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Quiz about One Club Players 2
Quiz about One Club Players 2

One Club Players #2 Trivia Quiz

Match the football player with the only club they played in their career.

A matching quiz by bwfc10. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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9 / 10
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Jaime Carragher  
  Heart of Midlothian
2. John Cumming  
  Leeds United
3. George Cohen  
  Dundee United
4. Billy Wright  
5. John Greig  
6. Paul Sturrock  
  Manchester United
7. Eddie Gray  
8. John Trollope  
  Swindon Town
9. Jim Patterson  
  Wolverhampton Wanderers
10. Ryan Giggs  
  Queen of the South

Select each answer

1. Jaime Carragher
2. John Cumming
3. George Cohen
4. Billy Wright
5. John Greig
6. Paul Sturrock
7. Eddie Gray
8. John Trollope
9. Jim Patterson
10. Ryan Giggs

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Jaime Carragher

Answer: Liverpool

James "Jamie" Carragher played for Liverpool from 1996-2013 and made 737 appearances for the club in all competitions, including 508 in the Premier League. He also played for the England U20 and U21 sides as well as the national team. He retired in 2013 after serving as vice-captain for over 10 years and winning honours in domestic and European competitions.
2. John Cumming

Answer: Heart of Midlothian

John Cumming played for Hearts from 1950-1967 and made 612 appearances in all competitions, plus nine appearances for the Scottish national side. He scored 58 goals for Hearts in all competitions and won two League titles, onw Scottish Cup and four League Cups in his illustrious career.
3. George Cohen

Answer: Fulham

George Reginald Cohen played for Fulham from 1956-1969 as a right back and made 459 appearances for them. He was also capped for the England U23 and national teams. He was a member of the 1966 World Cup winning team. His playing career was tragically cut short by a knee injury at the age of 29.

He was awarded an M.B.E (Member of the British Empire) in 2000. In 2016, a statue was erected in his honor outside the Fulham football stadium.
4. Billy Wright

Answer: Wolverhampton Wanderers

William "Billy" Ambrose Wright played for Wolves from 1939-1959 and made a total of 541 appearances in all competitions for them. He was also capped 105 times for England, captaining them on 90 occasions (he was the first footballer to win 100 international caps).

He initially played at right-half but was later moved to center-half where he excelled in the role. He was awarded the C.B.E (Commander of the British Empire) for his services to football in 1959, the same year he retired. He was also manager of Arsenal from 1962-1966.
5. John Greig

Answer: Rangers

John Greig played as a defender for Rangers from 1961-1978 making 755 appearances for the Glasgow club in all competitions; and scoring 120 goals. He was capped 44 times for the Scottish national team and also represented then at the U23 level and in the Scottish League XI.

At the end of his playing career, he was appointed manager of Rangers from 1978-1983. A statue of John Greig stands outside the Ibrox Stadium which is also dedicated to the 66 supporters who died in the Ibrox Disaster on 2nd January 1971 during the Rangers vs Celtic match.
6. Paul Sturrock

Answer: Dundee United

Paul Sturrock played as a striker for Dundee United from 1974-1989 and made 576 appearances for the club in all competitions, scoring 171 goals. He was also capped 20 times for Scotland during his career and represented them 9 times at the Scottish U21 level. After becoming the manager of St. Johnstone from 1993-1998, he returned to Dundee United as manager until 2000.
7. Eddie Gray

Answer: Leeds United

Edwin "Eddie" Gray played for Leeds United from 1966-1983 making 577 appearances in all competitions and scoring 88 goals. He also represented the Scottish national team on twelve occasions. Due to injuries, his playing career was cut short and he took over the manager's position from 1982-1985. He returned to Elland Road once again as manager from 2003-2004.
8. John Trollope

Answer: Swindon Town

Norman John Trollope played all his career, usually at left back, for Swindon Town making an amazing 889 appearances for the club in all competitions; and scoring 28 goals from 1960-1980. Following his playing career, he became Swindon Town's manager from 1981-1983. During his senior career at Swindon, he was player, coach, manager, youth coach and assistant manager (under Lou Macari).

He was also awarded an M.B.E (Member of the British Empire) for his services to football in 1978.
9. Jim Patterson

Answer: Queen of the South

Jim Patterson, known as "The Goal King of Queen of the South", played his entire career as a Forward (Striker) for the Scottish club Queen of the South from 1949-1963. During that time he made 462 appearances for the club in all competitions and scored 251 goals.
10. Ryan Giggs

Answer: Manchester United

Ryan Joseph Giggs played all of his career as a midfielder with Manchester United from 1990-2014 and also played for the Youth team from 1987-1990. He made 963 appearances for the club in all competitions and scored 168 goals. In his illustrious career, he won 26 major trophies! He was capped 64 times for the Welsh national side.

After his playing career ended, he became the interim manager of Manchester United in 2014 and assistant manager until 2016. In 2018 he became manager of the Welsh national team.
Source: Author bwfc10

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