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Quiz about Genesis Album Match
Quiz about Genesis Album Match

Genesis Album Match Trivia Quiz

Which studio album did each of these Genesis songs originally appear on?

A matching quiz by Dizart. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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8 / 10
Last 3 plays: Guest 60 (8/10), Guest 174 (10/10), Rockymole (10/10).
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Turn it on Again  
  A Trick of the Tail
2. The Carpet Crawlers  
3. The Musical Box  
  Invisible Touch
4. The Knife  
  Selling England by the Pound
5. Firth of Fifth  
  And Then There Were Three
6. Blood on the Rooftops  
  Nursery Cryme
7. Follow You Follow Me  
  The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
8. Supper's Ready  
9. Land of Confusion  
  Wind and Wuthering
10. Squonk  

Select each answer

1. Turn it on Again
2. The Carpet Crawlers
3. The Musical Box
4. The Knife
5. Firth of Fifth
6. Blood on the Rooftops
7. Follow You Follow Me
8. Supper's Ready
9. Land of Confusion
10. Squonk

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May 03 2024 : Rockymole: 10/10
May 03 2024 : kevalex34: 10/10
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Apr 20 2024 : Guest 24: 8/10
Apr 17 2024 : discmann262: 5/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Turn it on Again

Answer: Duke

"Duke", released in 1980, was the first Genesis album to reach number one on the UK chart. "Turn it on Again" was released as a single, and made it to number eight in Britain.
2. The Carpet Crawlers

Answer: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

"The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" was the last Genesis album to feature Peter Gabriel on lead vocals. Released in the autumn of 1974, it was their only studio double album, and reached number ten on the UK chart. "The Carpet Crawlers" was one of the few tracks from the album that appeared in Genesis live shows after the departure of Gabriel.
3. The Musical Box

Answer: Nursery Cryme

Released in 1971, "Nursery Cryme" was the third studio album by Genesis, and the first to feature Steve Hackett on lead guitar and Phil Collins on drums. "The Musical Box" is the opening track on the album, and the song's lyrics which include a young girl removing a boy's head with a croquet mallet, inspired the album's sleeve.
4. The Knife

Answer: Trespass

"Trespass" was the second studio album by Genesis. Released in 1970, this was their last album to feature Anthony Phillips on lead guitar. "The Knife" was released as a single, but failed to chart, however it remained a staple of their live shows for some years.
5. Firth of Fifth

Answer: Selling England by the Pound

Released in 1973, "Selling England by the Pound" was the first Genesis album to hit the UK top ten, reaching number three. Many of the tracks have puns included in their title or lyrics, including "Firth of Fifth", which alludes to the Firth of Forth. a Scottish estuary which lies between Edinburgh and Fife.
6. Blood on the Rooftops

Answer: Wind and Wuthering

The 1976 album "Wind and Wuthering" was the band's last to feature Steve Hackett on lead guitar. "Blood on the Rooftops", which includes a long acoustic guitar intro by Hackett, has lyrics which allude to television shows of the period such as "Streets of San Francisco" and "The Wednesday Play".
7. Follow You Follow Me

Answer: And Then There Were Three

As the album's title would suggest, this 1978 album was the band's first as a trio, after the departure of Steve Hackett. "Follow You Follow Me" gave them their first top ten single, reaching number seven on the UK chart.
8. Supper's Ready

Answer: Foxtrot

"Foxtrot", released in 1972, made it to number 12 on the UK album chart. The album is dominated by the 23 minute long track "Supper's Ready", which is split into seven contiguous sections. The song was played in its entirety on stage until 1982, thereafter certain sections would be included in their live shows.
9. Land of Confusion

Answer: Invisible Touch

The 1986 album "Invisible Touch" was Genesis' biggest seller of the 20th century as they moved well away from their progressive roots to a more mainstream sound. Five hit singles were released from the album, including "Land of Confusion", which has an anti-war theme. The song reached number four on the US Billboard chart.
10. Squonk

Answer: A Trick of the Tail

"A Trick of the Tail", released in 1976, was the band's first album since the departure of Peter Gabriel, with Phil Collins taking over lead vocal duties. "Squonk" refers to a mythical creature from Pennsylvania which dissolves into a pool of tears when cornered.
Source: Author Dizart

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