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Quiz about Hes A Prince of a Fellow
Quiz about Hes A Prince of a Fellow

He's A Prince of a Fellow Trivia Quiz

Which Ones Became King?

Here you'll find ten princes (or equivalent), all of whom might have expected to become king/supreme ruler of their country. Not all of them did, however, and your task is to sort them into those who did and those who didn't.

A classification quiz by spanishliz. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Jun 10 24
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Separate those who became king (or equivalent) from those who did not. Dates given are birth dates.
Not King

Louis Joseph Xavier Francois (1781) Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David (1894) Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand (1967) Albert Victor Christian Edward (1864) Alexei Nikolaevich (1904) Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso (1968) Charles Philip Arthur George (1948) Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst (1882) Arthur (1486) Edward (1470)

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Charles Philip Arthur George (1948)

Answer: King

When he was born, Charles Philip Arthur George was second in line to the British throne, after his mother, who would become Queen Elizabeth II when Charles was not quite four, in 1952. For the next 70 years he was her heir. His investiture as Prince of Wales took place in 1969.

He has been twice married, and has two sons from the first marriage. He ascended to the throne as King Charles III in September 2022 upon the death of his mother.
2. Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David (1894)

Answer: King

Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David (1894-1972) was created Prince of Wales at the age of 16, shortly after his father had become George V of the United Kingdom. Known as David to his family, he was something of a heartthrob to the young women of the 1920s and early '30s (source: my mother, who was one of those young women).

He ascended to the throne upon his father's death in January 1936, as King Edward VIII, but was never crowned. He abdicated later that year in order to marry Wallis Simpson, and was succeeded by his brother Bertie (George VI). Edward VIII became the Duke of Windsor and Mrs Simpson became his duchess.
3. Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso (1968)

Answer: King

When Felipe was born, Francisco Franco was still Spain's dictator, but the latter would soon make provision for the restoration of the monarchy upon his death. Felipe's father, Juan Carlos I, became king in 1975, and reigned until 2014 when he abdicated in favour of Felipe VI. Felipe had become Prince of Asturias at a young age, and spent his youth learning the skills needed to reign, including spending time in each of Spain's armed forces.

He married his wife, Letizia, in 2004 and they have two daughters.
4. Edward (1470)

Answer: King

Young Edward V was nominally king of England for a short period of time, April to June 1483, following the death of his father, Edward IV. Born in 1470, the younger Edward was created Prince of Wales at the age of one, after his father had been restored to the throne, after losing it for a time during the Wars of the Roses. Only 12 when his father died, Edward V was under the "protection" of his uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who soon would take the throne himself as Richard III.

It has been long believed that young Edward and his brother, "the little princes", met a horrible fate in the Tower of London, but information uncovered in the 21st century has shed some doubt on this assertion.
5. Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand (1967)

Answer: King

Willem-Alexander held more than one princely title from the day he was born, and added Prince of Orange, as heir apparent, when his mother Beatrix ascended the throne of the Netherlands in 1980. He speaks five languages and trained and as an officer in his country's navy. He became the country's first male monarch since 1890 when his mother abdicated in 2013.
6. Alexei Nikolaevich (1904)

Answer: Not King

Alexei was the tsarevich, son and heir of the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and died alongside the rest of his family in Yekaterinburg, in July 1918 at the hands of their Bolshevik captors. Alexei was 13 years old when he died. He had been a frail youth, suffering from hemophilia which kept him from participating in many activities.
7. Arthur (1486)

Answer: Not King

Arthur (1486-1502) was the eldest son, and heir, of Henry VII of England and was created Prince of Wales at the age of three. A politically expedient marriage between Arthur and Catherine of Aragon was arranged, and took place in 1501, but only a few months later the prince died, possibly of a disease known as "sweating sickness". Both the throne and his widow eventually went to his younger brother, who reigned as Henry VIII.
8. Louis Joseph Xavier Francois (1781)

Answer: Not King

Louis Joseph (1781-1789) was the eldest son of Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette, styled Dauphin of France, and heir to the throne. He was not a robust child, and sadly died of tuberculosis at age seven, shortly before the start of the French Revolution.

His younger brother, Louis Charles became dauphin, and survived their father just long enough to be thought of as Louis XVII by French royalists, though he never actually ruled.
9. Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst (1882)

Answer: Not King

Known as Wilhelm (1882-1951), he was heir to Wilhelm II, last kaiser of Germany, and became Crown Prince (Kronprinz) upon the death of his grandfather in 1888. He served as a senior officer in the German army in the First World War, and became head of the house of Hohenzollern upon his father's death in 1941, but never kaiser, the monarchy having been abolished at the end of the Great War.
10. Albert Victor Christian Edward (1864)

Answer: Not King

At birth, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale (1864-1892), was second in line to the throne of England, behind his father, who would eventually reign as Edward VII. Albert (or Eddy as he was known to family) would never reign, as he died years before both his father, and his grandmother, Queen Victoria, during an epidemic of influenza. Speculation that he could have been involved in the Jack the Ripper murders has been largely disproved.
Source: Author spanishliz

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