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Quiz about Its Ladies Day on TV Westerns
Quiz about Its Ladies Day on TV Westerns

It's Ladies Day on TV Westerns Quiz

Not all stars of the western genre were men. Let's hear it for the ladies whose characters added depth to our favorite television westerns! Match the actor with the series she starred on.

A matching quiz by Soxy71. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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1. Barbara Stanwyck  
  Cimarron Strip
2. Diane Roter  
  The High Chaparral
3. Spring Byington  
4. Linda Cristal  
  The Lawman
5. Amanda Blake  
  The Big Valley
6. Jill Townsend  
  Annie Oakley
7. Gail Davis  
8. Peggie Castle  
  The Virginian
9. Elizabeth Baur  
10. Diane Brewster  

Select each answer

1. Barbara Stanwyck
2. Diane Roter
3. Spring Byington
4. Linda Cristal
5. Amanda Blake
6. Jill Townsend
7. Gail Davis
8. Peggie Castle
9. Elizabeth Baur
10. Diane Brewster

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Barbara Stanwyck

Answer: The Big Valley

Born Ruby Catherine Stevens, Ms Stanwyck was an accomplished film actress before being cast to portray Victoria Barkley. She won an Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Drama the first season of the show.
2. Diane Roter

Answer: The Virginian

Born in Brussels, Belgium, Danielle Roter changed her name to Diane when, at age 17, she was cast as a replacement for Roberta Shore who left in the middle of season four. Ms Roter played Jennifer Sommers, Judge Garth's niece. She took riding lessons so she could do her own scenes on horseback.
3. Spring Byington

Answer: Laramie

This former star of the television comedy series "December Bride" (1954-1959) joined the previously all-male cast in 1961, its third season. Ms Byington played Daisy Cooper, a widow who became the housekeeper, cook, and "Aunt Daisy" to the orphan boy Mike.
4. Linda Cristal

Answer: The High Chaparral

Born in Argentina, the bilingual actress was perfect for the role of Victoria Montoya Cannon, speaking both Spanish and English on the show. She won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama for her performance in the series.

She was a veteran film star, and one of her roles was portraying Flaca, John Wayne's love interest, in the movie "The Alamo."
5. Amanda Blake

Answer: Gunsmoke

She played Kitty Russell, owner of The Long Branch saloon in Dodge, for 19 seasons. For the role she wore a fake beauty mark on her right cheek.
6. Jill Townsend

Answer: Cimarron Strip

She portrayed Dulcie Coopersmith, owner and manager of The Wayfarers Inn in Cimarron City. Ms Townsend lived in England for a number of years, acting in the British TV series "Poldark."
7. Gail Davis

Answer: Annie Oakley

Gail Davis has the distinction of being the first female lead in a TV western, playing the title role from 1954-1957. She was a superb rodeo rider and expert shot who performed most of her own stunts on the show.
8. Peggie Castle

Answer: The Lawman

The black-and-white medium of early television didn't do justice to her green eyes. Ms Castle was cast mostly in B movies before she landed the role of Lily Merrill, owner of The Birdcage saloon, on "The Lawman."
9. Elizabeth Baur

Answer: Lancer

She played Teresa O'Brien, Murdoch Lancer's ward, for the two seasons the show ran. She later starred as Officer Fran Belding on "Ironside," replacing Barbara Anderson.
10. Diane Brewster

Answer: Maverick

Ms Brewster was cast in a recurring role on the show as con artist Samantha Crawford after initially playing this character on an episode of "Cheyenne." She was always one step ahead of the Maverick brothers. After "Maverick" she played a teacher on "Leave it to Beaver."
Source: Author Soxy71

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