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81 She's the Man Trivia Questions & Answers

She's the Man .
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1 What was the end of this quote, "My favourite's ________"?
Answer: Gouda

This quote was from when Viola was teaching Duke how to be comfortable around girls. They talked about cheese and Viola said her favourite was Gouda.
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Who does Olivia kiss when he gets out of the cab?

2 Viola calls Paul because she needs help fitting in, and she knows that Paul will be able to help her. What exactly does Paul say when he answers his phone?
Answer: Hello, my life sucks.

Viola calls Paul for help because she is not fitting in with the guys - Duke, Toby, and Andrew - and she calls him to see if he has any advice. After he answers the phone, Viola completely ignores the weird way he answers.
3 The real Sebastian is in London. Who is pretending to be him at Illyria?
Answer: Viola

Viola is the twin sister of Sebastian. The reason she pretends to be Sebastian is because she wants to prove she can play with the boys in soccer when the girls team at Cornwall got cut.
4 According to Kia, one of Viola's best friends, what school would Viola get more playing time at?
Answer: Michigan

When we see the girls' soccer team walking towards the field, Kia and Viola are talking about colleges. Kia tells Viola that she would get more playing time at Michigan, but Viola wants to "wear the Carolina blue".
5 What disease does Sebastian tell Viola to use as an excuse for his absence at Illyria?
Answer: Mad Cow

Sebastian wants to go to London for two weeks to play in a band, but school is starting. He tells Viola to call Illyria and say that he has Mad Cow Disease.
Question Reference: Quiz: She's The Man.
6 What are the names of the twins?
Answer: Sebastian and Viola Hastings

Sebastian and Viola are twins whose parents are divorced. Sebastian is more interested in his music than going to school and Viola is in love with soccer.
Question Reference: Quiz: She's The Man.
7 Who does Viola pretend to be throughout the movie?
Answer: Sebastian

Viola pretends to be her twin brother Sebastian, so she can play soccer, while he is in London with his band. Olivia is the girl who has a crush on Sebastian. Duke is Sebastian's roommate, who is liked by Viola, and Monique is Sebastian's annoying girlfriend.
Question Reference: Quiz: She's the Man.
8 Olivia recites Sebastian's lyrics in science class. What real song do these lyrics come from?
Answer: "Let Go" by Dave Lichens

In Science Class, Olivia recites, "Wake Up, I've been waiting for you." Later on in the movie she recites more of the lyrics to Sebastian, which go: "Wake Up, I've been waiting for you to open your eyes, so I can tell you that I think I'm ready, ready to freefall into the unknown."

The real song, "Let Go" is heard during the double date scene at Cesario's restaurant. Listen for it!
9 Finish this quote, "Don't you think you'd get more playing time at a school like ______".
Answer: Michigan

This quote was when the girls soccer team were walking to practice. Kea was talking to Viola about which school she should go to and suggested Michigan because she would get more time to play.
10 In the restaurant what kind of pizza is on the table that Andrew, Duke, and Toby are sitting at?
Answer: cheese

Viola comes to the restaurant because Paul is going to help her fit in with the guys. When she shows up, the guys are there, and there is a cheese pizza on their table.
11 Who does Duke like in the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Olivia

Olivia is the hot blonde of Illyria. Every guy wants to be Olivia's boyfriend. When Olivia is around, Duke babbles like an idiot and says the wierdest things. But Duke eventually falls for Viola in the very end.
12 Finish the following line from the movie, "You and your brother look scary alike from the back. Maybe it's your total lack of_______"
Answer: curves

When Monique comes to the house looking for Sebastian, she thinks that Viola is Sebastian. She then says that this is because Viola has no curves. Viola says "thanks Monique!" very sarcastically.
13 Who is on the computer when Viola enters her dorm room?
Answer: Andrew

When Sebastian (who is really Viola) enters the dorm, Andrew is on the computer. Duke has his shirt off, and Toby is sitting on the windowsill.
Question Reference: Quiz: She's The Man.
14 What is the name of the school that Sebastian gets expelled from?
Answer: Cornwall

Sebastian got expelled from Cornwall for cutting class. He then is transferred to Illyeria.
Question Reference: Quiz: She's The Man.
15 What kind of cheese does Viola say she likes?
Answer: Gouda

She tells Duke this when she is helping him with how to talk to girls, because he says that he is very shy. While they are talking about this, Malcolm's tarantula comes in and really scares them.
Question Reference: Quiz: She's the Man.
16 Who says the line, "I made you breakfast, darling."?
Answer: Eunice

Viola (dressed as Sebastian) is forced to sleep in Eunice's room after Duke sees the real Sebastian kissing Olivia. Viola wakes up and realises she's late for the soccer game against Cornwall. Eunice, who has never had a roommate before, makes her a cupcake for breakfast. However, Viola doesn't have time to eat the cupcake Eunice has made for her.
17 What did Duke offer "Sebastian" in exchange for "him" talking to Olivia about dating Duke?
Answer: Duke would help "Sebastian" with soccer.

Duke was getting desperate about Olivia and too shy to talk to girls. After three years, she still didn't pay him much attention. When "Sebastian" got Olivia as a lab partner, Duke made "him" a deal. The deal Duke made with "Sebastian" turned against him, when it let to Olivia getting a crush on "Sebastian".
18 Who said this, "That is the beauty of divorce"?
Answer: Sebastian

When Sebastian told Viola that he was going to London, he explained that their mum thought he was staying with their dad and their dad thought he was staying with their mum. He then said that was the beauty of divorce.
19 What does Eunice have, according to Andrew?
Answer: Asthma and headgear

When they are in the chemistry lab, Toby says that "she has a little somthin' somthin'." Andrew follows that line by saying, "yeah, asthma and headgear!"
Eunice - the school nerd - is set in the movie to show that even the weird people can fit in, but this takes work.
20 Who does Olivia like?
Answer: Sebastian

Olivia thinks she loves Sebastian but Sebastian is really Viola. Olivia tries to make Sebastian jealous by going on a date with Duke.
21 When Viola is talking to Sebastian in his room about his leaving for London, what is the name of the band that we see posters of all over his walls?
Answer: O.A.R.

O.A.R. is a real band. In the movie, not only does Sebastian have multiple posters of them, but they also have their song "Love and Memories" in the movie!
22 Who is Duke partnered with in Chemistry?
Answer: Eunice

Duke obviously wants to be partnered with Olivia, his crush. Instead, he is partered with the "nerd," Eunice.
Question Reference: Quiz: She's The Man.
23 What is the name of Illyria's team?
Answer: The Armadillos

Illyria is the school that Viola is going to while pretending to be Sebastian, so that she can play on the soccer team. We see this in the stadium and on one of Duke's sweatshirts.
Question Reference: Quiz: She's the Man.
24 What falls out of Sebastian's suitcase that makes Duke, Andrew, and Toby a little suspicious?
Answer: A Box of Tampons

When Viola (dressed as Sebastian) arrives at her dorm room, she sets her bag down and a box of tampons falls out. We all know that boys don't use tampons so it's not surprising when her roommate and his friends ask 'Sebastian' why there are tampons in his bag. Viola thinks fast and says she gets really bad nosebleeds and demonstrates how to use a tampon to stop nosebleeds.
25 Which body part does Olivia point out on the frog, causing Sebastian to faint?
Answer: Spleen

Sebastian (who is actually Viola) is paired up with Olivia during science class where they are dissecting a frog. She confesses to Olivia that she is creeped out by the dissection, which causes Olivia to think Sebastian is sensitive and different from other guys. However, when Olivia points out the frog's spleen, Viola faints in disgust.