crampps.
It was guitar guru Bill Nelson's first band that did this great but obscure song.
20. 'Heaven is a place on earth'

Answer: Belinda Carlisle

Yes, Belinda was in the Go Go's with Jane Wiedlin, but this was a solo effort. She also did 'Leave a light on' and 'Circle in the sand'.
Source: Author Yves

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