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Quiz about Match The British Delicacy With Its Ingredients
Quiz about Match The British Delicacy With Its Ingredients

Match The British Delicacy With Its Ingredients Quiz

Match the name of these distinctively named British Isle foods on the right with the description of what they are made from on the left.

A matching quiz by Billkozy. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Jul 26 23
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. fried leftover potatoes and cabbage  
  Lancashire hotpot
2. sausage and mashed potatoes  
  Cullen skink
3. sea snails  
  bubble and squeak
4. smoked herring  
  neeps and tatties
5. turnips and potatoes  
  Bara Brith
6. lamb stew with onion and carrots  
  bangers and mash
7. cheese on toast  
8. soup of haddock, potatoes and onions  
9. meatballs, made from pork and offal  
10. Welsh tea bread with mixed dried fruit  
  Welsh Rarebit/Rabbit

Select each answer

1. fried leftover potatoes and cabbage
2. sausage and mashed potatoes
3. sea snails
4. smoked herring
5. turnips and potatoes
6. lamb stew with onion and carrots
7. cheese on toast
8. soup of haddock, potatoes and onions
9. meatballs, made from pork and offal
10. Welsh tea bread with mixed dried fruit

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. fried leftover potatoes and cabbage

Answer: bubble and squeak

Bubble and squeak is a sort of British version of potato pancakes usually thought of as a convenient way to make use of leftover vegetables, allowing for the additional freedom of including any sort of protein, like ham. It is all held together by the glue that mashed potatoes functions as, when you fry the patties in a shallow pan, hopefully with a heart-healthy oil.

Some people like it with ketchup. Its name might possibly come from the sounds the ingredients make when frying; the high water content in cabbage can make those "bubbly" sounds as it cooks.
2. sausage and mashed potatoes

Answer: bangers and mash

Bangers and mash is one of Great Britain's most popular comfort foods. Sausages are called bangers, a name dating back to World War I, probably because of the sounds the high water content makes when contacting hot oil, and the tight casings of the sausages bursting a bit during cooking.

The mash part of the name of course is for the mashed potatoes. A preferred gravy to pour over those taters is onion gravy. Although you can use any meat source sausage, traditionally Cumberland pork sausage has been used, originally from Cumberland, England.
3. sea snails

Answer: periwinkles

From the name you would think periwinkle sea snails would be blue colored, but they are not. The periwinkle shells are thick and hard, with a meaty interior of escargot. They are gastropods just like snails are, and perhaps the best way to prepare them is by frying in garlic and butter.

Some people simply boil periwinkles in seawater. They're usually found on rocky beaches of which Great Britain has many. The name comes from the Old English spelling "pinewincle": "pina" is Latin for mussel, and "wincel" means spiral shell.
4. smoked herring

Answer: kippers

I always think of the song "Breakfast in America" by Supertramp when I hear "kippers": "Could we have kippers for breakfast. Mummy dear, mummy dear..."

First, it should be mentioned that a kipper is not a specific species of fish, but they certainly are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients. Kippers are North Atlantic herring that have been cold-smoked... What? COLD-smoked? Yes, that's smoking meat without exposing it to heat, at temperatures below 85F.
5. turnips and potatoes

Answer: neeps and tatties

A traditional Scottish side dish, neeps are mashed Swedish turnips (yellow turnips, aka rutabaga), and tatties are mashed potatoes. Neeps and tatties often accompanies beef roast or chicken. Neeps and tatties are popular on special Scottish holiday nights: Burns Night, the birth of legendary Scottish poet Robert Burns on January 25th, and Hogmanay, the Scottish word for the last day of the old year, before New Year's Day.
6. lamb stew with onion and carrots

Answer: Lancashire hotpot

Many recipes of this lamb stew call for potatoes instead of carrots, but it's always lamb or mutton as the protein. Lancashire Hotpot is slow-cooked, and likely originated during Britain's cotton industry in the 19th century. It probably was more often made with mutton in those days, that is, meat of older sheep.

The first step is browning the meat after you've cut it into the size pieces you want your stew to have. Then add the vegetables and seasoning to the pan of meats, and cook some more. Then layer potato slices on top, and if you choose layer some of the stew on top of that potato layer and then top the whole casserole dish with a top layer of sliced potatoes.

Then bake the whole dish.
7. cheese on toast

Answer: Welsh Rarebit/Rabbit

First order of business... it is not the stuff of Bugs Bunny. Originated in 18th century Great Britain as "Welsh rabbit", the name was changed over time because people did indeed think it was rabbit. I myself confess to thinking it was a rabbit stew when I was young.

But no, it is hot cheese sauce served on toast. Despite being called Welsh, no one is very sure that it originated in Wales. That cheese sauce is a yummily savory concoction of butter, milk (maybe even thickened with heavy cream or egg yolks).
8. soup of haddock, potatoes and onions

Answer: Cullen skink

Cullen is a small coastal town in the North Scotland, which is where the soup originated. As you would expect, recipes vary slightly. For instance, the soup base may be milk or water or a combination, including the addition of cream. But the fish, haddock, is always the main ingredient, and often it is smoked haddock. Skink, derived from the Middle Dutch schenke, is a Scottish word for a shin.
9. meatballs, made from pork and offal

Answer: faggots

This old-fashioned British food called faggots are meatballs that are made from organ meats (aka offal) such as the liver or heart mixed with ground pork. The meatballs are then wrapped in bacon or caul fat, the membrane that surrounded the internal organs that you just used in the offal.

In British English the word "faggots" comes from the term for a bundle of sticks, and since the meatballs are bundled in bacon or fat, before cooking, the name indicates their being bundled.
10. Welsh tea bread with mixed dried fruit

Answer: Bara Brith

Well, it's not named after a person as I had first suspected; no, in the Welsh language, bara means bread and brith means speckled. And indeed, traditional Welsh tea bread is speckled with mixed dried fruits such as raisins that have been soaked in tea overnight.

This technique plumps up the raisins. Candied citrus peels can be added, along with mixed spice, also known as pudding spice which is somewhat cinnamon-flavored. Bara Brith dates back to the 18th century and likely earlier. Traditionally, people have it on Christmas Day and also March 1st, St. David's Day - he's the patron saint of Wales.

It's also popular on Christmas Day, usually served with thick buttered slices and a cup of tea.
Source: Author Billkozy

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