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Quiz about UK Monarch Nickname MatchUp
Quiz about UK Monarch Nickname MatchUp

UK Monarch Nickname Match-Up Trivia Quiz

Some UK Royals had uncommon nicknames. This quiz has you match the nickname to the monarch.

A matching quiz by pericles34. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Alfred  
  "Hammer of the Scots"
2. Ethelred  
  "The Conquerer"
3. Edward (r. 1042-1066)  
  "Grandmother of Europe"
4. William I  
  "The Confessor"
5. Victoria  
  "The Unready"
6. Richard I  
  "The Virgin Queen"
7. Elizabeth I  
  "The Great"
8. Edward I (r. 1272 - 1307)  
  "The Lionheart"
9. John  
10. Henry VIII  
  "Old Coppernose"

Select each answer

1. Alfred
2. Ethelred
3. Edward (r. 1042-1066)
4. William I
5. Victoria
6. Richard I
7. Elizabeth I
8. Edward I (r. 1272 - 1307)
9. John
10. Henry VIII

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Alfred

Answer: "The Great"

Having lost much of his Kingdom of the West Saxons, Alfred spent some of 878 hiding and rebuilding his connections in the Somerset Levels. By Easter of that year, he reemerged and led an army against the Vikings. He eventually reclaimed the Kingdom of the West Saxons and more to become "King of the Anglo-Saxons."
2. Ethelred

Answer: "The Unready"

Originally Ethelred's nickname was "Unraed" - meaning "poorly advised." However, the meaning of "unready" has changed.
3. Edward (r. 1042-1066)

Answer: "The Confessor"

Edward was nicknamed posthumously. The monks of Westminster were eager to promote the piousness of their early benefactor.
4. William I

Answer: "The Conquerer"

The illegitimate William was also known as William "The Bastard" until he conquered England in 1066.
5. Victoria

Answer: "Grandmother of Europe"

With intermarriage, many monarchs of Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries were related to Queen Victoria, most notably were George V of the UK and Wilhelm II of Germany who fought each other in World War I.
6. Richard I

Answer: "The Lionheart"

Richard was nicknamed because of his military prowess. However, this was gained overseas in France and on Crusade in the Holy Land; he spent only about 6 months of his reign in England.
7. Elizabeth I

Answer: "The Virgin Queen"

Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, never married and never had a child. On her death, her cousin James VI of Scotland became King of England (as James I).
8. Edward I (r. 1272 - 1307)

Answer: "Hammer of the Scots"

Edward I is posthumously nicknamed because of his grave's epithet: "Scottorum Malleus." The fact that Scotland remained an independent country until the 18th Century belies the epithet. He is also known as "Longshanks" because ... well he had long legs.
9. John

Answer: "Lackland"

John was the son of Henry II. While his brothers Richard I and Geoffrey received Duchies as early inheritances, John was said to "lack land." John is best known as a bad king who fought with his nobles and the Pope. Eventually he was forced by the barons to sign the Magna Carta.
10. Henry VIII

Answer: "Old Coppernose"

In 1544, Henry VIII minted the third issue of the English penny. He debased the silver to only 1/3 with 2/3 copper. Points of relief - like the King's nose - on the coin would have the silver rub off and expose the underlying copper.
Source: Author pericles34

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