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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of  San Francisco Giants

130 San Francisco Giants Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about San Francisco Giants? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to San Francisco Giants (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 The Giants won the National League West Division under the guiding light of which manager?
Answer: Bruce Bochy

Bochy was in his fourth season with the Giants after managing the San Diego Padres for 12 seasons. He was the NL Manager of the Year in 1996 with the Padres. In his successive seasons with the Giants, he took them to 71 wins, 72 wins, 88 wins, then 94 in 2010 to win the NL West.
    Your options: [ Bruce Bochy ] [ Leo Durocher ] [ Joe Torre ] [ Alvin Dark ]
  From Quiz: Giants: 2010 World Series Champions!
2 In 1968 and 1969, this Giants' slugger led the National League in both home runs and runs batted in. Can you name this superstar?
Answer: Willie McCovey

Willie "Big Stretch" McCovey is the most beloved San Francisco Giant of all-time. In 1968, he hit 36 HRs and batted in 105 runs. In 1969, he had 45 HRs and 126 RBIs. Overall, McCovey belted 469 home runs and batted in 1388 runs for the Giants.
  From Quiz: San Francisco Sluggers
3 In 1957, the New York Giants moved to San Francisco to become the San Francisco Giants. What was the original name of the franchise?
Answer: New York Gothams

The franchise came to be in 1883 under the helm of John Clapp. Their first season saw them finish 46-50, sixth place of eight teams in the National League. The team was led by catcher Buck Ewing and pitcher Mickey Welch. The Gothams would win 62 games in 1884, then with the name change of Giants, they went 85-27 in 1885 under manager Jim Mutrie.
  From Quiz: Giant Balls
4 Who was the first Giant to get elected into the Hall of Fame?
Answer: Christy Matthewson

Matthewson was elected on the first ballot in 1936.
Monte Irvin made it for his achievements in the Negro Leagues, but didn't play for the Giants.
  From Quiz: Giant Facts
5 Who was the tall and lanky righty leading the team in wins, with a not so grand total of 13?
Answer: Mike LaCoss

Rick Reuschel became the Giants staff leader in the next couple of years, leading them with 17 wins in 1989, Mike Krukow led the team in wins the year before with 20, and Don Robinson was a reliever with 5 wins in 1987.
  From Quiz: 1987 Giants: My Favorite Team
6 Which year was the Giants' first season in San Francisco?
Answer: 1958

At the end of the 1957 season in New York, the Giants packed up and moved to California, to continue their long lasting rivalry with the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers. Manager Bill Rigney helped with the transition, and won 11 more games than the previous season in New York.
    Your options: [ 1958 ] [ 1956 ] [ 1961 ] [ 1951 ]
  From Quiz: Your San Francisco Giants!
7 How many All-Star appearances did the great Willie Mays make?
Answer: 20

He made 20 consecutive appearances from 1954-1973. He holds the 20th Century record for compiling 23 career All-Star game hits.
  From Quiz: A Giant of a Quiz!
8 Who threw the first pitch in SF Giants history?
Answer: Ruben Gomez

Ruben Gomez was the Giants opening day starter on April 15th, 1958 at Seals Stadium in San Francisco, and shut out the LA Dodgers in an 8-0 complete game victory.
  From Quiz: For Giants Fans Only!
9 The Giants moved to San Francisco in what year?
Answer: 1958

They left New York, of course.
  From Quiz: San Francisco Giants
10 Who was the first Giants pitcher to win the NL Cy Young award?
Answer: Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick won the Cy Young award in 1967.
  From Quiz: Giants Franchise Facts
11 What was the longest winning streak that the Giants had during the season?
Answer: 5 games

The Giants could only muster a five game streak between July 10th and July 17th, and this even straddled the All-Star break. Starting on June 26, they began their longest season losing streak of seven games.
  From Quiz: Giants: 2010 World Series Champions!
12 In 1972, the San Francisco Giants traded aging superstar Willie Mays to the New York Mets. Which pitcher did they get in return?
Answer: Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams was a right-handed hurler who showed some early promise. He pitched for the Giants from 1972 to 1978, compiling a record of 18 victories and 16 defeats. Bryant had one tremendous season for the Giants, winning 24 games in 1973.
    Your options: [ Charlie Williams ] [ Gary Lavelle ] [ Ron Bryant ] [ Ed Halicki ]
  From Quiz: San Francisco Sluggers
13 In what season did the Giants win their first National League Championship?
Answer: 1888

The New York Giants won the NL pennant by nine games over the Chicago White Stockings (later Cubs). They would go on to play and exhibition "World Series" against the St. Louis Browns of the American Association, and win six games to four. All prior championship series prior to 1903 were officially considered exhibition games.
  From Quiz: Giant Balls
14 Who was the first Giant to win an MVP award in the 21st century?
Answer: Barry Bonds

Jeff Kent won the MVP award in 2000, but Barry Bonds won the first in the 21st century, and the next three MVP awards (2002-03-04).
  From Quiz: Giant Facts
15 This team was known for it's power at the plate. How many home runs did they crank out, breaking the old San Francisco record?
Answer: 205

This broke the existing mark of 204 established by the NL Champion 1962 San Francisco Giants, who had players like McCovey, Mays, Marichal, and Cepeda, to name a few.
  From Quiz: 1987 Giants: My Favorite Team
16 In what year did the Giants win their first National League crown?
Answer: 1962

The infamous 1962 season, with the 1 playoff game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, saw the Giants' first trip to the World Series via a 103-62 record. It was the fifth time in franchise history the Giants broke the 100-win barrier, but the first in San Francisco. The Giants lost to the Yankees 4 games to 3, with arguably the greatest balanced roster in National League history. They rostered the likes of Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Matty Alou, Orlando Cepeda, Jim Davenport, and catcher Tom Haller. Their arms were Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry, Billy Pierce, and Jack Sanford.
  From Quiz: Your San Francisco Giants!
17 Who was the first Giant to win two MVP Awards?
Answer: Carl Hubbell

Hubbell was the first while playing for the Giants out of New York in 1933, and then again in 1936. This Hall of Fame player won more than 20 games five seasons in a row from 1933-1937.
  From Quiz: A Giant of a Quiz!
18 In the first game in SF Giants history, which Dodger great took the loss in that inaugural game?
Answer: Don Drysdale

Drysdale pitched only 3 2/3rds innings allowing 6 earned runs on 5 hits. He walked 3 and struck out 1.
    Your options: [ Sandy Koufax ] [ Carl Erskine ] [ Don Newcome ] [ Don Drysdale ]
  From Quiz: For Giants Fans Only!
19 When the Giants moved to San Francisco they played at ________ Stadium?
Answer: Seals

It was on the corner of 16th and Bryant, across the street from the Hamm's Brewery!
  From Quiz: San Francisco Giants
20 What team did the Giants defeat for their first World Series championship?
Answer: Athletics

The Giants defeated the Athletics in the 1905 series 4-1.
  From Quiz: Giants Franchise Facts
21 Who did the Giants trade away mid-season to make room for the future 2010 Rookie of the Year, Buster Posey?
Answer: Bengie Molina

In a shock to San Francisco fans, the Giants traded Molina mid-season to the Rangers for two rather no-names in Michael Main and Chris Ray. Molina was instrumental in helping the Rangers to their first World Series in 2010, and Posey went on to win the Rookie of the Year Award for the Giants.
  From Quiz: Giants: 2010 World Series Champions!
22 Which San Francisco Giants player was known as the "Baby Bull"?
Answer: Orlando Cepeda

Orlando Cepeda played with the Giants from 1958 to 1966. He hit 226 home runs and knocked home 767 runs in his Giants' career. He would later have some terrific seasons with the Cardinals and the Braves. San Francisco managers Bill Rigney and Alvin Dark were always faced with a dilemma of who would play first base, Cepeda or McCovey?
    Your options: [ Orlando Cepeda ] [ Leon Wagner ] [ Bill White ] [ Willie Kirkland ]
  From Quiz: San Francisco Sluggers
23 Upon the merge of the National and American League, creating the new Major Leagues in 1901, two Giant pitchers won 30 games in the 1904 season. Who were they?
Answer: Joe McGinnity and Christy Mathewson

None of the others ever played for the Giants, none were pitchers, and none played baseball in 1904. McGinnity won 35 while Mathewson won 33 in 1904. The team went 106-47 in manager John McGraw's second season at the helm. This was the first time the franchise would win 100 games. Unfortunately, there was no World Series in 1904. Mathewson would go on to win the Triple Crown in 1905 and 1908, then be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the first round of inductees in 1936. McGinnity would join the hall in 1946.
  From Quiz: Giant Balls
24 Whose nickname was "The Thrill"?
Answer: Will Clark

Will "The Thrill" Clark played for the Giants from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. He was called that because it rhymed and he was a thrill to watch.
  From Quiz: Giant Facts
25 Can you name this journeyman outfielder who played on this team, and once played for 2 teams in the same day?
Answer: Joel Youngblood

On August 4, 1982, Joel Youngblood played for the NY Mets. He was then traded to the Montreal Expos, and played for them later that same day.
  From Quiz: 1987 Giants: My Favorite Team
26 Which pitcher set a team record for saving 48 games in season?
Answer: Rod Beck

Although Nen saved over 40 games for 4 seasons, Beck saved 48 games in 1993. His season win-loss record was 3-1. The Giants' 103-59 record was only good enough for second place in the National League Western Division, behind the Atlanta Braves.
    Your options: [ Rod Beck ] [ Gaylord Perry ] [ Robb Nen ] [ Tim Worrell ]
  From Quiz: Your San Francisco Giants!
27 Not even 20 years old, this Giant hit .322 with 18 home runs along with a slugging percentage of .524. Who was this little Giant?
Answer: Mel Ott

Ott was 19 years old in 1928 when he banged the base paths. He also had 140 hits with 77 RBI's that season.
  From Quiz: A Giant of a Quiz!
28 In their first season in SF, what was the Giants record and what place did they finish?
Answer: 80-74, 3rd place

The Giants finished the season at 80-74 and finished in 3rd place in the then 8 team National League. The Milwaukee Braves won the pennant with a 92-62 mark, followed by the Pittsburgh Pirates at 84-70.
  From Quiz: For Giants Fans Only!
29 In what year did the San Francisco Giants first play in a World Series?
Answer: 1962

If McCovey had only hit the ball a foot higher, the Giants would have won Game 7 and the Series, and beaten the Yankees!
  From Quiz: San Francisco Giants
30 The Giants have been a part of New York and San Francisco over the course of their franchise. They began in 1883 in New York, but the team's nickname was not changed to Giants until 1885. What was the franchsie name for the first two seasons?
Answer: Gothams

The New York Gothams began the Giants franchise. After spending two seasons under the nickname of Gothams, the team became the Giants in 1885. They relocated to San Francisco in 1958 after spending over half a century in New York. The Americans belonged to Boston in the early years of the MLB, the Capitals were never an MLB team, and the Pirates have only belonged to Pittsburgh.
  From Quiz: All About Giants History
31 In the 162-game season, how many total days did the Giants have a hold on first place in their division?
Answer: 33

The Giants didn't come into the season with guns blazing, and went only 47-41 in the first half of the season. The Padres dominated most of the NL West along with the Rockies. Coming back in the second half of the season, the Giants went 45-29 to show their strength.
  From Quiz: Giants: 2010 World Series Champions!
32 Felipe Alou was an excellent outfielder for San Francisco from 1958 to 1963. His brothers Matty and Jesus joined him to form an all-Alou outfield on September 15, 1963. Which team provided the opposition?
Answer: Pittsburgh

The three Alou brothers played in the same outfield during a 13-5 victory over the Pirates at Forbes Field. They would also play together against the Braves on September 17, 1963 in Milwaukee, and on September 22, 1963, against the Mets at the Polo Grounds.
    Your options: [ Pittsburgh ] [ Los Angeles ] [ Philadelphia ] [ St. Louis ]
  From Quiz: San Francisco Sluggers
33 In which decade did the Giants and Yankees first meet in a World Series?
Answer: 1920s

In three consecutive World Series, the Giants met the Yankees beginning in 1921 with the Giants being victorious, five games to three. It was worse for pitcher Bob Shawkey, Babe Ruth and company in 1922, and they lost four games to none with one tie. In 1923, the Yankees finally had their revenge with a four games to two win for their first World Series crown. The Yankees had rookie Lou Gehrigin 1923, but he did not play in the series.
    Your options: [ 1910s ] [ 1920s ] [ 1940s ] [ 1890s ]
  From Quiz: Giant Balls
34 Who won the 2002 NLCS MVP?
Answer: Benito Santiago

Benito Santiago led the Giants to the NL pennant against the Cardinals, although Snow and Bonds had an impressive postseason. Scott Rolen played for the Cardinals.
  From Quiz: Giant Facts
35 Who lived up to his nickname, "The Thrill", by leading the team with 35 home runs?
Answer: Will Clark

Kevin Mitchell would belt 47 home runs two years later. Matt Williams was a rookie just starting out, and Chili had some power but only hit 24 in 1987. In Will Clark's first major league at-bat in 1986, he hit a home run in the Houston Astrodome off Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan. He was once #9 on the Giants all-time list with 176 home runs.
  From Quiz: 1987 Giants: My Favorite Team
36 How many times in a season did Juan Marichal win 25 or more games?
Answer: 3

Marichal hit the 25-win mark twice, and hit the 26 mark once. In 1968, he was 26-9 and had a stellar year along with over 200 strikeouts. He was still 5th in the ballots for the League MVP. Juan retired with a record of 243-142 after 16 seasons.
  From Quiz: Your San Francisco Giants!
37 In what year did Steve Carlton throw his 4000th strikeout while pitching for the Giants?
Answer: 1986

Carlton pitched for 3 teams in 1986 including the Phillies, the Giants, and the White Sox. He was the first southpaw ever to reach the 4,000 strikeout plateau. He did it in a Giant uniform. He retired with 4136 K's in 1988.
  From Quiz: A Giant of a Quiz!
38 Where did the home of the SF Giants move to in 1960?
Answer: Candlestick

It was named for the point of land jutting out into the bay on which the park sat.
  From Quiz: San Francisco Giants
39 Which National League team did the Giants have the best record against in 2010?
Answer: Arizona Diamondbacks

The Giants dominated the Diamondbacks, and took the 18-game season match-up by winning 13 games. Arizona finished in last place of the NL West with a 65-97 record. The Giants also won 10 of their 18 games against the Dodgers.
    Your options: [ Arizona Diamondbacks ] [ Tampa Bay Rays ] [ Texas Rangers ] [ Philadelphia Phillies ]
  From Quiz: Giants: 2010 World Series Champions!
40 Which member of the San Francisco Giants was chosen as the MVP of the 1973 All-Star game?
Answer: Bobby Bonds

Bobby Bonds had an amazing combination of power and speed. In the 1973 All-Star game, he belted a two-run home run off Bill Singer and also stretched a routine single into a double. After the game, Reds' manager Sparky Anderson declared Bonds to be "the best player in America today". Bonds had 186 HRs and 552 RBIs in a seven-year stint with San Francisco.
    Your options: [ Bobby Bonds ] [ Chris Speier ] [ Darrell Evans ] [ Bobby Murcer ]
  From Quiz: San Francisco Sluggers
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