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Quiz about Match the Tower to its Country
Quiz about Match the Tower to its Country

Match the Tower to its Country Quiz

I will give you the name of a tower and country, and you match the two together.

A matching quiz by blake_aus_nsw. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Canton Tower  
2. Abraj Al-Bait Towers  
3. Willis Tower  
  United States
4. Gerbrandy Tower  
5. Lakihegy Tower  
6. Eureka Tower  
7. Blackpool Tower  
8. Milad Tower  
  Saudi Arabia
9. The Rheinturm (Rhine Tower)  
10. Guoco Tower  

Select each answer

1. Canton Tower
2. Abraj Al-Bait Towers
3. Willis Tower
4. Gerbrandy Tower
5. Lakihegy Tower
6. Eureka Tower
7. Blackpool Tower
8. Milad Tower
9. The Rheinturm (Rhine Tower)
10. Guoco Tower

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May 17 2024 : MariaVerde: 8/10
Apr 30 2024 : Felixven: 10/10
Apr 28 2024 : Morganw2019: 10/10
Apr 27 2024 : Guest 49: 4/10
Apr 27 2024 : Guest 86: 7/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Canton Tower

Answer: China

Canton Tower has mixed uses as a restaurant, observation deck, and telecommunications center. Every day after sunset, Canton Tower will be illuminated from top to bottom. The height to the roof is 462.1 m (1,516 ft), and height to the tip of the antenna 604 m (1,982 ft).

The floor area is 114,054 m2 (1,227,700 sq ft), and there are 37 floors, 2 basement floors, and 9 lifts/elevators. The architects were Mark Hemel & Barbara Kuit.
2. Abraj Al-Bait Towers

Answer: Saudi Arabia

Abraj Al-Bait Towers, also known as Makkah Royal Clock Tower, has multiple uses, including hotel and residential. The clock face is illuminated at night by one million LED lights that give it its green and white beam. Some characteristics are height to roof 530 meters (1,740 ft), height to tip of antenna 601 meters (1,972 ft), The floor area is 310,638 m2 (3,343,680 sq ft), architectural style Postmodern and New Classical, the number of floors 120 and the number of lifts is 96.
3. Willis Tower

Answer: United States

The Willis Tower is used to house offices and for observation and communication. It used to be called the Sears Tower from 1973 to 1998. Before the tower could be built, a street had to be bought. Some of its characteristics include a height of 1,729 ft (527 m) to the tip, top floor at the height of 1,354 ft (413 m), floor area of 4,477,800 sq ft (416,000 m2), 110 (+3 basement) floors, and 104 elevators (including 16 double-deckers).

It was designed by architects Fazlur Rahman Khan and Bruce Graham.
4. Gerbrandy Tower

Answer: Netherlands

Gerbrandy Tower is used for directional radio services and FM and TV broadcasting. Its analog antenna was replaced with a digital one on August 2, 2007, resulting in reduced height. The height is 366.8 m (1,203.41 ft).
5. Lakihegy Tower

Answer: Hungary

Lakihegy Tower is used as a backup transmitter for Solt and as a transmitter for a radio control signal that switches street lamps and other devices on and off. It is also used as a training station for climbing specialists. There are two smaller medium-wave guyed mast radiators at Lakihegy. The height of the tower is 314 m (1,030.18 ft).
6. Eureka Tower

Answer: Australia

Eureka Tower is used as a residential apartment building and an observation tower. The elevator to the top of the Skydeck takes only 38 seconds to get from the ground floor to the 88th floor. The windows of the building's top 10 floors are plated in 24-carat gold.

It has a height of 292.3 m (959 ft) and a floor area of 123,000 m2 (1,320,000 sq ft). Its architect's name is Fender Katsalidis.
7. Blackpool Tower

Answer: England

Blackpool Tower is used as an observation tower, radio tower, and tourist attraction. There are 2,493 tons of steel and 93 tons of cast iron in the tower alone. The glass skywalk found at the top of the eye can hold the weight of two elephants. Until 1924, the tower generated its own electricity. The height of the tower is 158.1 m (518 ft 9 in).
8. Milad Tower

Answer: Iran

Milad Tower is used as a telecommunication, commercial, and observation tower, and it also has a revolving restaurant. Some statistics are that its height to the roof is 315.0 m (1,033 ft), its height to the antenna spire is 435.0 m (1,427 ft), and there are 12 floors and 6 elevators. The tower was designed by architect Mohammad Reza Hāfezi.
9. The Rheinturm (Rhine Tower)

Answer: Germany

The Rheinturm (Rhine Tower) is a telecommunications tower that also houses a restaurant and offers an observation deck. Another special attraction is the light on its shaft that functions as a clock. The tower's height is 240.5 m (789 ft), and its architect's name was Harald Deilmann.
10. Guoco Tower

Answer: Singapore

Guoco Tower is used as an office, residential, and hotel space. Guoco Tower used to be known as the Tanjong Pagar Centre. It houses the rooftop Urban Park. Its characteristics include a height of 283.7 m (931 ft), 65 floors, and 45 elevators.
Source: Author blake_aus_nsw

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