Quiz about Legendary Sisters Of Rock II
Quiz about Legendary Sisters Of Rock II

Legendary Sisters Of Rock II Trivia Quiz

A sequel to my Legendary Sisters Of Rock quiz, featuring ten more ladies who have made a huge contribution to music.
This is a renovated/adopted version of an old quiz by author play_stairway

A matching quiz by 480154st. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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Feb 17 23
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1. Wrote "Because The Night" (1978) with Bruce Springsteen  
Kate Bush
2. Bass player for The Pixies and guitarist for The Breeders  
Debbie Harry
3. Was a judge on the Italian version of "The X Factor" in 2015  
Marianne Faithfull
4. Australian born guitarist for London punks, The Slits  
5. Had her first solo hit in 1981 with "Backfired"  
Patti Smith
6. Has recorded tracks with tennis star John McEnroe on guitar and a duet with Frank Sinatra  
Chrissie Hynde
7. Vocalist for The Creatures between 1981 and 2005  
Siouxsie Sioux
8. In 2022, became the oldest female solo artist to top the UK singles chart   
Courtney Love
9. Guitarist and vocalist, nominated for a Golden Globe for acting in 1996  
Kim Deal
10. Had her first hit with a Mick Jagger/Keith Richards composition  
Viv Albertine

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Wrote "Because The Night" (1978) with Bruce Springsteen

Answer: Patti Smith

Known as the poet laureate of punk, Patti Smith burst onto the music scene in 1975 with her uncompromising debut album, "Horses".
Throughout her career, Smith has inspired many artists with her blend of spoken word poetry and punk with razor sharp lyrics being found in much of her output.
Other than "Because The Night" (1978), Smith has never received chart success but within the music industry her status transcends chart success with REM, Garbage, The Smiths and Madonna all citing her as a huge influence on their own work.
Smith has also collaborated with Blue Oyster Cult on several tracks, including "Career of Evil" (1974), "Fire of Unknown Origin" (1981) and "Shooting Shark" (1983) and when legendary New York City music club CBGB closed in 2006, Smith was given the honour of playing the final concert at the venue.
2. Bass player for The Pixies and guitarist for The Breeders

Answer: Kim Deal

Kim Deal was a founding member of The Pixies alongside vocalist Black Francis and formed The Breeders while still a member of the band.
She was a member of both bands for a few years until The Pixies split in 1993, allowing her to concentrate full time on The Breeders.
With The Breeders, Deal has made a habit out of releasing innovative alternative music, including their minor chart hit, "Cannonball" (1993).
Deal's song writing abilities have won her many fans, with Kurt Cobain expressing admiration for her work on The Pixies debut album, "Pod" (1990), saying, "I wish Kim was allowed to write more songs for the Pixies."
3. Was a judge on the Italian version of "The X Factor" in 2015

Answer: Skin

If you ever get a chance to see Skunk Anansie live, take it. You will not be disappointed by the vocal abilities and stage presence of Skin who is uncompromising, unapologetic and undeniably a performer of immense talent.
The band burst onto the scene in the Brit pop 90s era and although they are still touring well into the 21st century, these were their glory years, with several chart hits and also the honour of being the last band of the 20th Century to headline Glastonbury Festival when they closed the 1999 event with an incredible performance on the Pyramid Stage.
This performance made Skin the first black British headliner in the history of the festival and cemented her reputation as a performer who doesn't so much break down barriers as kick them into submission.
4. Australian born guitarist for London punks, The Slits

Answer: Viv Albertine

The Slits were punk legends, with their line up at one time or another boasting members such as Palmolive and Budgie on drums as well as Albertine and the ever present Ari Up on vocals.
Interestingly, The Slits were formed after Ari Up, Palmolive and original guitarist Kate Korus met at a gig by another on this quiz, Patti Smith.
Korus was replaced by Albertine not long after the band's formation and the band soon found fans among their peers with The Clash being big fans and bands such as The Buzzcocks and The Pretenders all expressing admiration.
Following The Slits' breakup in 1982, Albertine studied film making and has worked as a director on videos for many bands, as well as doing freelance work for the BBC.
5. Had her first solo hit in 1981 with "Backfired"

Answer: Debbie Harry

Harry has had a hugely successful career, starting with her days as a member of folk rock band, The Wind in the Willows, who had minor success with their debut album.
She followed this with a brief spell with The Stilettoes before she and guitarist, Chris Stein left to form Angel and the Snake, who would soon rename themselves Blondie.
Blondie had huge initial success in other countries before finding it in their native USA, with "In the Flesh" (1976) reaching number two in Australia and "Denis" (1978) hitting the same number in UK.
Three further UK top 20 singles followed before "Heart of Glass" (1979) was a smash hit in USA and the hits continued for many years all around the world from then, with "Maria" (1999) being a UK number one, 20 years after their first one, and "Good Boys" (2003) also hitting the UK top 20.
Harry released her first solo album, "KooKoo" in 1981 which was also successful and showed there was no stopping this former waitress and Playboy bunny who is prepared to work hard and overcome all obstacles to get the success her talent deserves.
6. Has recorded tracks with tennis star John McEnroe on guitar and a duet with Frank Sinatra

Answer: Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde is well known as the driving force behind The Pretenders who had a massive hit in 1979 with "Brass In Pocket" and followed this with many more top 20 hits, especially in UK.
Hynde was vocalist, guitarist and the main songwriter for the band and used these talents to good effect in her solo career on the albums "Stockholm" (2014) and "Valve Bone Woe" (2019), both of which were top 40 hits on the UK album chart.
"Stockholm" (2014) featured several Swedish musicians as well as Canadian legend, Neil Young, on guitar, along with American tennis player John McEnroe who showed he is no slouch on the six string.
"Valve Bone Woe" (2019) featured The Valve Bone Woe Orchestra and was a huge hit on the Billboard Jazz Chart in USA, peaking at number two. The album consisted entirely of cover versions of some of Hynde's favourite tracks including "I'm a Fool to Want You" (1951), originally recorded by Frank Sinatra and "Hello, Young Lovers" (1951) originally from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, "The King and I" (1951).
It was on Sinatra's final studio album, "Duets II" (1994) that Hynde got to record with her hero, as they partnered up on a reworking of a track from Sinatra's back catalogue, "Luck Be A Lady" (1950).
7. Vocalist for The Creatures between 1981 and 2005

Answer: Siouxsie Sioux

Siouxsie, real name, Susan Ballion, is of course well known for her band Siouxsie and the Banshees, who had hits with tracks such as "Hong Kong Garden" (1978) and "Happy House" (1980) and were at the forefront of the UK punk/new wave scene.
She is perhaps not as well known for her band The Creatures, who had a UK top 20 hit in 1983 with "Right Now" and consisted of just Siouxsie and the drummer for The Banshees, Budgie.
The Creatures were always a side project for both Siouxsie and Budgie, with their main focus being The Banshees, but they did release four albums between 1983 and 2003 with varying degrees of success.
A lack of chart success has never deterred Siouxsie from following her path though and she has won acclaim from her peers and been cited as an influence by artists such as PJ Harvey, LCD Soundsystem and Massive Attack as well as The Cure, The Smiths and U2.
8. In 2022, became the oldest female solo artist to top the UK singles chart

Answer: Kate Bush

Although Kate Bush possesses a voice like no other and amazing song writing abilities, she perhaps hasn't had the success her talents deserves, maybe because she has never sought the limelight and publicity.
She is very highly rated by her peers however, with Pink Floyd's David Gilmour being an early champion of her work and artists as diverse as Peter Gabriel, Stuart Adamson (The Skids and Big Country) and John Lydon (Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd) all singing her praises.
Since her debut single in 1978, the wonderful "Wuthering Heights", Bush has helped shape music as she has influenced artists such as Placebo, Bjork, Big Boi from Outkast, and St Vincent as well as Coldplay and Ellie Goulding.
In 2022, Bush reached a whole new demographic when, 37 years after its original release, "Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)" (1985) played a pivotal part in the hit Netflix show, "Stranger Things" (2016-2022), leading to the song's re-release.
The intensity of the re-released song's popularity caused Bush to comment, "the whole world's gone mad" and it became her first number one single in both UK and Australia since "Wuthering Heights" (1978), her biggest ever Canadian hit and her first ever top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in USA.
9. Guitarist and vocalist, nominated for a Golden Globe for acting in 1996

Answer: Courtney Love

Love is vocalist and guitarist for the band Hole, who may not be known for chart success, but there is no denying Love's influence on many other musicians.
In 2020, she was named one of the most influential singers in alternative culture of the last 30 years by long running music magazine and website NME with well known musicians such as Avril Lavigne and Lana Del Rey naming her as a major influence on their own work.
Love made her acting debut in the 1980s and has since appeared in many films, with the highlight being her Golden Globe nomination for starring as Althea Leasure Flynt in "The People vs. Larry Flynt" (1996) alongside Woody Harrelson as the titular character.
10. Had her first hit with a Mick Jagger/Keith Richards composition

Answer: Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull has had quite the career, finding success as both a singer with four UK top ten hits in the mid 1960s and an actress working on stage as well as in the world of TV and film.
She is best remembered for her debut single, the Jagger/Richards song, "As Tears Go By", which she released in 1964, a full year before the Rolling Stones released it, and her relationship with Jagger which lasted until 1970.
She is credited with being the influence behind some of the Rolling Stones' best known recordings of this time, including "Sympathy for the Devil" (1968), "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (1969) and "Wild Horses" (1971) and is cited as an influence by artists such as PJ Harvey, Courtney Love and Nick Cave.
Source: Author 480154st

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