Quiz about British Monarchs in Years Ending in 50
Quiz about British Monarchs in Years Ending in 50

British Monarchs in Years Ending in 50 Quiz

This the sequel to "British Monarchs in Years Ending in 00", and is just as much fun to do. I welcome feedback.

A multiple-choice quiz by mash_freak. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Jul 23 22
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1. Who reigned in 1050? Hint

Harold II
Edward the Confessor
William I

2. Who was monarch in 1150? Hint

Henry II
Henry I
William II

3. Who reigned in 1250? Hint

Henry III
Richard I
Edward I

4. Who was monarch in 1350? Hint

Edward III
Richard II
Edward II
There was no monarch

5. Who was monarch in 1450? Hint

Edward IV
Henry V
Edward V
Henry VI

6. Who was monarch in 1550? Hint

Henry VIII
Elizabeth I
Mary I
Edward VI

7. Who was monarch in 1650? Hint

Charles I
There was no monarch
James I
Charles II

8. Who was monarch in 1750? Hint

There was no monarch
George I
George II
George III

9. Who was monarch in 1850? Hint

George IV
William IV
George III

10. Who was the monarch in 1950? Hint

Edward VIII
George VI
Elizabeth II
George V

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Who reigned in 1050?

Answer: Edward the Confessor

Edward the Confessor reigned from 1042-1066, and his death resulted in the tussle for the throne which resulted in the Battle of Hastings between Harold II and William of Normandy, later William I, after he won. He enlarged and re-endowed Westminster Abbey.

The word 'Confessor' in this context refers to his firm religious convictions and NOT to going to confession.
2. Who was monarch in 1150?

Answer: Stephen

Stephen reigned during turbulent times, from 1135-1154, and for most of these nineteen years there was a civil war in England between the followers of Stephen and those who believed that the Empress Maud, also known as Matilda, was the rightful heir to the throne. This is also the period when the "Cadfael" mysteries, written by Ellis Peters and televised starring Derek Jacobi, were set.
3. Who reigned in 1250?

Answer: Henry III

Henry III came to the throne at the age of just 9 years old at his coronation. He also drastically renovated Westminster Abbey. He reigned for third longest of any British monarch, for 56 years, from 1216-1272. It was in his reign that the first English parliament was summoned - in 1265 by the rebel Simon de Montfort.
4. Who was monarch in 1350?

Answer: Edward III

Edward III reigned for 50 years from 1327-1377, and came to the throne when he was just 15. His reign also saw the Black Death, from about 1347-1351, which devastated all of the known world.
5. Who was monarch in 1450?

Answer: Henry VI

Henry VI reigned from 1422-61 and 1470-1471, the period in the middle was when Edward IV had seized. The Wars of the Roses started during his reign, due to his unpopularity and insanity, and was eventually murdered in the Tower of London where he had been imprisoned.

Among his positive achievements are the foundation of Eton, and King's College, Cambridge, as well as the University of Caen in Normandy.
6. Who was monarch in 1550?

Answer: Edward VI

Edward VI reigned from 1547-1553, and was plagued with health problems, eventually dying of tuberculosis. He founded (or in some cases re-established) many schools in his name, especially so considering how short his reign was. One such school is in Chelmsford, England, which I attend!
7. Who was monarch in 1650?

Answer: There was no monarch

This was during the Commonwealth under the "rule" of Lord Protector Cromwell, who became king in all but name. He had played a key part in the execution of Charles I in 1649.
8. Who was monarch in 1750?

Answer: George II

George II reigned from 1727-1760, and was very unpopular with his father. His son Frederick died tragically when struck on the head by a cricket ball while playing a game, so his grandson George inherited the throne on his death.
9. Who was monarch in 1850?

Answer: Victoria

Victoria reigned for 63 years from 1837 to 1901, and died at Osborne House, 40 years after her husband, Albert. She also wore black for most of her life after her husband's death. The earlier and middle part of her reign saw Britain at the very height of its power.
10. Who was the monarch in 1950?

Answer: George VI

George VI reigned from 1936-1952, after the abdication of his brother Edward VIII. George VI had to overcome his stutter and became a very popular king aided by his wife Elizabeth (later commonly known as the Queen Mother). They stayed in London in the Second World War and visited those who were bombed during the blitz.
Source: Author mash_freak

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