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Specific Topic Animal Trivia Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles
Specific Topic Animal Trivia Quizzes, Trivia

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87 quizzes and 1,218 Specific Topic Animal trivia questions.
  Animal Camouflage Animal Camouflage editor best quiz best quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
Camouflage - an animal's ability to hide from predator and prey - is one of the most widespread and varied animal adaptations. How much do you know about this "art of concealment" and related strategies?
Average, 10 Qns, LadyNym, May 02 23
Recommended for grades: 10,11,12
LadyNym gold member
May 02 23
636 plays
  Help! I Want to Be a Guide Dog! best quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
We all know that man's best friend has been a faithful servant and saved many a person, but there are other critters anxious to get in on the action. These are animals, other than dogs, that have provided various services to humans.
Easier, 10 Qns, PDAZ, Jan 16 21
Recommended for grades: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12
PDAZ gold member
Jan 16 21
8964 plays
  True Blue True Blue best quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
Feeling blue? So are these ten animals from around the world! Maybe it will cheer you up to take a look at them ...
Average, 10 Qns, CellarDoor, Sep 30 13
CellarDoor gold member
2433 plays
  Do You Wanna See Something Really Scary Do You Wanna See Something Really Scary? best quiz - 10 questions - 8 mins
These ten animals may look frightening, or have scary reputations, but they're not dangerous at all. Come have a look!
Difficult, 10 Qns, LadyCaitriona, Sep 06 12
LadyCaitriona gold member
4596 plays
  The Animals of "The Lion King" best quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
"The Lion King" has an assorted group of animals. Their real-life counterparts can be just as interesting.
Average, 10 Qns, trident, Mar 04 23
trident editor
Mar 04 23
11617 plays
  Animals Healing Humans editor best quiz best quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
While much has been written about the therapeutic benefits of owning a pet, we can't forget that there are other animals - and ones we don't want to be around - that contribute to the healing of humans. Follow the clues to the correct answer!
Average, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Feb 24 21
ponycargirl editor
Feb 24 21
798 plays
  Seriously Im Not Kitten Seriously, I'm Not Kitten popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
Try your hand at the amazing place of felines in ancient history and culture. Generous photo hints.
Very Easy, 10 Qns, Godwit, Nov 08 16
Recommended for grades: 2,3,4,5
Very Easy
Godwit gold member
Nov 08 16
1348 plays
  Is He, or Isn't He? top quiz - 15 questions - 3 mins
Some animals have deceptive names- for example, a prairie dog is not a dog. See if you can figure out if these animals are really what they seem to be!
Average, 15 Qns, crisw, Jun 26 13
crisw gold member
13207 plays
  Arcane Animals Arcane Animals best quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
Something arcane is known to only a few. These little-known animals all appeared on the International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) Top Ten New Species list between 2013 and 2016.
Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Jun 30 16
looney_tunes editor
464 plays
  Why Can't We Be Friends? great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
There are many beautiful and exotic creatures on our planet, but many of them are also lethal to humans. Can you match my selection of ten such creatures with what makes them so dangerous?
Very Easy, 10 Qns, reedy, Jul 07 20
Recommended for grades: 2,3,4,5
Very Easy
reedy gold member
Jul 07 20
913 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Just to put things in perspective, about 5-10 people are eaten by sharks every year. People, on the other hand, eat how many sharks?

From Quiz "The Man-Eaters"

  Working in a Post-Katrina Animal Shelter best quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
This quiz is based on my stint in a temporary animal shelter in Slidell, Louisiana during November of 2005. The questions are purposefully easy to answer. Those more knowledgeable than I are welcome to send corrections. For more info, send me a note.
Average, 10 Qns, robynraymer, Jul 06 22
Jul 06 22
6596 plays
  You Are Hot top quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
You are hot, and therefore, have adapted your behavior to survive in warm climates. Which animal are you? Come on in and see how much you know about keeping cool in the animal kingdom.
Average, 10 Qns, adams627, Oct 16 21
Oct 16 21
3156 plays
  Clandestine Critters Clandestine Critters popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
Animals have many adaptations to protect themselves from detection, either from predators or from prey. Identify each of these as primarily depending on their colouration or on their behaviour.
Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Sep 05 22
Recommended for grades: 8,9,10,11
looney_tunes editor
Sep 05 22
260 plays
  Love, Hopelessly popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 7 mins
A bit unsure of your "type", you decide to attend a speed dating event. Unfortunately, the courtship techniques these animals use are hopeless on you - an animal of a different species. Use the clues throughout the quiz to find out what animal YOU are.
Difficult, 10 Qns, doublemm, Jan 12 10
7433 plays
  Chairman Meow top quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
Match each special skill to the animal who is the chairman (or leading captain, commander, ace or lord) of the ability.
Easier, 10 Qns, Godwit, May 15 18
Recommended for grades: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Godwit gold member
May 15 18
716 plays
  Ugly Mugshots Ugly Mugshots great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
I have lined up some ugly creatures from around the world and taken their mugshots. Take a look up and down this identity parade and see whether the ugly police should charge any of the suspects for being the ugliest!
Tough, 10 Qns, Plodd, Jan 13 15
987 plays
  The Man-Eaters top quiz - 15 questions - 7 mins
Humans eat a lot of different animals, but only a few animals eat humans. (Note that there are myriad animals that occasionally kill humans. This quiz is only about the ones that actually EAT us.)
Difficult, 15 Qns, Dukasaur, Jun 21 22
Jun 21 22
6566 plays
  Great Expectorations Great Expectorations - 10 questions - 4 mins
Spitting is not limited to Western saloons and hockey team benches! Here are a few of our animal kingdom friends that can also lob a loogie, more or less.
Average, 10 Qns, reedy, Mar 24 17
reedy gold member
Mar 24 17
743 plays
  Its a Small World It's a Small World great trivia quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
Let me overload you with cuteness by showing you some of the smallest creatures in the world.
Tough, 10 Qns, Plodd, Jul 13 20
Jul 13 20
857 plays
  When the Earth Moves When the Earth Moves popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
Watch the earth move as we take a look at some amazing burrowing creatures.
Average, 10 Qns, Plodd, Jul 13 20
Jul 13 20
496 plays
  Photo Finish Photo Finish popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
In this quiz, the end is in sight - literally. See what you can do with these ten photos of the nether regions of a variety of animals. Some of these are tough!
Tough, 10 Qns, austinnene, Nov 01 22
austinnene gold member
Nov 01 22
669 plays
  Christmas Animals Around The World best quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
Many animals are recognized as being associated with Christmas around the world. Keeping that in mind, see if you can identify another interesting fact about each Christmas animal.
Average, 10 Qns, ponycargirl, Dec 11 19
ponycargirl editor
Dec 11 19
564 plays
  Adder's Fork and Blind-Worm's Sting popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
The famous witches' brew in Act IV of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" provided the inspiration for this match quiz about some creatures whose sting or bite you might want to avoid. Have fun!
Very Easy, 10 Qns, LadyNym, Oct 22 16
Recommended for grades: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Very Easy
LadyNym gold member
Oct 22 16
777 plays
Whether you are human or an animal, sleep is a mysterious process. It is a popular field of study, as sleep is necessary to most forms of higher life, but the sleep patterns of humans and animals are quite different, as you'll see.
Average, 10 Qns, dcpddc478, Aug 16 20
Aug 16 20
857 plays
  Hey Its Squeaky New Hey! It's Squeaky New! - 10 questions - 5 mins
Sometimes animals get to places where they should never have gone to and then change the ecosystem in their new lands. These animals are called invasive species. What do you know about these "new" creatures?
Tough, 10 Qns, Joepetz, Feb 12 15
Joepetz gold member
652 plays
  More Venomous Than Your Mother-in-Law! top quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
Most of the animals in this quiz are venomous enough to kill you several times over, and quite painfully too.
Average, 10 Qns, redsoxfan325, Aug 17 21
Aug 17 21
3562 plays
  Animal Capitals top quiz - 10 questions - 4 mins
There are some places around the world that are simply known for their animals. See if you can identify these places or the animals they're known for. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, kyleisalive, Feb 23 20
kyleisalive editor
Feb 23 20
572 plays
  Illegal Animal Trade Illegal Animal Trade popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 5 mins
A survey of the profitable and growing illegal international trade in animals and animal products.
Tough, 10 Qns, wjames, Aug 16 20
wjames gold member
Aug 16 20
592 plays
  Teeth, Bones, Horns...and other bits. top quiz - 25 questions - 5 mins
25 questions on teeth, bones, horns, etc. Homo sapiens,(and others), have been included also. This is my first quiz. I hope you find it challenging but fun.
Tough, 25 Qns, thumbsucker, Mar 25 20
Mar 25 20
5253 plays
  Night Time is the Right Time popular trivia quiz - 10 questions - 3 mins
As the sun sets and darkness falls, the creatures of the night begin to stir. Come and enjoy a nocturnal safari to meet a few of the animals for whom night time is the right time.
Easier, 10 Qns, KayceeKool, Jul 28 19
Recommended for grades: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12
KayceeKool gold member
Jul 28 19
684 plays
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