Quiz about English Royal Consorts
Quiz about English Royal Consorts

English Royal Consorts Trivia Quiz

This quiz is about the (non-reigning) wives and husbands of the Kings and Queens of England since the Norman Conquest. Who was married to:

A multiple-choice quiz by pele. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. William the Conqueror? Hint

Eleanor of Aquitaine
Matilda of Flanders
Isabella of Castile
Joanna of Navarre

2. Henry I? Hint

Matilda of Scotland
Isabelle the Fair
Matilda of Flanders
Constance of Brittany

3. Richard I? Hint

Joanna of Sicily
Berengaria of Navarre
Matilda of Hungary
Isabelle of France

4. Edward I's first wife? Hint

Anne of Anjou
Matilda of Boulogne
Eleanor of Castile
Isabella of Angouleme

5. Edward II's wife was known as "The She-Wolf of France." What was her first name? Hint


6. Henry V? Hint

Mary Bohun
Margaret of Anjou
Phillipa of Hainault
Katherine of Valois

7. Edward IV? Hint

Elizabeth of York
Margaret of Anjou
Elizabeth Woodville
Anne Neville

8. Mary I? Hint

Guildford Dudley
William of Austria
Edward Grey
King Philip of Spain

9. James I? Hint

Mary of Modena
Jane Grey
Anne Hyde
Anne of Denmark

10. Charles II? Hint

Barbara Villiers, Countess of Castlemaine
Nell Gwynne
Catherine of Braganza
Henrietta Marie of France

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. William the Conqueror?

Answer: Matilda of Flanders

Matilda was only 4'3" tall. William was well over six feet. They had nine children together and both were known for their explosive tempers.
2. Henry I?

Answer: Matilda of Scotland

Matilda was the granddaughter of King Duncan I of Scotland, who is mostly famous for being murdered by MacBeth in 1040. Henry married her partly because he wanted to protect his northern border--he was concerned about a possible invasion from Normandy and the last thing he needed was an attack from Scotland too. Matilda and Henry had two children together, but Henry also had at least 20 illegitimate children throughout England and France.
3. Richard I?

Answer: Berengaria of Navarre

Berengaria is the only known Queen of England never to have actually set foot in England. There was said to have been some marital disharmony--she had to put up with the snide rumours of Richard's alleged homosexuality (though he did father a son with another woman). Berengaria was reconciled to Richard on Continent (1196), and from this point onwards they were never parted for long.

There were no children from this marriage. When Richard died in France, Berengaria was present at his death (1198). So devoted to Richard, Berengaria never remarried.

Instead she entered a convent, and from then-on devoted her life and (considerable) income to charitable works.
4. Edward I's first wife?

Answer: Eleanor of Castile

They had at least 16 children together, mostly daughters. Unusual for Royal married couples at the time, they were very much in love. Eleanor was travelling with Edward in central England when she suddenly became ill and died. Edward was devastated. He ordered her embalmed, and her body was then carried in a procession to Westminster Abbey in London.

At each place where the procession stopped for the night, Edward built a memorial cross in her honour. Today only the crosses at Waltham Crossin (Hertfordshire) and at Geddington and Hardingstone in Northamptonshire remain, but the cross at Charing is remembered only in the name Charing Cross.
5. Edward II's wife was known as "The She-Wolf of France." What was her first name?

Answer: Isabella

She was also known as "Isabella the Fair." She was married to Edward at a very young age, but he showed little interest in her, thinking of her as nothing more than a breeding machine. He was almost certainly homosexual, and carried on his affairs right in front of Isabella, which must have been very hard for her. Edward was not a very competent ruler, and civil war eventually broke out. Isabella met Roger Mortimer, and began an affair with him.

She tricked Edward into sending her to France, where she and Roger raised an army (aided by her brother the King of France) which deposed Edward and then he mysteriously died (Isabella most likely had him murdered).

This made his young son, Edward III, King of England and Isabella regent. When Edward III came of age, he had Mortimer executed and his mother imprisoned in Castle Rising - for 31 years.

When she died her body was buried next to Roger Mortimer's.
6. Henry V?

Answer: Katherine of Valois

Henry married Katherine purely for dynastic reasons. She was the daughter of Charles VI ("The Mad") of France, and Henry and her father agreed that Henry would become King of France on his father-in-law's death. However, Henry died one month before Charles did, leaving his nine month old son as King of England and nominal King of France. Katherine after a few years entered into a liaison with Owen Tudor, and it is from her that the Tudor and Stewart dynasties were descended.

However, it is also from her that the hereditary disease porphyria (which can bring periodic insanity) was thought to have been introduced into the English royal family. Certainly her son Henry VI did have periods of insanity, and other decendants from Katherine thought to have had the disease include Margaret Tudor, Mary Queen of Scots, James I, George III, and (some speculate) Queen Victoria.
7. Edward IV?

Answer: Elizabeth Woodville

When Edward revealed that he had married a commoner, and for love, people were horrified. It led to him being deposed, and having to win back the throne. Elizabeth and her large family were extremely ambitious and greedy, and not well liked by the nobles or the common people.

However, Edward adored her and they had many children together. Their daughter, Elizabeth of York, would marry Henry VII and found the Tudor dynasty.
8. Mary I?

Answer: King Philip of Spain

Mary and Philip were second cousins, and both were religious fanatics. It was in Mary's reign that more than 300 people were burned at the stake for being "heretics," which to his credit Philip did his best to stop. Although Mary was convinced twice that she was pregnant, they did not have any children.

After Mary's death Philip wanted to marry her sister Elizabeth I, who typically pretended to be interested, but then refused. Many years later he tried to invade England, but his Armada was defeated by the weather and the skill of the English sailors.
9. James I?

Answer: Anne of Denmark

Jane Grey was "The Nine Days Queen of England" between Edward VI and Mary I. Anne Hyde and Mary of Modena were the first and second wives of James II, James I's grandson.
10. Charles II?

Answer: Catherine of Braganza

Nell Gwynne and Lady Barbara were two of Charles' mistresses. Henrietta Maria was his mother. Catherine was a Portuguese princess who did not fit in well in England, and had to put up with all of Charles' infidelities. They did not have any children together, although Charles had numerous children with other women.
Source: Author pele

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