Quiz about Alices Adventures in Wonderland
Quiz about Alices Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Quiz

Lewis Carroll's classic children's novel takes readers down the rabbit hole with Alice into a wonderful land of nonsense and confusion. See if you remember what happened in Alice's first trip to Wonderland. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Falling down the rabbit hole, Alice finds which of these lining the walls as she makes her descent into Wonderland? Hint

Grandfather clocks
Cupboards and bookshelves
Maps, scrolls, and parchments
Playing cards

2. What is Alice's prize upon 'winning' the caucus-race? Hint

A cup of tea
A mint
A thimble
A cake

3. What is the name of the creature sent into the chimney of W. Rabbit's house in order to get Alice out? Hint


4. Upon what does Alice find a caterpillar resting in the forest? Hint

A lily pad
A rock
A fern
A mushroom

5. Upon arriving at a Duchess' house, Alice is tossed a baby to hold. What does the infant turn into? Hint

A pig
A toad
A fish
A cat

6. During the Dormouse's story, he mentions three girls who lived in a well. What did they draw from/in the well? Hint


7. At the Queen's Procession, Alice is asked to play a game of croquet with what as her mallet? Hint

A scepter
A golf club
A flamingo
A tree branch

8. Who leads Alice on her visit to the Mock-Turtle? Hint

A gryphon
A jabberwok
A hippogriff
A manticore

9. According to the Mock-Turtle, what is the 'Lobster-Quadrille'? Hint

A time of day
A way to keep clean
A dance
A delicious meal

10. What item is the King and Queen's trial based around? Hint


Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Falling down the rabbit hole, Alice finds which of these lining the walls as she makes her descent into Wonderland?

Answer: Cupboards and bookshelves

The story begins with a young girl named Alice sitting near the river as her sister reads a book. As she wonders what to do, Alice spots a small white rabbit rush by, and as he pulls out a pocket watch to check the time she runs after him, following him into a bush and down a deep rabbit hole. Falling for a long time down a wide hole filled with bookshelves and cupboards (upon which rest empty jars), she finally comes to the bottom to find a hallway filled with doors and containing a glass table upon which rests a golden key. Trying each door, she finally finds a fitting keyhole on a small entryway behind a curtain.

She finds, however, that she has no way of fitting into the hole. At this moment, she finds a bottle upon the table labeled 'DRINK ME', and she decides to take a sip.

As a result, she shrinks to the proper size to enter the door, but she inadvertently forgets to unlock it with the key. To return to normal, she finds a cake upon a small table labeled 'EAT ME' and decides to take her chance. Of course, she grows too big and the white rabbit rushes by her once more. With nothing left to do, Alice ponders her situation and cries. Now nine feet tall, Alice picks up a fan dropped by the rabbit and fans herself with it only to discover its power to shrink her once more.

She drops the fan at the precise time so that she can get through the door, but she slips into a pool she created with her own tears. The only way she escapes is by grabbing onto a helpful mouse swimming by. He brings her to the shore.
2. What is Alice's prize upon 'winning' the caucus-race?

Answer: A thimble

The mouse brings Alice to the shore and many other creatures soon follow. As the mouse begins to tell a story, the other animals stop him numerous times complaining that they must all get dry. Alice agrees with this for fear that she might catch cold and the Dodo suggests a caucus-race in which they all run around in a circle, beginning when they want, and ending when they want, until they finish.

After a half hour, they cease their running now dry. When the animals ask who the winner is, the Dodo explains that they all won and should all receive prizes from Alice. Worried, Alice digs in her pockets for prizes and finds enough comfits to hand out to everyone.

When she is asked where her prize is, she explains that all she has left in her pockets is a thimble.

The Dodo takes this from her and elegantly presents it back as her prize. Now dry, Alice asks the mouse to explain why he does not like Cats nor Dogs and he begins his long 'tail', but after noticeable interruptions, he decides not to finish and instead departs.

The remaining animals stay behind until Alice mentions her cat, Dinah, and how she misses her. Realizing that she's referring to a cat, the animals flee worrying for their safety. Alice sits alone once more.
3. What is the name of the creature sent into the chimney of W. Rabbit's house in order to get Alice out?

Answer: Bill

A figure appears before Alice and she is greeted once more by the ever-tardy rabbit. This time, he's concerned that he lost his gloves and fan, so he asks Alice (who he calls 'Mary Ann') to enter his nearby house and fetch his things. When she goes inside, she finds the gloves and fan upstairs next to an additional bottle. Though this one does not say 'DRINK ME', she takes it anyways and grows bigger than last time, filling the room in a most uncomfortable way.

The Rabbit discovers her growth and tries in vain to get Alice out of the room including sending 'Bill', a lizard, into the chimney (though Alice simply kicks him back out). Finally, the animals outside throw a barrowful of rocks at her through the window and she watches as they transform into cakes. Eating one, she shrinks back down, even further than her normal size.

She flees from the house and into the woods where she finds a large caterpillar smoking from a hookah.
4. Upon what does Alice find a caterpillar resting in the forest?

Answer: A mushroom

Alice speaks to the caterpillar who, in all fairness, is quite rude to her, often speaking very terse with her about insignificant matters. He tells her not to lose her temper, but Alice finds this difficult with all of his unnecessary contradictions. Alice notes that it's still difficult for her to remember particulars of simple rhymes and memories and her main concern is returning once more to her regular size.

The caterpillar, before departing, tells her that the mushroom upon which he was found has the ability to change one's size depending on which side of it is eaten.

After he leaves, she tries one side to find that her neck has grown into the canopies of the trees (where she meets a fairly nervous pigeon mother afraid that she may be some sort of serpent).

She tries the other side and shrinks back to proper size. Her concern shifts to reaching a nearby garden within which she sees a house about four feet tall. Curiosity soon eats at Alice and she shrinks herself to a smaller size to investigate.
5. Upon arriving at a Duchess' house, Alice is tossed a baby to hold. What does the infant turn into?

Answer: A pig

Alice stops outside the nearby house to find two footmen exchanging letters in regards to a croquet match held by 'the Queen'. When they depart, Alice knocks on the door of the house, but the footman returns to tell her that it's not easy to enter in this way because no one can hear her over the racket inside.

She simply enters the house instead to find a Duchess nursing her child as a cook prepares a meal with an unnecessary amount of pepper, so much so that everyone in the house is sneezing. Alice also notices a pet cat who the Duchess refers to as a Cheshire Cat. Alice questions its ability to grin.

The Duchess soon grows tired of Alice's conversation and flees the house, tossing her the baby to take care of. As Alice leaves with the baby (feeling that leaving it in such a house would be murder), it transforms into a pig in her hands and she lets it run free before she comes across the Cheshire Cat in a nearby tree.

She asks it which way she should travel to get to anywhere with people and it points the way to go to visit either the Mad Hatter or the Mad March Hare before disappearing (leaving behind only its grin). Alice decides to visit the March Hare's house since it's May and she has a greater chance of avoiding the rabbit's mad state. Of course, she comes across a tea party.
6. During the Dormouse's story, he mentions three girls who lived in a well. What did they draw from/in the well?

Answer: Treacle

At the tea party, Alice comes across the Mad Hatter, the Mad March Hare, and a Dormouse seated at a long table lined with teacups and she decides to take a seat despite their protest that there is no room. As she sits down, they begin to tell riddles and stories and Alice is treated very rudely by the hosts.

At one point, the Dormouse who has been falling asleep the entire party tells a story about three little girls at the bottom of a well surviving off treacle which they inadvertently drew from the well. Alice is confused to say the least and wonders how any of this story could ever be so true, but the rest of the party guests really don't seem to mind. Feeling as though she has been treated very uncivilly, Alice departs out a side gate and comes across a tree containing a door. Entering this she finds the hallway she came across earlier in her journey containing the glass table and a number of locked doors. Thinking better of herself, she bites into the mushroom piece she grabbed earlier and head through the doorway with her key no more than an inch tall.
7. At the Queen's Procession, Alice is asked to play a game of croquet with what as her mallet?

Answer: A flamingo

Alice finds herself an a rose garden where she finds three large playing cards painting white roses red for the sake of their queen. Before they can finish, the Queen of Hearts' procession passes through to begin a game of croquet. Upon her discovery, Alice is asked by the enraged Queen (who abuses her powers to shout 'Off with their Heads' quite frequently) to play a round of the game with them. Alice accepts but finds the game to be quite difficult as the mallet is a live flamingo and the croquet balls are hedgehogs. To further increase the difficulty, the hoops which the hedgehog must pass through are the playing cards from earlier, and they tend to move around the field or leave altogether. Alice finds the game to be unorganized and one-sided, so she stops to speak to the Cheshire Cat who has appeared nearby.

When the King and Queen of Hearts discover this, they demand that its head be cut off, but they find this to be troublesome when the cat's body disappears entirely. As they go to fetch its owner, the Duchess, the cat disappears entirely and Alice tries to make her way out of the party.
8. Who leads Alice on her visit to the Mock-Turtle?

Answer: A gryphon

The Duchess from earlier pulls Alice aside and speaks to her down a garden path about morals in general and Alice, trying to be polite (as the lady seems to be in better tempers when she's not doused in pepper) speaks with her until the Queen arrives to recommence the game of croquet.

By the end, only Alice, the Queen herself, and the King are not condemned to be beheaded and the Queen asks Alice if she's ever met the Mock-Turtle. Alice says that she hasn't and proceeds to walk to a Gryphon who will take her to visit the creature out at sea.

When she arrives, the Mock-Turtle begins to tell Alice and the Gryphon the tragic tale of his life at sea and Alice finds his schooling particularly different from her own. Though his lessons sound the same, they are, in fact, entirely different from her own.

He decides to change the subject instead.
9. According to the Mock-Turtle, what is the 'Lobster-Quadrille'?

Answer: A dance

The Mock-Turtle continues his stories for Alice and tells her of the Lobster-Quadrille, a dance in which animals line up on the sea in a line along the shore, sing a song with a lobster, and throw it out to sea. Then, they swim after it and return to shore to repeat the process. Alice is fascinated by this odd behavior and both the Mock-Turtle and the Gryphon sing the song for her.

They soon inquire as to her adventures and she goes over her tale for them. They find it to be utterly confusing and never the same in any two portions. Alice longs for a time when her life was normal before asking the Mock-Turtle to sing a song for her once more.

He sings about Turtle Soup before they whisk her away. When she asks why they're departing, they respond that they're all late for 'the trial' and they set off.
10. What item is the King and Queen's trial based around?

Answer: Tarts

The trial, to say the least, is very confusing for Alice. Watching a fairly inept jury get sworn in, Alice notices many of the creatures from her time in Wonderland and notes that the judge is the King of Hearts himself. Soon, the White Rabbit calls the first witness, the Mad Hatter, to the stand to discuss who stole the Queen of Heart's royal tarts. The Mad Hatter enters with the March Hare and the Dormouse (who seats himself next to Alice, but departs when he finds that she is slowly growing in her seat) and gives the king a fairly unpersuasive argument devoid of any fact. The Mad Hatter is seated and a second witness, the Duchess' Cook refuses to give up her evidence. Instead, they call up Alice.
Alice rises in surprise to take the stand, but having grown so much, she knocks over the jury box and has to place everyone back in their place to resume. The King calls her out as guilty so many times but Alice defends herself easily as his arguments have no sense. The White Rabbit finds evidence in the form of a poem, but none of it actually leads anywhere. Finally, the Queen of Hearts gets fed up and demands the sentence, then the verdict. Before they can do this however, Alice claims that they have no reason, they're all just a deck of cards. She regrets this soon though as they all leap into the air to attack.
It is then that Alice awakens in her sister's lap. Her sibling comforts her and claims it all to be a dream as Alice recounts her story. Her sister assures her that everything is okay as she rushes home.
Source: Author kyleisalive

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