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Quiz about Born Where
Quiz about Born Where

Born Where? Trivia Quiz

All the people in this quiz are British, but none of them was born here. Can you match the person to their place (and year) of birth?

A matching quiz by rossian. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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1. Johannesburg, South Africa (1980)  
  Cliff Richard
2. Srinigar, India (1946)  
  Joanna Lumley
3. Tianjin, China (1902)  
  Boris Johnson
4. Singapore (1958)  
  Rita Ora
5. New York City, USA (1964)  
  Terry Butcher
6. Paris, France (1990)  
  Eric Liddell
7. Lucknow, India (1940)  
  Bradley Wiggins
8. Pristina, Kosovo (1990)  
  Richard E Grant
9. Mbabane, Eswatini (1957)  
  Justin Rose
10. Ghent, Belgium (1980)  
  Emma Watson

Select each answer

1. Johannesburg, South Africa (1980)
2. Srinigar, India (1946)
3. Tianjin, China (1902)
4. Singapore (1958)
5. New York City, USA (1964)
6. Paris, France (1990)
7. Lucknow, India (1940)
8. Pristina, Kosovo (1990)
9. Mbabane, Eswatini (1957)
10. Ghent, Belgium (1980)

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Apr 07 2024 : psnz: 10/10
Mar 28 2024 : Guest 171: 6/10
Mar 26 2024 : Guest 124: 1/10
Mar 21 2024 : Saffia: 4/10
Mar 14 2024 : Guest 145: 0/10
Mar 11 2024 : Guest 90: 8/10
Mar 08 2024 : jonnowales: 10/10
Mar 08 2024 : Dizart: 10/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Johannesburg, South Africa (1980)

Answer: Justin Rose

Justin was born in South Africa while his English parents were living there, and moved to the UK with his family when he was aged five. He first caught the public eye in 1998 when he finished fourth in the British Open while still playing as an amateur.

He turned professional the following day. Although Justin is a consistent performer, at the time of writing (2020) he has only one major championship to his name - the US Open of 2013.
2. Srinigar, India (1946)

Answer: Joanna Lumley

Joanna's father was in the British Indian Army, and she was born while he was serving in India. She was raised in Kent, and began her career as a model for the photographer Brian Duffy. Joanna began acting in 1969, appearing on television as Purdey in 'The New Avengers' (1976/7) and Patsy Stone in 'Absolutely Fabulous', with Jennifer Saunders. From 2008, she became a leading figure in the campaign to allow Gurkha soldiers who had served in the British Army to right to settle in the UK.

The cause was close to Joanna's heart as her father had served with the Gurkhas in India.
3. Tianjin, China (1902)

Answer: Eric Liddell

Liddell's parents were missionaries in China, and Eric's three siblings were also born there, although the family did spend time together in Edinburgh. An outstanding athlete, Liddell's religious beliefs meant he refused to race on Sundays, which prevented him competing in several championships.

He was depicted, along with Harold Abrahams, another British athlete, in the 1981 film 'Chariots of Fire'.
4. Singapore (1958)

Answer: Terry Butcher

Being born in Singapore was a result of Butcher's father being in the Royal Navy. Terry was raised in Lowestoft in Suffolk, and became a professional football (soccer) player when he joined Ipswich Town, the team he supported, in 1976. He also played for Rangers, in Glasgow, and Sunderland among other clubs. Butcher also played for England, representing his country on 77 occasions, with seven of them being as captain.
5. New York City, USA (1964)

Answer: Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, to give him his full name, was born in Manhattan as his father, Stanley, was studying at Columbia University. The family, with three other children apart from Boris, lived in various places including Oxford in the UK and Washington in the USA. Boris entered politics in 2001, when he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Henley, and became Leader of the Conservative Party in July 2019.

This meant he also became Prime Minister of the UK, succeeding Theresa May.
6. Paris, France (1990)

Answer: Emma Watson

Emma's parents, both lawyers, were working in Paris when Emma was born and she spent the first five years of her life in France. She then moved to England with her mother and brother when her parents' marriage broke down. Success, and fame, came early for her when she was cast as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, with the first one coming out in 2001. Since then, Emma has continued her acting career with her most recent role, at the time of writing, being that of Meg March in 'Little Women' (2019).
7. Lucknow, India (1940)

Answer: Cliff Richard

Harry Webb, as he was originally named, was born while his father was working for a contractor to the Indian Railways. Following India's independence, the family (including three sisters) came back to the UK and settled in Carshalton, South London. A change of name to Cliff Richard, a name which is now legal and official following a Deed Poll in 1980, saw Cliff embark on a long and successful career.

His first UK hit came in 1958, with 'Move It', and continued into the twenty-first century. Cliff became Sir Cliff Richard in 1995.
8. Pristina, Kosovo (1990)

Answer: Rita Ora

Rita was born to Albanian parents in Kosovo at the time of the 'ethnic cleansing' in the former Yugoslavia. Her family moved to London in 1991, so she has spent nearly all her life in the UK. She began singing in various locations in London, and released her first album, called 'Ora', in 2012 reaching the number one position on the UK Album Charts. Rita has also appeared a a judge and mentor on 'The X Factor', 'The Voice UK' and the 2020 series of the 'Masked Singer'.
9. Mbabane, Eswatini (1957)

Answer: Richard E Grant

At the time he was born there Eswatini was known as Swaziland. His birth name was Richard Grant Esterhuysen and he was born while his father was working in Africa for the British government. In 1982, Richard moved to England and began his acting career in the UK, having previously established himself in the profession in South Africa. Success arrived quickly with his role in the cult film 'Withnail and I' in 1987.

A glance at his filmography shows that barely a year has passed since then without the release of at least one film featuring Richard.
10. Ghent, Belgium (1980)

Answer: Bradley Wiggins

Bradley's father, Gary, was a professional cyclist based in Belgium when Bradley was born. Bradley was raised in north west London and followed his father's sporting route by becoming a cyclist, turning professional in 2001. Among his successes are winning the Tour de France in 2012 and following it up with a gold medal at the London Olympics the same year.

He retired from cycling in 2016 and is another knight to feature in the quiz, having been honoured in 2013.
Source: Author rossian

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