Quiz about Royal Mistresses
Quiz about Royal Mistresses

Royal Mistresses Trivia Quiz

*Queen Victoria just loved to epitomize 'middle-class values', but here is a multiple choice quiz about the extra marital exploits of the British monarchy over the years. I give you the name of the mistress, you give me the name of the roving royal.

A multiple-choice quiz by Supersal1. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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1. Lucy Walters? Hint

Charles II
William III
James I
Edward IV

2. Jane Shore? Hint

Edward V
Edward III
Edward IV
Edward II

3. Barbara Villiers? Hint

James I
George IV
Charles II
William IV

4. Lily Langtry? Hint

Edward VII
Edward VIII
Charles II
James II

5. Rosamund Clifford? Hint

William II
Henry I
Henry II

6. Dorothy Jordan? Hint

William IV
Charles II
James II
James I

7. Charlotte Sophie Kielmansegge? Hint

George II
George I
William III
James II

8. Alice Perrers? Hint

Henry VII
Edward I
Edward III
Henry V

9. Elizabeth Blount? Hint

James I
Edward I
Henry VIII
Henry VII

10. Elizabeth Villiers? Hint

Charles II
William III
George IV
James II

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Lucy Walters?

Answer: Charles II

Mother of James Duke of Monmouth, he of the ill-fated rebellion.
2. Jane Shore?

Answer: Edward IV

History buffs will know that Edward V is unlikely to be the answer to any of these questions as he was one of the ill-fated 'Princes in the Tower' and didn't get the chance to marry, much less play away.
3. Barbara Villiers?

Answer: Charles II

It wouldn't be too difficult to produce 10 questions about Charles II and his various mistresses!
4. Lily Langtry?

Answer: Edward VII

I doubt that his mother, Queen Victoria, was amused!
5. Rosamund Clifford?

Answer: Henry II

Legend has it that she was poisoned by Henry's Queen, the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine.
6. Dorothy Jordan?

Answer: William IV

Dorothy was an actress and bore William ten children. However, when William moved one step closer to the throne with the death of his niece, he quietly dropped poor Dorothy - what a cad!
7. Charlotte Sophie Kielmansegge?

Answer: George I

Charlotte was short and fat. King George I had another main mistress, Ehrengard Melusina von Schulenberg, who was tall and thin. The English public promptly dubbed them 'The Elephant and the Maypole'.
8. Alice Perrers?

Answer: Edward III

Edward rather ruined his chivalrous image by taking up with the avaracious Alice in his dotage.
9. Elizabeth Blount?

Answer: Henry VIII

Strangely, Henry felt no need to marry Elizabeth and so she kept her head on her shoulders.
10. Elizabeth Villiers?

Answer: William III

Also known as 'Squint-eyed Betty', though presumably not by William!
Source: Author Supersal1

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