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Quiz about Road Tripping In The USA
Quiz about Road Tripping In The USA

Road Tripping In The USA Trivia Quiz

Most people know New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles but can you identify states by a city that isn't necessarily the most famous or biggest city in the state?

A matching quiz by GBfan. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Dec 03 21
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1. Grand Rapids  
2. Eugene  
3. Madison  
4. Augusta  
5. Worcester  
6. Fort Wayne  
7. Hilo  
  New Mexico
8. Reno  
9. Buffalo  
10. Las Cruces  
  New York

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1. Grand Rapids
2. Eugene
3. Madison
4. Augusta
5. Worcester
6. Fort Wayne
7. Hilo
8. Reno
9. Buffalo
10. Las Cruces

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Grand Rapids

Answer: Michigan

Detroit is clearly the most famous city in Michigan but Grand Rapids, Warren, and Flint are big towns in the state too! Grand Rapids is just thirty miles away from the east shore of Lake Michigan. Some of the city's tour highlights are the John Ball Zoo and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.
2. Eugene

Answer: Oregon

Eugene, Oregon may not be as well known as Portland but the city's thriving art and culture diversity makes it a popular tourist destination in the Pacific Northwest.
3. Madison

Answer: Wisconsin

Milwaukee is the nation's beer capital and the home of the state's MLB and NBA teams, Brewers and Bucks respectively. But you've got to take the time and visit the state capital, Madison in the lower middle half of the state. Nicknamed "Madtown", you'll be able to visit the University of Wisconsin and their massive Camp Randall football stadium.

The school's nickname matches the State Animal, the badger.
4. Augusta

Answer: Georgia

Hey, residents of Augusta may be living in the shadow of Georgia's most famous city, Atlanta, but they're also the home of The Masters, the premiere U.S. golfing tournament each year. The city was named after Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha and its old school charm is evident in their historical downtown district that takes you back in time before the U.S. Civil War.
5. Worcester

Answer: Massachusetts

Worcester has been nicknamed the "Heart of the Commonwealth". Located not too far away from Boston, Worcester is also known for their Victorian architecture. Candlepin bowling, Valentine Day's cards, and the monkey wrench were all created first in Worcester.
6. Fort Wayne

Answer: Indiana

The state capital, Indianapolis, is Indiana's crown jewel but head northeast for a couple hours and you'll arrive in Fort Wayne. A city built on a legacy of Native Americans, Fort Wayne was once the capital for the Miami Indian tribe. Known for their hard working blue collar attitude, manufacturing has been the town's chief source of employment.

The Johnny Appleseed Festival brings in hundreds of thousands of people to the city each year for apple-themed events including cook-offs and arts and crafts. Before they were the Detroit Pistons, Fort Wayne was the home for one of the original NBA teams.
7. Hilo

Answer: Hawaii

Let's face it, if I asked you to name a city in Hawaii you'd probably immediately say "Honolulu". It's by far the most famous and populated city in the most tropical U.S. state. But Hilo is home to some of the most scenic volcanoes situated on the big island, Hawai'i. You'd also find Hilo International Airport and the home of the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation there.
8. Reno

Answer: Nevada

Watch out! Johnny Cash threatened to kill a man in Reno "just to watch him die". Known as the "Biggest Little City in the World", Reno was founded during the gold rush of the 1840s. Long before Las Vegas took over its title, Reno was the original gambling site on the western half of the U.S.
9. Buffalo

Answer: New York

Buffalo can't match New York City, the home to over eight million people, but can "The Big Apple" match Buffalo's claim that they've got a world famous waterfall next door? Niagara Falls, that is. Located in the northern half of New York on the east side of Lake Erie, Buffalo is home to an NHL team (The Sabres) and an NFL franchise (The Bills). Buffalonians take pride in their annual Dyngus Festival, a celebration of their Polish roots.
10. Las Cruces

Answer: New Mexico

Albuquerque and the state capital, Santa Fe, are the most popular New Mexico destinations. But Las Cruces is another place you've got to visit! Translated from Spanish, it's "the city of crosses" and the home of New Mexico State University (NMSU). Situated next to the Rio Grande River, Las Cruces was the location where they filmed Clint Eastwood's Spaghetti-Western "Hang 'Em High".

The town is famous for their giant creation of the world's largest enchilada each year at their Whole Enchilada Festival in September.
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